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Flavour Selection




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  • All of the most popular Lost Mary flavours
  • A few new exclusive flavours
  • Very competitive price


  • Not appropriate for sub-ohm vape mods

If you spend any time reading the news, you’ve undoubtedly heard about the fact that vaping in the UK is going to change dramatically in about a year. The government has announced that it plans to ban all disposable vapes, with the change taking effect around the end of 2024 or the beginning of 2025. After that, many of the most popular vapes in the UK will no longer be available. That’s not just a major inconvenience for the many people who have used disposable vapes to help themselves stop smoking – it’s a complete disaster for those who have fallen in love with the flavours of their favourite disposable vapes and can’t imagine using anything else.

Thankfully, though, there’s some good news.

Lost Mary – perhaps the most successful brand of disposable vapes in the UK right now – has just released Maryliq, which captures some of the brand’s most popular flavours in bottled form and even includes a few new flavours that aren’t available anywhere else.

If you’re worried that you’re going to lose access to your favourite flavours when disposable vapes are banned, Maryliq is the answer. In fact, if you love Lost Mary vapes but wish that they didn’t cost so much, there’s no reason not to buy a refillable device and switch to Maryliq immediately because you’ll have virtually the same experience and will save a bundle of money in the process.

Have we piqued your curiosity yet? In this Maryliq review, we’ll tell you everything you need to know.

What Makes Maryliq Vape Juice Special?

Maryliq Vape Juice

More than anything else, the thing that makes Maryliq e-liquid special is the fact that it allows you to buy all of your favourite Lost Mary flavours by the bottle. Although the Maryliq brand was launched only recently, the flavour selection has already begun to grow rapidly and includes 25 flavours in all at the time of writing. By the time you read this article, it’s possible that even more flavours will be available. In addition to including all of the most popular flavours from the Lost Mary range of disposable vapes, the Maryliq range has a few new flavours that aren’t available anywhere else. That will be of special interest to you if you’re a major Lost Mary fan and simply have to try everything that the brand puts out.

It’s also important to note that Maryliq is the first and only official e-liquid brand made by the maker of Lost Mary vapes. Because Lost Mary disposable vapes have been so popular, several companies have put out devices with eerily similar names like Found Mary and Bloody Mary. These are actually knockoff devices released in an attempt to ride the coattails of Lost Mary’s success. We wouldn’t be surprised at all to see the same thing happen with bottled e-liquids. If it doesn’t say Maryliq, it’s not an official product.

How Much Does Maryliq Cost?

Maryliq vape juice costs £3.95 per bottle, and each bottle contains 10 ml of e-liquid. If you buy through our link, you’ll also enjoy some additional perks like free shipping on orders over £39.99 and same-day dispatch on orders placed before 4 PM on weekdays. The savings can add up very quickly if you order in bulk.

What Maryliq Nicotine Strengths Are Available?

Maryliq E-Liquid Review

Maryliq is a a nicotine salt e-liquid, and it’s available in two strengths: 10 mg/ml and 20 mg/ml. The 20 mg/ml option is the more popular of the two, and it’s the easiest one to find.

What Types of Vaping Devices Work Well with Maryliq?

Being a high-strength e-liquid, Maryliq is designed for small vaping devices with modest cloud production. You’ll have an excellent experience with the 20 mg/ml strength if you use a cigarette-shaped device such as the V2 Cigs e-cigarette or a small pod system like the Voopoo Argus Z. It’ll also work well with most small vape pens. If you have a more powerful device such as the SMOK Novo 5, you’ll probably want to use the 10 mg/ml strength to ensure that you won’t be overwhelmed by too much nicotine. Sadly, Maryliq doesn’t have a lower-nicotine option available at the time of writing, so this brand isn’t appropriate for you if you use a large sub-ohm vape mod.

How Does Maryliq Compare to Lost Mary Vapes?

In terms of flavour, Maryliq e-liquids are exactly the same as Lost Mary vapes because they’re the same e-liquids and are produced by the same company. The real difference, though, is in the cost. The Lost Mary BM600S disposable vape, for example, costs £4.95 and includes just 2 ml of e-liquid. To get the same amount of e-liquid as in one bottle of Maryliq, you’d need to spend £24.95 – that’s over six times as much money. Granted, using a refillable vape means that you’ll need to replace your coil or pod periodically. You’ll find that Maryliq vape juice is very coil friendly, though, and you’ll save a lot of money with Maryliq even if you replace your coil or pod frequently.

What Are the Best Maryliq Flavours?

Maryliq Flavours

With an impressively large flavour selection, it’s safe to say that the Maryliq range includes something for everyone. Here’s an overview of the flavours that are available at the time of writing.

  • Beach Day: We can bet that you’ve never tried an e-liquid with notes of blackcurrant and orange before. This is a completely unique creation that’s going to become a major hit in the UK.
  • Blackcurrant Apple: Here’s a Maryliq flavour designed especially for UK vapers. Complex blackcurrant blends seamlessly with sweet red apple to create an orchard flavour profile that you’re going to love.
  • Blueberry Sour Raspberry: Bold blueberry blends with fruity raspberry before finishing with a slightly tart note that’ll remind you of sour candy.
  • Blueberry Watermelon: The sweetness of watermelon is tempered beautifully by the addition of a dark, complex blueberry note.
  • Cherry Ice: In the vaping community, there’s a certain contingent of people who absolutely love the taste of a cherry cough drop. If you fall into that group, this is the flavour for you.
  • Cherry Lemon: If you love a splash of cherry in a glass of lemonade or limeade, you will absolutely go nuts for this flavour.
  • Citrus Sunrise: With notes of grapefruit, lemon and orange, Citrus Sunrise is the ultimate citrus vape juice without a doubt.
  • Double Apple: Double Apple blends notes of sweet red apple and tart green apple to create a flavour profile reminiscent of the popular shisha flavour.
  • Lemon Lime: With notes of lemon and lime gently caressing the palate, this e-liquid tastes like a slightly tart citrus soda.
  • Lime Rum: Here’s Lost Mary’s version of a mojito! Lime Rum is one of the completely new flavours in the Maryliq range, and it’s a must-try e-liquid for any citrus fan.
  • Menthol: With just the right amount of coolness and a neutral mint flavour perfect for all-day vaping, the Menthol Maryliq flavour is a perfect replacement for menthol cigarettes.
  • Peach Ice: Peach e-liquids are fairly rare, and e-liquids that mix peach with menthol are even rarer. This is a truly refreshing orchard flavour.
  • Peach Strawberry: The only thing that tastes better than a ripe-juicy peach is a peach combined with the complex notes of summer berries.
  • Pineapple Ice: Tastes like an ice-cold pineapple blended into a thirst-quenching fruit smoothie.
  • Pineapple Mango: A wonderfully refreshing tropical e-liquid with notes of sweet and sour.
  • Pink Lemonade: Every good e-liquid brand has to include a solid pink lemonade flavour, and Maryliq is no exception to this rule. It’s perfectly balanced between sweet and tart.
  • Red Cherry: If you prefer your cherry e-liquids without the ice, grab this one. It’s also great as a mixer; try adding a few drops to a tobacco e-liquid.
  • Sour Red: A red apple e-liquid with a slightly sour finish – this one has quite a unique flavour profile.
  • Strawberry Ice: The perfect vape juice flavour for summer. Sweet, juicy strawberry coalesces on your palate before fading away with a smooth menthol exhale.
  • Triple Berry: With notes of strawberry, raspberry and blueberry, this one is a must for lovers of orchard flavours.
  • Triple Mango: Maryliq loves its “double” and “triple” flavours, and this one delivers a triple blast of mango flavours including the sweet tropical and more subtle Asian varieties.
  • Triple Melon: Three melon flavours such as cantaloupe and honeydew dance across the tongue to deliver pure summer refreshment with every puff.
  • Tropical Island: A bold tropical fruity cocktail featuring prominent notes of mango and peach.
  • USA Mix: Nutty and robust, this flavour is Lost Mary’s version of a classic American cigarette.
  • Watermelon Ice: This one tastes a bit like a sweet watermelon hard candy with a cool menthol finish.

Maryliq E-Liquid Review: Final Thoughts

With an enormous selection of flavours at an affordable price, Maryliq’s success would be assured even if it wasn’t produced by one of the world’s most famous makers of disposable vapes. The association with Lost Mary, however, guarantees that vape shops across the UK will have trouble keeping Maryliq in stock. Thanks to the inclusion of some of the most popular Lost Mary flavours, Maryliq is exactly what you’re looking for if you’re concerned about the upcoming ban on disposable vapes and are afraid that you’re going to lose your favourite flavours. It’s also the natural choice if you’re tired of spending too much on disposable vapes and want to cut your vaping costs.



  • All of the most famous Lost Mary flavours, now available in bottled form
  • A few new and exciting flavour options that aren’t available anywhere else
  • Priced very competitively


  • The available nicotine strengths are a bit too high for most sub-ohm vapes

Tracey Jackson

Tracey Jackson

Tracey Jackson discovered the life-changing potential of vaping after making the switch from smoking several years ago. Tracey specialises in writing expert reviews and helping others find the best vapes on the market.