How to Know Which is the Best E-Cigarette UK

Having tried many of the e-cigarette UK brands available, I was on the whole, disappointed with their quality. Many smokers had tried e cigs saying “they did not work” and they had gone back to smoking. This was because of the poor quality of many e cigarettes. A quality e cigarette does work and can be extremely effective in helping you to quit smoking.

This led to a quest to find out what is the best e-cigarette in the UK for new vapers.

Finding your perfect electronic cigarette…

UK best e-cigarette selection process | How to Get the top e-cigarette UK

Searching Google for e cigarette reviews gives you around 3  million results. Searching for the best vape device or product returns around 15 million results. Of course, many of the results are related in some way, but there are far too many choices and simply not enough time to get to the bottom of it all.

E-Cig Reviews prides itself on the time it takes researching and reviewing vaping products. Coupled with our ratings formula, we provide you with a simple process to make an informed decision when buying your e-cigarette product.

On a monthly basis we analyse both expert and hands-on user review data from the top review sites on the web and then do the number crunching to give an up-to-date rating for each product. See the “calculations” tab below if you like maths.

Now you can stop searching and hoping and buy with confidence:

We review the e-cigarette review sites and give you their consensus. The result, you get the best electronic cigarette UK reviews summarised in one place.

Here are the best e-cigarette calculations for this month:

Summary – Monthly Reviews

The best e-cigarette review sites are analysed to establish the best electronic cigarettes as reviewed by each site every month. For a review of vaporizers and larger devices see the Vaporizer Review section.

A score is given to each position so that 1st place scores 10 points, 2nd place scores 9 points .. with 5th place scoring 6 points.

Therefore if a device was in 1st place at all review sites it would score 6X10 = 60 Total scores are calculated for each e-cig giving a ranking to each. (>60 where equal positions are shown)

Results for best e-cigarettes from all e-cig reviews

V2 e-CigsVapour2 Ex-SeriesJac Vapour V1blu Plus *Pro 3X
Rank1st Place2nd3rd 4thBest Vape Pen
Total Score All Review Sites55242415Vape eJuice, Tobacco, Dry Herb all in one vaporizer
#1 e-cig review#2 reviewread e cig reviewread e cig reviewBest Vape Pen review
visit-ecig-site visit-ecig-site visit-ecig-sitevisit-ecig-site

While many vape review sites show a range of various e cigarettes as shown by a wide variety of scores, the one common brand that features at all the reviews sites is the V2 brand which stands head and shoulders above the rest.

See the detailed e-cig reviews here

Points of Interest:

The new Vapor2 Pro 3X is the only slim vape pen designed to vape e liquid, dry herb, tobacco and wax effectively. One vaporizer for all your vape needs.

2018: New pod type e cigarettes have been developed by some e cig manufacturers and have started appearing on a few review sites. The Juul is leading the way but Reuters reports (and others) it is under FDA scrutiny for excessive nicotine content and selling to the underage. Are these what vapers want or is it simply style over substance – PR?


Discount Codes

Best Box Mod and Vape Mod for sub ohm vaping

History How They Work Possible Benefits E-cigs V Tobacco NHS Report on Quitting

Big Spenders: VIP e cig, Vype and others have massive marketing budgets – but do they spend on improving quality?


Best Electronic Cigarette UK – Our Findings

Score based on decreasing values from 10 downwards, best device in the UK gets 10 points – 2nd best in the UK gets 9 points 3rd place gets 8 points (and so on).

Position at review SiteScoreTotal Score; all sitese-Cig brandNotesSource Review Site
566Vype eStick Max4.4/5 See
288Von Erl4.8/5 See
110Vapour2Best small
3824Vapour24.6/5 See
388Vaporfi ExpressTop 3
56V2 Ex SeriesBest small
110V2 e-cigrettesTop 3
110V2 e-CigarettesBest cig like
1955V2 e-Cigarettes4.8/5 See
566UK EcigsBest cig like
299SmokBest small
38Jac VapourBest cig like
38Jac Vapour
3824Jac Vapour4.7/10 see
299Green SmokeUS
388Epuffer Titan XBest small
47Epuffer MagnumBest cig like
47Epuffer MagnumBest small
299Apollo TitanBest cig like
299Apollo StandardTop 3

Some review sites, I assume for marketing purposes, change the order of their top picks as shown on the main page. You need to go to the actual review page to see the actual scores for each product. Vape360 for example sometimes shows JacV above V2 on their UK e cig page summary but when you check out the full review scores they have V2 ahead at 8.4/10, JacV at 8.1/10.

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Update: This month the JUUL pod e cigarette started to feature at some review sites in the lower positions competing with the better known vape pens like blu and Jac Vapour. It will be interesting to see if they hold their positions as top 10 vape pens over the next few months of 2018 to warrant full reviews here:

steve mills

steve mills