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The Best E-Cigarette UK spot for October is held by:

#1 V2 Best E-Cigarette UK

V2 is currently the brand the best review sites show to be the number one e cigarette. V2 uses the Vsavi brand name in the UK and Europe. V2 have a full range of high quality e-cigarettes with great vapour, fantastic gourmet flavours and powerful batteries.

For those wanting to stop smoking, these vape pens are the same shape and similar in size to your standard tobacco cigarette, this fact alone increases the chances of quitting smoking. There is no strange feeling you have to acclimatise to that you may get with the different shaped vape devices shown below, these just feel natural and familiar.

V2 Vsavi vape products are the next generation in small scale but powerful vape device. The unique e liquid filled pod system ensures you get the full benefit of vaping an open system device but with the convenience of a prefilled pod. V2 Vsavi also offer a ceramic cartridge that can be filled with your choice of e-liquid. Their Classic Range of electronic cigarettes and vape pen starter kits are ideal for those new to vaping.

Best e-cigarette UK Category winner: Vsavi Ex-Series

Best Vape Pens:

Pro 3 Series

This is the all new dedicated e liquid version of the acclaimed Series 3x Vaporiser from V2 now with sub-ohm ceramics for maximum e liquid vapour and flavour. This pocket-sized vape pen boasts leak free vaping using magnetic cartridges. With a range of options to suit different PG/VG e liquids, the new Pro 3 has a 850 mAH solid battery for an all day vape in a compact design. It is a straight forward vape device that hides complex technology, that technology ensures you get the best vaping experience and you don’t have to be concerned about leaks. The new Pro 3 is compact, powerful and versatile. There is no other vape pen that can offer what the Pro 3 offers. Gizmodo: “The build quality and performance of the V2 Pro Series 3 … is unmatched…… for under £50*, that’s practically stealing!”

Best Vape pen category winner: Pro 3X
New Pro 3: #1 vape pen category winner

Xeo Void Vape Pen

The Void is a German designed dedicated e liquid vape pen with a difference. It has excellent build quality and offers both standard and sub ohm vaping. Triangular in shape it feels very comfortable to hold and it has a childproof lock for safety.

Unlike many vape pens the e liquid tank is contained in the body of the pen so there is no need to buy replacement tanks. The airflow control allows you to fine tune your vape experience to precisely the draw you need. Not quite the renowned flagship Pro 3X vape pen, however the Void has a lower entry price at £39.99 and has the build quality that you would expect from a German brand.

Best Vape Pen for e liquid category winner: Xeo Void

Best Vape Pods:

The Riptide Ripstick Best Next-Gen Vape

For those looking for a totally tobacco free experience there is only one viable vape product. While other vape brands use tobacco-based nicotine which contains benzoic and lactic acid, Riptide does not. Their Nictech e-liquid uses pure pharmaceutical grade nicotine that is not derived from tobacco using the most advanced nicotine technology there is.

This new technology introduces enhanced nicotine absorption so that vapers experience a faster nicotine experience and a more satisfying vape while using less liquid than conventional tobacco-based e-liquid. Nictech gives a lot more vapour so feels a lot more like smoking, giving those wanting to transition away from cigarettes an ideal vape product. It is new tech and it works – truly the next generation in vaping.

Their e-liquid technology uses a pod refill which is coupled with the Ripstick. A very sturdy well-designed small power unit that magnetically connects to the e-liquid pod, you just drop the e-liquid pod into the Ripstick and you are good to go for an all-day vape. It’s smaller yet double the pod capacity and packs over 100% more battery-power than the older Juul.

The experience is a smooth, richer vape with fast absorption to make it more satisfying. If you are looking for a modern, effective vape device or want to be tobacco free there is no better alternative. Our #1 choice for those looking for next-gen vaping.

Our best next generation vape of choice

Hangsen iQ One Best Hybrid Vape Pod

The era of the pod has well and truly arrived, which means vape equipment is getting smaller, sleeker and cooler. One that ticks all of those boxes is the iQ One, a new arrival from Hangsen. This is a hybrid, mixing the best features from mods with the best features from e cigs, use your e liquid or nic salts in standard or sub ohm modes.

With its sub ohm functionality you get an extremely satisfying vape, dense vapour and real flavour that you didn’t know your e juice had. Its not just the functionality that we can rave about, the build quality is phenomenal. The leather feel exterior, and gold silver or coloured embellishment is not only pleasing to the eye but it feels great in the hand. This is the most solid pod device we have reviewed. It is a lightweight device but doesn’t feel flimsy. All day vaping at its best.

Best vape pod category winner: iQ One Pod

iQ Air Vapers Kit Best Slim Pod System

The iQ Air is slimmer and lighter than any device we’ve seen so far and feels no different to holding a cigarette. If bulky devices aren’t your preference but you still crave power and great flavour, then this new-gen 6.5mm thin vape pod is sure to tick more than a few boxes. This is vaping at its simplest, just inhale and you are vaping. There are no bits to screw in, no buttons to press, there’s nowhere it can leak from, nothing to adjust or replace and the disposable pods make refilling quick and efficient. If you’re a stealth vaper or someone who likes to be discreet, it’s ideal. Get the kit that includes two devices if you are more than a social smoker.

Best slim pod category winner: Hangsen iQ Air

Best E-Liquids:

V2 Vsavi Best Vape Liquid

The key to using an e-cigarette to transition successfully away from smoking, is getting the best e-liquid brand available. Unlike cheaper brands, Vapour2’s Vsavi Platinum e liquid has no chemical aftertaste and is available in the most authentic tobacco flavours you can find. There is a also range range of 16 flavoured e liquids to suit all tastes. Every bottle is lab-tested for consistency of strength, flavour and purity, so you know exactly what you’re vaping. Great flavours, pure, with a good throat hit.

Best e Liquid Category winner: Vapour2

Vsavi Best 100% VG Liquid

Vsavi are the e liquid specialist for pure 100% VG e liquid. Their VG is specifically formulated not to clog your tank, many VG e liquids are just too thick. The Vsavi VG range is designed for those who have an adverse reaction to PG or simply love huge vapour clouds. There tobacco flavour range gives an authentic taste and there is no chemical aftertaste – the Pure Virginia tastes identical to many cigarettes. With an additional 20 flavours to choose from including Shisha flavours, Vsavi offer a one stop shop for all your vape needs.

Best VG e Liquid Category winner: Vsavi

Best Vape Device for All Styles:

Pro Series 7 for E Liquid, CBD, Dry Herb or Tobacco

The V2 Pro Series 7 is a legend. With one device you can use the separate magnetic cartridges to vape different mediums including e liquid, dry herb and CBD oil. If you vape more than one medium there is nothing else like the Pro Series 7, it is simply the best ‘do it all and do it well’ vaporizer out there.

Using interchangeable magnetic cartridges that synchronise with the vaporizers CPU, you can now have one device that you can use for all your needs. Like the Pro 3, the larger Pro 7 with extra long battery life is extremely versatile and designed with the serious vaper in mind. It’s not complicated like many vape mods, it thinks for itself and knows what medium you are vaping and optimises settings accordingly. You simply press and inhale!

Best Dry herb vaporizer category winner

Best CBD Vape Oil & CBD Oil Drops:

Vsavi Pure CBD Vape Oil

Vsavi are the leaders in producing the highest quality vape liquids. The Vsavi range of the best CBD oil and CBD vape oil is second to none. Vsavi offer pure pharma grade CBD with nothing added but also offer the full compliment of CBD oils. The range includes full spectrum, terpenes and flavoured CBD oils and vape oils. With no artificial colouring or flavouring and lab tested pure CBD this is the brand for the health conscious. Vsavi also offer a range of top quality CBD vape pens.

Best CBD Vape oil category winner: Vsavi CBD

Best Vape Mods:

Smok Alien Best Hi-Tech Mod

The Smok Alien, with its carbon fibre inlays was simply the best hi-tech vape mod available in the UK from 2016-2020. The Alien upgrade, the Rigel is now out for 2021 and takes off where the Alien left off.  With uncompromising quality and innovative additions, the SMOK Rigel kit is something that you simply cannot miss if you’re a fan of advanced mods. However, you will need to be a pretty advanced vaper to take advantage of what the Rigel can offer.

With a range of settings including stealth, wattage, and 1 millisecond fire up time you can be sure the “new Alien” will perform exactly as you want it to. This compact dual 18650 230 Watt mod offers an intuitive user interface including firmware upgrades. The Alien has stood the test of time and now the Rigel transforms it with upgrades and updates. Is it the best advanced mod out there?

Best vape mod category winner: Smok Alien

Innokin Cool Fire Most Popular Vape Mod

Like the Alien, the significantly smaller (and a lot neater imo) Innokin Cool Fire has stood the test of time and is a classic. It is solid with fantastic build quality, well designed and an exceptional performer. At under £45 it is an absolute bargain. This is the best vape mod for those wanting exceptional performance combined with ease of use. The new Zenith Tank turns this device into a pretty extreme vape.

The Cool Fire is a straightforward device that hides complex technology within an easy to use user interface that competes exceptionally well against the most advanced and more expensive mods. The Cool Fire Mini has advanced safety functions and does feature a number of essential modes like TC, Ni functionality and can be used as MTL or direct inhale by switching out the coils. Ok, unlike more complicated mods it wont tell you how many puffs you have had today …. or yesterday, but if you don’t need gimmicks and just want an exceptionally well made vape mod that will last, get the Cool Fire. Make sure you get it with the top of the range new Zenith D22 tank.

* Approx. USD to GBP converted



Best box mod category winner: Innokin Cool Fire 4 Plus

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Best e Cigarette UK

Our Current #1 is V2, with 93% Overall Rating

V2's Main Features

Vapour/Throat Hit
Nicotine Levels
Vapour/Throat Hit

The V2 provides a smooth yet strong throat hit which satisfies even the hardiest of vapers. Impressive vapour production sets this electronic cigarette apart from the rest.


A full variety of enjoyable flavours and strengths will satisfy even the fussiest of vapers. The tobacco and menthol flavours are as close as you will get to the real thing, with significantly reduced health risks.

Nicotine Levels

The V2 offers four nicotine levels as well as a final level zero nicotine which is the industry standard for quality e-liquids.


Extremely competitive pricing for a quality e-cig product is part of the reason why this is our number one electronic cigarette in the UK. With a total of six different kits available, there is something for every e-smoker with the V2.

Overall Rating. 93%

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