Aspire Flexus Q


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Build Quality


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  • Extremely fast charging time
  • Can accommodate many vaping styles
  • Very affordable for the options offered


  • Some people may prefer something a bit simpler

In the world of pod vaping systems, you can probably find more variety today than in any other type of vaping device at any other time in the history of the industry. Many of the best vapes on the market today are pod-based devices, and they range from tiny puff-activated devices to powerful vapes that could compete with any full-sized mod. Between those two extremes, you can find an almost endless array of devices that all occupy slightly different positions on the spectrum between convenience and performance.

The Aspire Flexus Q definitely leans more toward the convenience side of the spectrum, but it has a few features that you don’t normally see in the traditional stick-shaped pod systems. Offering three power levels, adjustable airflow and two different coil options, the Aspire Flexus Q is an excellent step-up device if you’re currently using a simpler vaping device and want to upgrade to something that offers a little more power without the added size of a full vape mod.

Aspire Flexus Q Guide

In addition to its added power compared to other small pod systems, the Aspire Flexus Q has one extremely unique feature that has no equivalent anywhere: When the battery dies, you can charge it to 80 percent in just 10 minutes. If you hate waiting for your vaping device to charge, that’s likely to be a major selling point for you, and it’s the main thing that makes the Flexus Q stand out.

So, how does the Aspire Flexus Q perform? To find that out, you’ll have to continue reading.

How Much Does the Aspire Flexus Q Cost?

The Aspire Flexus Q kit costs £19.99 and includes the Flexus Q device along with one pod, two replacement coils, a charging cable and an instruction manual. Flexus Q coils cost £12.99 per box of five, and we suggest adding at least one box of coils to your cart when buying this device to ensure that you won’t be caught off guard if a coil burns out prematurely. If you purchase the Aspire Flexus Q through the link above, your order will ship for free if the total is over £49.99. Same-day dispatch and upgraded shipping are also available.

Aspire Flexus Q: Specifications and Features

Aspire Flexus Q Specifications Features

Next, we’ll dive into the details of what the Aspire Flexus Q is and how it works. As you’ve already learned, the Flexus Q only looks like an ordinary pod system; some of the features it offers are actually quite rare for a device of its size.


  • Device Type: Refillable pod system with replaceable coil
  • Battery Capacity: 700 mAh
  • Charging Port: USB-C
  • Power Range: Up to 18 watts
  • Pod Capacity: 2.0 ml
  • Coil Resistance: 0.6 or 1.0 ohm
  • Firing Style: Puff-based or button-based firing
  • Supported Vaping Modes: Three selectable power levels


  • As we mentioned above, the main feature of the Aspire Flexus Q is its super-fast charging time. The Flexus Q supports three-amp charging, and the battery reaches an 80-percent charge in just 10 minutes before the charging speed begins to slow down. There is probably no other vaping device on the market that gives you so much vaping time with so little waiting.
  • The Flexus Q supports both puff-based and button-based firing, so you can vape in whatever way you prefer.
  • The Flexus Q has adjustable power and allows you to toggle between three different power levels by clicking the fire button.
  • The Flexus Q has an adjustable airflow tab on the side of the device, allowing you to make the draw tighter or looser by moving the tab.

What Coils Work with the Aspire Flexus Q?

The Aspire Flexus Q has two coils available at the time of writing: a 0.6-ohm coil that operates at 15-18 watts and a 1.0-ohm coil that operates at 12-15 watts. Both coils use mesh heating elements for excellent flavour quality and vapour production, and both are included with the kit. This gives you an opportunity to try both and see what you prefer. In general, the 0.6-ohm coil produces larger and more intense clouds and is designed for a restricted direct-to-lung hit. The 1.0-ohm coil delivers a smoother experience and is designed for mouth-to-lung inhaling.

How to Use the Aspire Flexus Q

One of the things we love about the Aspire Flexus Q is the fact that it’s extremely straightforward and easy to use despite the fact that it offers a few advanced features. It really hits the sweet spot between convenience and performance. Here’s how to use the Flexus Q.

How to Charge the Aspire Flexus Q

Aspire Flexus Q How to Charge

To charge the Aspire Flexus Q, simply use the included USB-C cable to connect the device to a power source. We suggest charging the Flexus Q through your computer because you may not get the full three-amp charging rate otherwise. Many USB mains adapters are designed to deliver power at just one amp.

When you connect the charging cable to the Flexus Q, the indicator light flashes red three times, and the device begins charging. When the battery is fully charged, the light flashes green 20 times and turns off.

How to Fill the Aspire Flexus Q Pod

Aspire Flexus Q How to Fill

Note the bottom-filling pod on the left and the side-filling pod on the right.

To fill the Aspire Flexus Q pod, remove the pod from the device and locate the silicone plug for the filling port on the side. Lift the plug and add e-liquid through the hole. Make sure that the plug is fully sealed before replacing the pod and wait 10 minutes before vaping.

Can’t find the silicone plug on your pod? There is a version of the Flexus Q pod that fills through the bottom. Look for the small hole on the bottom of the pod and add your e-liquid through that hole.

How to Vape with the Aspire Flexus Q

To vape with the Aspire Flexus Q, you can simply puff on the device, or you can puff while holding the fire button. Some people prefer puff-activated vapes because they resemble cigarettes more closely than button-activated devices. If you use the button-based firing option, though, you may get bigger vapour clouds. Since the Flexus Q supports both firing modes, you can try them both and see what you prefer.

To switch between the Flexus Q’s three available power modes, press the fire button three times. The light flashes to show the current power level: red for low, blue for medium and green for high.

How to Replace the Aspire Flexus Q Coil

Aspire Flexus Q Instruction Manual

When your Aspire Flexus Q begins to produce a burnt flavour, it’s time to replace the coil. When the pod is empty, remove it from the device and turn it upside down. You’ll see the base of the coil at the bottom of the pod. Pull the coil by its base to remove it and push the new coil in. Refill the pod and wait at least 10 minutes before vaping. To ensure that you won’t burn the new coil’s wick accidentally, we suggest putting the pod back into the device after waiting 10 minutes for the coil to saturate.

How to Fix Problems with the Aspire Flexus Q

The Aspire Flexus Q is a very user-friendly device, but it’s still possible that you might encounter a few occasional issues with it. In this section of our review, we’ll discuss the most common Flexus Q problems that users have reported and describe how to fix them.

Aspire Flexus Q Auto Draw Not Working

The most common complaint that users have reported with the Aspire Flexus Q is that the device’s auto-draw feature stops working and that the device only fires when the button is pressed. This problem is easy to fix. The Flexus Q has a built-in puff limiter that helps to prevent the device from overheating. If you puff on the device for more than six seconds, the auto-draw function is disabled automatically. When this happens, the device flashes red and blue 10 times. To restore the auto-draw function, simply pull the pod out and push it back in.

Aspire Flexus Q Blinking or Not Hitting

If your Aspire Flexus Q isn’t working, the light should blink to tell you what the problem is. Here’s what the different error codes mean and what you should do about them.

  • Flexus Q blinks yellow for three seconds: This indicates that the device’s temperature is too high. Move the device to a cooler location and wait several minutes before vaping again.
  • Flexus Q blinks red 15 times: This indicates that the battery is dead. Charge the device and try vaping again.
  • Flexus Q blinks red and blue three times: This indicates that the device has detected a short circuit. Remove the pod and check for a leak. If you find e-liquid under the pod, remove it with a paper towel and try vaping again. If the Flexus Q still isn’t working, replace the coil.

Aspire Flexus Q Not Charging

If your Aspire Flexus Q doesn’t flash red three times when you connect the charging cable, the battery isn’t charging. Here’s what you should do next.

  • Try charging the Flexus Q with a different power source. As we mentioned above, this device is designed for three-amp charging, which means that you’ll generally need to use a computer’s USB port for the best charging speed.
  • Replace the charging cable. USB cables are fragile, and it’s possible that the cable you’re using no longer delivers power reliably.
  • Remove dust and lint from the Flexus Q’s charging port with a toothpick or other thin non-metal tool.

Aspire Flexus Q Review: Final Thoughts

If your current vaping device seems like it’s always attached to the charging cable instead of being used, the Aspire Flexus Q should definitely grab your attention because it has perhaps the fastest charging speed of any vaping device we’ve ever reviewed. With its three-amp charging rate, the Flexus Q charges to 80 percent in just 10 minutes. For many people, that’s more than sufficient for an entire day of use – and for that reason, the Flexus Q is going to be a game changer for some vapers.

Even if the charging speed of your vaping device isn’t important to you, the Flexus Q is still notable for being one of the smallest pod systems to offer advanced features like replaceable coils, adjustable airflow and multiple wattage levels. There aren’t many other vaping devices that offer so much power and flexibility in such a small package.

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  • Extremely fast charging time
  • Flexibility to accommodate many vaping styles in a very small package
  • Very affordable price


  • Some people may prefer a simpler device with fewer functions

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Tracey Jackson

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