Pod Salt E-Liquid


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  • Made in the UK
  • Unique salicylic acid additive
  • Plenty of fruity flavours
  • Low price


  • No basic tobacco or menthol flavours

If there’s one quality that just about all vapers possess, it’s that they’re always on the hunt for something new. Many people find that flavour is the primary thing that keeps them interested in vaping, and they’re always interested in trying a distinctive new flavour profile that they haven’t seen elsewhere.

Pod Salt is a UK-made brand of nicotine salt e-liquid with a unique twist that can potentially make it more like real tobacco than any other vape juice on the market. It’s available in a wide range of tasty fruit flavours specifically selected to please the British palate. The Pod Salt range has been so successful, in fact, that the maker has already begun to expand the Pod Salt empire by collaborating with the most popular vape juice brands in the United States and elsewhere. Is Pod Salt the best nicotine salt e-liquid to put in your pod system? To find that out, you’ll have to read our review.

What Makes Pod Salt Vape Juice Special?

Pod Salt E-Liquid Reviews

There are many different nicotine salt e-liquids in the UK today competing for your attention and money. We’ve ranked Pod Salt as the best nic salt e-liquid in the UK because this brand has a few unique selling points, giving it a distinct combination of features that you won’t find elsewhere. Here’s what makes Pod Salt special.

  • Pod Salt is developed and made in the UK, which means that the flavours are specifically selected and blended to please the palates of UK vapers. Imported e-liquids can certainly be fun – but if you want to buy a vape juice you’re going to want to return to again and again, you’ll probably be happiest with something produced domestically.
  • Pod Salt is available in nicotine salt form only, so it’s specifically optimised for the small and portable devices that many members of the vaping community use today. It’s designed to produce smaller vapour clouds, so it’s perfect for discreet vaping.
  • Pod Salt e-liquid uses salicylic acid as an ingredient. All nicotine salt e-liquids require acid. The acid reduces the alkalinity of the nicotine, converting it from a free base into a salt. The thing that makes pod salt different, though, is the fact that other e-liquids typically use other acids such as benzoic acid. Salicylic acid occurs naturally in tobacco, and it helps to make Pod Salt a uniquely satisfying e-liquid.

What Pod Salt Nicotine Strengths Are Available?

Pod Salt e-liquid is available in two nicotine strengths of 11 mg/ml and 20 mg/ml. If you’re not sure which strength to choose, here are some pointers that can help.

  • In general, you should choose your nicotine strength based on the power of your vaping device. If your device produces bigger clouds, you should choose the lower strength. If you’re using a very small device with more modest cloud production, you should choose the higher strength. Note that both nicotine strengths are much too high for a larger device such as a vape mod. If you own a full-sized mod, you should use a lower-strength e-liquid with freebase nicotine instead.
  • If you’re a smoker and are new to vaping, you should generally choose the higher nicotine strength because it’ll provide the closest possible nicotine delivery to that of a tobacco cigarette.
  • If you’re already a full-time vaper and want to try nicotine salt e-liquid – or you’re only an occasional smoker and smoke well under a pack per day – you should choose the lower nicotine strength because your nicotine requirements are lower than those of a pack-a-day smoker.

What Are the Best Pod Salt Flavours?

Pod Salt Vape Juice Review

Fruity e-liquid flavours are what most vapers prefer, and no one offers a better selection of UK-made fruity vape juices than Pod Salt. We’ll start with a full listing of this brand’s flavours, and then we’ll describe a couple of our favourites.

  • Apple
  • Banana Ice
  • Blackcurrant
  • Blackcurrant Menthol
  • Blueberry Pomegranate
  • Blue Berg
  • Blue Ice
  • Blue Raspberry
  • Mango Ice
  • Mixed Berries
  • Mixed Berries Ice
  • Watermelon Breeze

If you’re not sure which flavour to try first, we suggest giving Blue Berg a try. Blueberry is one of the fruity e-liquid flavours that tastes truest to life. It’s immediately recognisable, and it’s easily one of the vaping community’s top picks for those who enjoy fruit flavours but are having trouble choosing what they want. Blue Berg begins with a sweet and succulent blueberry base and finishes with a dash of chilly menthol to soothe your throat and provide an extra burst of refreshment. Fruit-and-ice e-liquids are some of the most popular vaping products in the world today, and Blue Berg is a perfect example of what a little menthol can do for a fruity vape juice.

If you’re looking for a nicotine salt vape juice without menthol, Blackcurrant by Pod Salt is a great choice. If you’ve ever tried the blackcurrant hard candies that are popular at vintage candy shoppes, you know exactly what to expect with this e-liquid. Blackcurrant is a delicious fruit with a level of slightly tart and bitter complexity that’s lacking in most fruits. It’s perhaps the most popular fruity flavour in the UK vaping community, and the people at Pod Salt have done an excellent job with their rendition.

What Is Pod Salt Fusion E-Liquid?

Pod Salt Fusion Review

When shopping for vape juice, you may have noticed the fact that the Pod Salt brand doesn’t just consist of the basic Pod Salt e-liquid range – there’s also a second brand called Pod Salt Fusion. This is a particularly interesting product because it’s a collaborative effort between Pod Salt and several of the industry’s other popular e-liquid makers including Marina, 7 Daze, Yogi and Charlie’s Chalk Dust. Pod Salt has joined up with some of the most popular vape juice makers in the United States and elsewhere to bring those companies’ flavours here. Not only are Pod Salt Fusion e-liquids made here in the UK, but they’re also made using Pod Salt’s uniquely satisfying nicotine salt base.

If you’re interested in experiencing some of the best e-liquid flavours that the vape juice companies of the United States have to offer, we suggest starting with the Blue Razapple Ice Pod Salt Fusion flavour. It combines the incredible apple flavour of Reds Apple – the most realistic apple juice flavour you’ll ever taste – with a slightly tart note of blue raspberry before finishing with a dash of ice-cold menthol.

Pod Salt E-Liquid Review: Final Thoughts

There are plenty of nicotine salt e-liquids on the market competing for your money today, but none of them are quite like Pod Salt. Formulated with a completely unique nicotine salt blend, Pod Salt uses salicylic acid – an ingredient found naturally in tobacco leaves – to achieve its conversion from freebase nicotine to nicotine salt. This gives Pod Salt a distinctive smoothness that you won’t find anywhere else. If you’re looking for the most satisfying nicotine salt e-liquid on the market – or you’re simply a big fan of fruity flavours and want to try something new in your pod system or other small vaping device – you’ll probably love Pod Salt.


  • Made in the UK
  • Proprietary nicotine salt blend contains a unique salicylic acid additive
  • Excellent flavour selection for fruit fans
  • Low price per bottle


  • No plain tobacco or menthol flavours

Tracey Jackson

Tracey Jackson

Tracey Jackson discovered the life-changing potential of vaping after making the switch from smoking several years ago. Tracey specialises in writing expert reviews and helping others find the best vapes on the market.