VSAVI Platinum E-Liquid


Value for Money


Flavour Selection




Choice of Strengths



  • Most tobacco and menthol flavours on the market
  • High-PG and high-VG blends available
  • Same flavours as those used for the V2 cigalike
  • Coil-friendly e-liquids
  • Quantity discounts available


  • Not for those who prefer heavily sweetened e-liquids

When it comes to selecting the best e-liquid in the UK, you have no shortage of options. The best vape shops are stocked from floor to ceiling with various vape juice brands all competing for your attention, and it can be difficult to choose just one – especially if you’re new to vaping and don’t have enough experience yet to know what you want. Flavour is perhaps the most important aspect of a fulfilling and satisfying vaping experience, which means that your transition from smoking to vaping can sour very quickly if you end up buying an e-liquid with a flavour you don’t like.

VSAVI is one of the UK’s oldest e-liquid brands, and one of the reasons for the brand’s sustained success is the fact that there’s something available for everyone. When you’re new to vaping, you’re probably going to want an e-liquid that resembles the cigarettes you’re giving up. As you gain experience, though, you may eventually decide to branch out and try other flavours that don’t resemble cigarettes at all – fruity flavours, for instance. When you reach that point, VSAVI has plenty of options that you’ll love. VSAVI e-liquid is the ideal choice for new vapers, and it’s also one of the most popular brands among more experienced vapers. We’ll explain why in this review.

What Makes VSAVI E-Liquid Special?

VSAVI Platinum Vape Juice Review

With so many different vape juice brands on the market today, it can sometimes be difficult to discern what makes some companies different from the others. The packages and flavour names don’t tell the whole story; sometimes you have to dig a little deeper to find out what an e-liquid brand is all about. Here are some of the features that make VSAVI e-liquid different from the rest.

  • VSAVI has the most tobacco and menthol flavours of any e-liquid brand. When you first switch to vaping, it’s natural that you’ll probably want to choose a vape juice that tastes as much like a cigarette as possible. There are many different ways to create a cigarette-like e-liquid flavour, and you may not love the first one you try. With VSAVI, that’s not a problem. There are so many options that you should have no trouble finding a flavour that’s perfect for you.
  • VSAVI e-liquid is among the most coil-friendly vape juice on the market. If you’re new to vaping, one of the first things you’ll learn is that heavily sweetened e-liquids create a thick residue that robs a vape coil of its flavour and causes it to taste burnt. Using sweetened vape juice makes vaping more expensive because it requires you to replace your coils, pods or cartridges more often. VSAVI e-liquids are blended with nuance and care, and they don’t require sweeteners in order to taste good. Since your coils will last longer, VSAVI e-liquid will help you save money on vaping in the long run.
  • VSAVI is one of the few brands that offers e-liquid with 100-percent vegetable glycerine (VG) as a base and no propylene glycol (PG) at all. We’ll explain the significance of that later in this review.

What VSAVI E-Liquid Nicotine Strengths Are Available?

VSAVI e-liquids are available in the following strengths, which vary slightly depending on the specific product range.

  • 0.0% (0 mg/ml)
  • 0.3% (3 mg/ml)
  • 0.6% (6 mg/ml)
  • 1.2% (12 mg/ml)
  • 1.8% (18 mg/ml)

In general, you should choose your nicotine strength based on a combination of your personal needs and the power of the vaping device you’re using. If you use a small cigarette-shaped device, you should start with the highest nicotine strength. Step down to a lower strength if you feel like you’re getting more nicotine than you need. If you use a larger device, you should start with a lower nicotine strength because your device’s more substantial vapour production means that you’ll inhale more e-liquid with each puff.

For those who want to vape without nicotine or are trying to reduce their nicotine intake, VSAVI also offers nicotine-free versions of all flavours.

What Are the Different VSAVI E-Liquid Ranges?

VSAVI 100 VG Vape Juice Review

VSAVI has three different e-liquid ranges available. They are:

  • VSAVI V2 Platinum E-Liquid: This is the classic VSAVI vape juice range and the one that includes the most tobacco and menthol flavours. There are several sweeter options available as well. The VSAVI V2 Platinum e-liquid range has 15 flavours in all. This is a high-PG blend.
  • VSAVI 100% VG E-Liquid: This range is made with 100 percent VG as a base and includes no PG at all. It includes a variety of cigarette-like flavours as well as some sweeter options.
  • VSAVI Gourmet E-Liquid: This range includes some sweeter and more complex flavour options that will appeal to you if you’re an experienced vaper or are simply looking for something different. VSAVI Gourmet e-liquid is made with 100 percent VG.

Why Should You Choose VSAVI Platinum E-Liquid?

If you’ve never purchased bottled e-liquid before, your best bet is to choose a reliable brand like VSAVI and select several different flavours to try. That way, you can determine what your preferences are, and that’ll make you a more astute e-liquid buyer in the future. You might even consider trying some flavours from both the VSAVI Platinum and VSAVI 100% VG ranges. The VSAVI Platinum range offers these specific benefits.

  • Because PG is a more effective flavour carrier than PG, you may find that the flavour profiles of the e-liquids are more clearly defined.
  • Because PG isn’t very viscous, it works well with the smallest vaping devices and will not clog a small cartridge or tank.
  • PG creates a strong throat hit when it’s inhaled, which you might appreciate if you’re a smoker of full-flavoured cigarettes.

Why Should You Choose VSAVI 100% VG E-Liquid?

VSAVI Gourmet E-Liquid Review

Although PG-based e-liquid has several benefits, VG-based e-liquids have several benefits of their own. These are the reasons why you might want to choose VSAVI 100% VG e-liquid.

  • Because VG is inherently sweet, you may appreciate the fact that these e-liquids taste sweeter even though they contain no added sweeteners.
  • Because VG is thick, it produces large clouds and has a full and luxurious mouth feel.
  • VG is smoother than PG and produces less throat hit when it’s inhaled. You may prefer a 100 percent VG e-liquid if you find that PG-based e-liquids create a scratchy sensation in your throat.
  • A small percentage of people are allergic or sensitive to PG. If you are one of those people, you should use an e-liquid containing only VG.

What Are the Best VSAVI E-Liquid Flavours?

With such a large selection of flavours between the VSAVI Platinum and VSAVI 100% VG ranges, it would be impossible to discuss every VSAVI flavour in just one review – so we’ll get you started by describing just a few of our favourites. If you’re not sure which flavour to choose first, we think you’ll be happy with any of these.

  • Congress: From the V2 Platinum range. To us, this is the most realistic tasting of VSAVI’s tobacco e-liquids. Smooth and nutty with just a hint of richness, Congress is absolutely ideal for all-day vaping.
  • V2 Red: This is the most popular flavour in the V2 Platinum range. It’s a very bold tobacco e-liquid that many people find reminiscent of a full-flavoured or roll-your-own cigarette. If you need a tobacco e-liquid with a very full-bodied flavour, this is the one you’ll want to choose.
  • Arctic Menthol: From the VSAVI 100% VG range. If you’ve been craving menthol cigarettes since the ban and still haven’t switched to vaping yet, this is the flavour you should try first. Arctic Menthol has a neutral flavour with a strong cooling effect, and it tastes like a masterpiece with every puff.
  • Elderflower: From the VSAVI 100% VG range. Many people have reported that the VSAVI Elderflower flavour was their first foray into e-liquids with more novel flavour profiles. With a floral flavour resembling one of the world’s most popular herbal teas, this is completely unlike any other vape juice on the market.
  • Cappuccino: From the VSAVI Gourmet range. If you have difficulty finding a tobacco e-liquid that meets your flavour expectations, you should try a coffee vape juice instead. Coffee e-liquids often have very realistic flavours, and coffee has a savoury flavour that hits the palate in much the same way as tobacco.

VSAVI E-Liquid Review: Final Thoughts

One of the oldest and most respected brands in the vaping industry, VSAVI e-liquid truly offers something for everyone – but it should be of special interest to you if you’re new to vaping because no other company offers as many tobacco and menthol flavour options as VSAVI. You should have no trouble finding a flavour that satisfies you in the same way as a cigarette – and if you eventually decide that you’d like to try some more complex non-tobacco flavours, VSAVI offers no shortage of options in that category as well. If VSAVI is your first e-liquid brand, there’s a good chance that you’ll never try anything else.


  • More tobacco and menthol options than any other e-liquid brand – an ideal choice for anyone buying e-liquid for the first time
  • High-PG and 100% VG options available, so you can choose a blend that suits your preferences
  • Same flavours used in V2 e-cigarette kits, so you can switch from a pre-filled e-cigarette to a refillable device without losing your favourite flavours
  • Coil-friendly e-liquids will help your cartridges, pods or coils last longer
  • Quantity discounts are available for larger purchases


  • Not for those who prefer heavily sweetened e-liquids

Tracey Jackson

Tracey Jackson

Tracey Jackson discovered the life-changing potential of vaping after making the switch from smoking several years ago. Tracey specialises in writing expert reviews and helping others find the best vapes on the market.