Innokin Lota F600


Value for Money




Vapour Production




Ease of Use



  • Water-based e-liquids are smooth and may alleviate dehydration and throat irritation
  • Stylish dual-layer design with a transparent silicone outer shell
  • Good flavour selection with something for almost everyone


  • More expensive than some other disposables

If you’ve spent some time searching for the best new disposable vapes and have come away feeling that all of the products on the market are beginning to look the same, then you must have missed the Innokin Lota F600 because this device is truly unlike any disposable vape that’s ever hit the UK market before.

The Innokin Lota F600 is an extremely stylish device with a unique look, thanks to the transparent outer silicone shell. The thing that makes it truly special, though, is what’s inside. Created in partnership with new e-liquid company Aquios Labs, the Lota F600 is filled with a completely new type of vape juice consisting of 30 percent water. Never before has there been a commercial e-liquid containing such a high percentage of water, and it isn’t just a novelty. Water-based e-liquid actually has some unique benefits and could end up becoming your favourite type of vape juice if you haven’t been completely happy with your vaping experiences in the past.

So, how does the Lota F600 measure up to the other disposable vapes in today’s crowded market? Let’s explore this unique device.

How Much Does the Innokin Lota F600 Cost?

Innokin Lota F600 Reviews

The Innokin Lota F600 costs £4.99. It’s available in 10 tasty flavours. If you buy through our link, you’ll enjoy same-day dispatch on orders placed before 4 PM on weekdays and free shipping on orders over £49.99.

Innokin Lota F600: Specifications and Features

Now that we’ve introduced you to the Innokin Lota F600, let’s learn a bit more about this device’s technical specifications and the distinct features that set it apart from other disposable vapes.


  • Battery Capacity: 450 mAh; non-rechargeable
  • Nicotine Strength: 20 mg/ml
  • Number of Puffs: Up to 600
  • Number of Flavours: 10 at the time of writing
  • Activation: Puff-activated firing
  • Indicator Light: Yes; light pulses when the device is in use and blinks 10 times when the battery is dead


  • The Lota F600 uses the new water-based e-liquid developed by Aquios Labs in partnership with Innokin. We’ll discuss the unique benefits of water-based vape juice shortly.
  • A mesh coil ensures maximum vapour production and satisfaction with every puff.
  • The power output is regulated to a constant 3.6 volts to ensure maximum battery life.
  • An innovative injection moulding process gives the device an outer silicone layer that looks nice and feels good in the hand.
  • There is only a single small air intake hole on the bottom of the device, giving the Lota F600 very cigarette-like airflow characteristics.


Innokin Lota F600 Flavours

The Lota F600 has 10 different flavours available at the time of writing. They are:

  • Blueberry Bubblegum: Juicy blueberry layered over a sweet and chewy bubblegum base.
  • Blueberry Ice: A bold blueberry flavour with a cooling menthol finish.
  • Grape Ice: Dark grapes plucked fresh from the vine and served over crushed ice.
  • Iced Cosmic: A complex mystery blend of fruity flavours with a menthol finish.
  • Mango Passion Ice: Fresh mango and passionfruit combine with menthol to create an unforgettable tropical cocktail.
  • Peach Ice: A lovely orchard peach flavour with a hint of menthol.
  • Sour Apple: A perfectly sweet and tart green apple flavour.
  • Sunrise Ice: A fruity mix full of tropical flair with notes of banana, mango and orange along with a menthol finish.
  • Tropical Fruit Ice: This orchard blend combines icy menthol with notes of raspberry, strawberry and pineapple.
  • Watermelon Ice: Tastes just like eating a bowl of chilled watermelon on a hot summer day.

What Are the Benefits of Water-Based E-Liquid?

The thing that really makes the Innokin Lota F600 unique is the fact that its e-liquid contains 30 percent water. Developed by Aquios Labs, the vape juice in this device is a 30/30/30 blend of water, propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine, with the remaining content consisting of nicotine and flavours. That means when you use the Lota F600, 30 percent of what you’re inhaling is actually water vapour. This is a remarkable technical achievement because standard vaping equipment doesn’t work with water. Innokin developed the hardware to work with the new water-based e-liquid, and the rest was history. It remains to be seen whether this new form of vaping will become the standard, but water-based e-liquid has several compelling benefits.

  • Many people find that it’s noticeably smoother than traditional e-liquid.
  • Unlike propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine, pure water has no flavour. This may allow for better flavour definition in an e-liquid.
  • Water-based e-liquid may help to prevent the dehydration that some people experience with traditional vape juice due to the moisture-absorbing properties of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine.

How to Use the Innokin Lota F600

Innokin Innobar F600 Review

Being a true disposable vape, the Innokin Lota F600 is completely prepped at the factory and ready for immediate use. Remove the device from the box and tear open the inner packet. Remove the silicone caps from the mouthpiece and from the bottom of the device, and the Lota F600 is ready to use.

To use the Lota F600, simply puff on it as if you were puffing on a cigarette. A typical vaping session will last about 10 puffs. To ensure that the device’s e-liquid supply will last as long as possible, put the Lota F600 down for a while between sessions and use it only when you really need the nicotine.

How Long Does the Innokin Lota F600 Last?

The Innokin Lota F600 lasts up to 600 puffs, which will be anywhere from about one to three days depending on how you vape. It’s time to replace the device when it is out of e-liquid or battery life. At that point, one of these things will happen.

  • If the Lota F600 is out of e-liquid, it’ll either produce a harsh, burnt flavour or will stop producing vapour entirely.
  • If the device’s battery is dead, the light will blink 10 times when you try to vape.

How to Fix Problems with the Innokin Lota F600

The Innokin Lota F600 is an extremely simple device, which makes it a great first vape if you’re a beginner. Since there’s very little that you can do incorrectly with this device, you can generally expect perfect performance from the first puff to the last. If your Lota F600 isn’t working as expected, here are a few tips that can help you resolve the issue.

Innokin Lota F600 Not Working

If you have a brand-new Innokin Lota F600 that isn’t working, the most likely reason is that you’ve forgotten to remove the silicone cover from the bottom of the device. The cover is there to prevent the device from activating when it’s still in the shipping container, and you’ll need to remove it before you can use the Lota F600.

If you’ve already removed the cover, try puffing a little more firmly. It’s possible that you’ve received a device with an airflow sensor that isn’t as sensitive as it should be. Increasing the air pressure should get the sensor to work.

Innokin Lota F600 Leaking

If your Innokin Lota F600 is leaking or spitting e-liquid into your mouth, it’s likely that you’re puffing on the device too firmly. Although the Lota F600 has tight airflow intended to resemble the characteristics of a cigarette, you should puff on it much less firmly than you would puff when smoking. If you use too much air pressure, you’ll force e-liquid into the device’s airflow path. Watch the indicator light on the bottom of the Lota F600 when you vape. When the light turns on, you’re using the correct amount of air pressure.

Innokin Lota F600 Blinking

If the light on the bottom of the Innokin Lota F600 blinks when you try to vape, it means that the battery is dead. Since the Lota F600 has a non-rechargeable battery, it’s time to replace the device at this point. You don’t need to worry about e-liquid being wasted because the Lota F600 has a sufficiently high battery capacity to use the device’s entire supply of vape juice.

Innokin Lota F600 Review: Final Thoughts

The Innokin Lota F600 costs as much as double what some other disposable vapes cost, and whether it’ll be worth the price for you will depend entirely on how you feel about its unique water-based e-liquid. If you’ve ever dealt with any negative side effects of vaping like dehydration or throat irritation, the water-based e-liquid from Aquios Labs could be transformative for your vaping experience. You might also be a fan of the Lota F600 if you dislike the subtle but distinctive flavours of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine. Although they’re both present in the Aquios e-liquid, they’re used in much lower concentrations than in traditional vape juice and are less noticeable as a result.

It’s possible that the Innokin Lota F600 is a glimpse of the future of vaping. Even if it isn’t, though, it’s a device that just about every vaper should try once.


  • Water-based e-liquid is likely to be a breakthrough for those who find traditional e-liquids harsh or dehydrating
  • Stylish design uses a transparent silicone outer coating to achieve a dual-layer effect
  • Selection of 10 flavours should have something for everyone


  • Costs a bit more than some other disposable vapes

Tracey Jackson

Tracey Jackson

Tracey Jackson discovered the life-changing potential of vaping after making the switch from smoking several years ago. Tracey specialises in writing expert reviews and helping others find the best vapes on the market.