Making the switch to vapingVape pen Versus vape mod

While trying to make the switch from smoking to vaping, many people have an experience like this; they go to their local petrol station, get a small pod vaporiser or e cigarette at a low price point so they can test the waters without breaking the bank and end up feeling disappointed with nicotine absorption, flavour, build quality, battery life and almost anything else that you can think of. This is because these cheap e-cigarette are, as I said, cheap. After this disappointing experience, many people switch back to smoking, and a few people may try buying a vape mod.

Vape mods

These mods are more sturdy, have a bigger battery and offer better nicotine absorption and consistency so work well for many people but ultimately don’t feel like smoking a cigarette because of their form factor amongst other things. While many people love their mods, they do eat through e- liquid extremely fast and this in turn costs more to use on a daily basis than vape pens.

Early e-cigarettes V modern vapes

As mentioned, many people tried these early e cigarettes and vaporizer pens and were disappointed. This initial disappointment left its mark on the industry, as the people who felt tricked by these cheap, poorly built vapes have stayed on the side of the mods or continued smoking. However technology has since improved and now a small vape pen or e cigarette with a 4.2V battery can support consistent nicotine hits for an entire day with ease.

Small scale vapes and e liquid concentration

Mod vaporizers versus small scale e cigarette

A good quality modern small scale vape pen or e cigarette still operates at a lower power than the mods but if you use an e-liquid that has a stronger nicotine concentration you can use this to your advantage. Vaporising a small amount of high concentration e-liquid in a vape pen gives you the same nicotine hit as a low concentration e-liquid being vaped in a mod.

Low and high concentration nicotine eliquids are the same price so because you use less e liquid in an e cigarette or vape pen than in a mod it is much more cost effective to use a vape pen than a mod if you are primarily vaping with the intention to quit smoking.

The best way I can explain it is using alcohol as an example, if you pour out two shots of alcohol, mix one with a bottle of coke and keep the other in the glass, there is more liquid in the rum and coke, but the same amount of alcohol. When vaping with a mod (3 or 6 mg nicotine strength) , the extra power the mod provides enables it to vape more of the e-liquid, creating huge vape clouds, when inhaled by the user they absorb approximately 0.1g of nicotine which satisfies their craving. Now, a vape pen runs at a lower power and vaporizes less liquid per draw, but the liquid is more concentrated (18 mg nicotine strength), so the lower amount of vapour produced still contains 0.1g of nicotine and still satisfies your cravings.

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I know that for some people, vaping is more about the flavour than the nicotine and to these people I might recommend a mod or pod vaporiser, but to the people that struggle to quit smoking, to the people that haven’t found a good enough alternative to satisfy the need to hold a cigarette between their fingers while they smoke you should consider vape pens. Modern high quality e-cigarettes and vape pens are a viable and cost-effective option to break the habit of the overall experience of smoking.

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Greg Williams

Greg Williams

Greg Williams is an electrical engineer who enjoys tinkering with vapes to discover their inner workings. Greg’s informational articles clarify the complex aspects of vaping to help everyone have a better experience.