A number of E-cigarettes companies have branded vape products as a sort of ‘sport’ as some vapers search out more vapour. These are known as box mods or vape mods. We check out the best vape mods on the UK market.

Best Box Mods & Vape Mods UK for 2021

The e cigarette space now includes “Sub Ohm” vaping or “cloud chasing” (which uses extreme vaping devices including Box Mods – also known as vape mods). For 2021 we look at the best vape mods and review the top 3 box mods available in the UK.

We also offer a great alternative to the square type box mod – see the pen style sub ohm vaporizer in the lower section of this review page.

According to E-Cig Intelligence the number of vapers rose by 4% to over 2.5 million, with a shift from smaller pre-filled cartridge e cigarettes to tank systems (like vaporizers and vape mods). This in part is due to many pre-filled devices and products simply being of poor quality, the market has attracted those looking to cash in or take advantage of a new market. However there is still a strong argument in support of the smaller cartridge e cigs, the key is to ensure you get the right one.

If you want a quality electronic cigarette check out our e-cig review section which has a range of quality smaller scale devices that ensure a great vape and will satisfy your nicotine cravings.

Vape Mod Device Size Charts

The summary reviews below relate to the vape devices in the following images. Be sure you understand their sizes. The Cool Fire Mini Zenith for example feels half the size of the Smok Alien and for general vaping some may feel awkward with a very large device and simply prefer the feel of a smaller vape device.

With the 3 winners below, none of them will disappoint. Picking “the” winner is almost impossible, each of the vape devices below are exceptionally good and depending on your preference to what size and what features you require will determine your ideal vape.

Modern Vape device Sizes Compared; Front elevation      Nicotine absorption by e cigarette device     Modern Vape Device Sizes. Side elevation Thumb

Clck to enlarge: Image #1. Front Elevation. #2. Nicotine Absorption by device. #3. End Elevation

Best Vape Mods – Summary Reviews of the top 3 box mods in the UK

#1 Innokin Cool Fire | Rating 89%

This is one of the best vape mods for those wanting exceptional performance combined with ease of use.Best 3 vape mods: Winner is Innokin Cool Fire + Zenith tank It has also withstood the test of time and has been a best seller for over 12 months now – 12 months is a long time in “vape world – things change quickly!) Do not confuse this with the older less powerful Cool Fire 40w. Innokin have also now updated this to the more advanced, powerful and versatile iTaste Kroma and combined it with the Innokin Zlide Tank to create the Kroma-R. However the Cool Fire remains our favourite.

The Zenith tank turns this device into a pretty extreme vape too. It is a straight forward device that hides complex technology within an easy to use user interface that competes exceptionally well against all other mods

There are a number of variants out there, the NEW Innokin Cool Fire device combined with the Zenith D22 Tank is the option to go for. See The full Cool Fire review

Best Price Innokin Cool Fire here


#2 KangerTech Subox Mini | Rating 88.7%

Kangertech Subox Mini V 2.0 - Best vape mod #2

For a straight forward high quality Box Mod Kanger’s SUBOX Mini will take some beating. With it’s simplicity and additional flexibility options this is an ideal vape mod for both sub ohm and none sub ohm vaping.

The Subox Mini has been around for some time and has stood the test of time. Many devices simply disappear after a year or two, but the Subox keeps evolving, the new Version 2 is better than its predecessors and continues the the line of this vaping classic.

The Subox Mini kit comes fully equipped with all the accessories you need and can be vaped straight out of the box, though it is recommended that you fully charge it before use. For those wanting to experiment with both styles of vaping – sub-ohm DTL or standard MTL non-sub ohm vaping, the Kanger Subox is ideal as it includes both 0.8 Ohm NCOCC coil and an optional 1.5 Ohm NCOCC coil.

The Subox Mini has all the functionality of much bigger vape mods and deserves a place here because of its compact size, simplicity and vapour production.

The Kanger Subox Mini V2 consists of the new 2200mAh Kbox Mini Version 2.0, a 60W mod box and a 2ml Subtank Mini Version 2.0 tank. The Kbox Mini 2.0 also has comprehensive multi-protection system ensuring complete safety for you.

Best Price KangerTech Subox Mini Version 2.0 here

Or see the full KangerTech Subox Mini V2 Review>>


#3 Vaporesso Target PM80 Pod Mod | Rating 87%

Target PM80 review

The Vaporesso Target PM80 pod mod kit is a better option for those who prefer something smaller and simpler than a straight forward box mod. Effectively it is hybrid pod system and box mod system and combines the best of both worlds and with its sub ohm functionality is suitable for all vapers, basic to advanced. A real pocket rocket.

The PM80 benefits from a small form factor while having up to 80W and 2000 mAh which delivers sufficient power all day for even the most avid vaper. Combine this with its 0.3 Ohm GTX mesh coils you have a formidable piece of kit. It feels half the size of main stream vape mods. The Target PM80 still has all the functionality of much bigger vape mods and deserves a place here because of its simplicity, vapour production and compact size.

The PM80 features a TFT screen which has sharper visibility with no distortion of the on-screen readings. Clear and concise so that you know exactly where you are, power, voltage, coil details, puff count and timer all clearly presented. Combined with its simple to use adjustments you have a responsive effective vaping system that is not the size of a small brick.

Best Price Vaporesso PM80 here


#4 Innokin Proton Review | Rating 87%

New Proton Ajax, very neat!

This is one of the best vape devices we have tested, exceptional performance and advanced features. The new smaller 2021 Proton Ajax is a delight. The Proton TFT screen and mouse like navigation differentiates this future classic. Combined with Plexus mesh coils in the Scion 2 tank the overall package is simply unbeatable.

If you are not a vape hobbyist though or for those not wanting a myriad of options the Innokin Cool Fire is still our favourite. Simple to use small but powerful.

For the avid Vaper you now have a real choice! The Smok Rigel or the new Innokin Proton

Get the Proton + Ajax tank if you can, they go quick!

Read the full review with 3 month Proton road-test!


#1 Best Sub Ohm Pen Vaporizer: The Void! | Rating 86%best sub ohm pen vape mod: the VOID

The V2 XEO Void is a high quality German design sub ohm vaporizer in a pen style with air flow control. For those of you who simply don’t like the size and feel of box mods or don’t want to dial in the amps, volts or temperature setting, just want simple – the XEO Void vaporizer may be just what you are looking for! As expected this is an extremely well made device from XEO, one of Germany’s most popular e cig manufactures, and at £39.99 is an absolute bargain.

TPD Compliant

The Void is one of very few pen-style sub ohm vaporizers that come with full TPD2 compliance. The Void has a child-proof function and comes with new Xeo-Vapour no-leak technology. During vaping, components within any vaporizer reach extreme temperatures which can lead to the emission of potentially dangerous chemical gasses. Manufactured with the purest component materials, the Void’s design ensures that during vaping contaminants are minimised, this vape pen complies with all TPD emission tests. Probably the safest vape yet!

The Void comes with a powerful 1500 mAh battery and sub ohm (0.6 Ohm) and standard (1.0 Ohm) coils for different vaping choices. Go cloud chasing or simply relax with your favourite all-day vape e liquid. This is a clever device that offers sub ohm vaping within a proper quality pen style vaporizer. And for huge clouds simply swap out to the sub ohm coil and use some VG e liquid (70% VG or

higher)!Xeo Void Review. Pen-vaporizer category

For most vapers,  a satisfying vape that’s nice and easy is the order of the day. Have box mods just gone a bit too far with all the variables and coil combinations? If you answer “yes” then the simple design and and quality of the Void may well be your vaping choice!

Check Out the Void Here

Alternatively Check Out the Full Xeo Void Review


Innokin have brought out a new beast of a vape – check out our best advanced vape mod – The Innokin Proton Ajax, it is a very different mod

Alternative Vape Mods to consider

#5 Vapour 2 Trinity Vaporizer | Rating 86.8%

#5 Trinity by V2. Best small scal alternative box mod UK Review.

V2 Trinity Vs Kanger: Size Matters

The V2 Trinity Vape Mod is by far the simplest box mod in this best box mod range and deserves it place here because of this and it small size.

It is also by far the smallest, feels around half the size of the main stream vape mods – a great advantage as the V2 Trinity vaporizer still has all the functionality of the bigger vape mods regarding vapour production and deserves a place here because of its simplicityflexibility and compact SIZE – the Trinity.

For many vapers, box mods are just too big and can feel awkward – the Vapor 2 Trinity doesn’t. With coil choices of 0.8 and 0.5 Ohms for sub ohm mouth to lung vaping or pair the Trinity with the 1.2 Ohm coil for a more relaxed vaping experience. You can even use your own tank! A solid device with an inbuilt battery, a “top fill” 2ml tank and variable operating power of 5-40W.

It’s straightforward and simple design, look, size and feel and functionality will appeal to all but the most extreme vaper. See the full Vapour2 Trinity Review

Best Price Trinity here


#5 Innokin Kroma-R Zlide Review | Rating 88.7%

For a straight forward, high quality Box Mod the Kroma-R with Zlide tank deserves a place here too. The Kroma R Zlide is designed to appeal with its sleek rather cool ergonomic feel.

Perhaps the only real competitors are the Smok Alien 220W and the Innokin Cool Fire. However the Alien is vastly more complicated and a very large vape device! See the Alien Review here . The Kroma-R mod, with its various flexibility options, vapour production, ease of use and child lock protection is an ideal vape mod for both sub ohm and none sub ohm vaping. At around £48 this is a bargain.

The options with the Kroma-R Zlide including advanced Plexus and Plex3D coils will allow the user to get involved with vaping at any level and is a device that will suit everyone, veteran or new vapers. If you want a device that blows plumes of vapour and looks the part, once you’ve worked out what it is you like, Innokin will tend to have have all the accessories you need for your vaping style.

See the full Kroma-R Zlide review here >>

Best Price Kroma-R Zlide here


A Word Of Warning regarding Box mods

Some UK vaping devices including the best box mods and other sub ohm devices produce huge volumes of vapour, here generally vapers use 3 mg strength e liquid for the sub ohm devices. If you vape too high a nicotine strength you will feel sickl!

When vaping with vape mods the vapour exhaled, or “exhaust fumes” emitted after vaporization are probably of the order of 10 times or more the volume of a normal cigarette – you can see the significant difference very easily when vaping with these sub ohm vaporizers. This costs more money in e liquid so running costs can be high.

For smokers looking to simply transition away from smoking many of you will find a quality vape pen more convenient than a larger scale device simply because of the cigarette-like feel. On top of that, e-liquid running costs are significantly lower with a small scale vape pen.

Nicotine absorption with either a quality box mod or quality small scale vape pen will satisfy cravings equally – with box mods you have more vapour but vape with a much lower concentration of nicotine e-liquid – with a small scale vaping device you have less vapour, more cigarette like, but vape with a higher concentration nicotine e-liquid.

For further information on vaping and health risks see our full nicotine absorption guide.

vapour comparisons: Cigarette V Vape Pen V Box Mod

Vape Mod Summary

All the vape mods reviewed here are the best of the best – so scoring and ratings of these quality vape devices is very tight.

There really is not much in it with all the devices offering the highest quality. Regarding making the right choice, much depends on the users style of vaping, size preference, price budget and finally the shape or design you prefer – for example, if you want discrete then you want the V2 Trinity.

None of the best vape mod devices here will disappoint!

Best Vape Mods
  • 89%
    Innokin Cool Fire Mini - 89%
  • 86%
    XEO Void - Pen Style Mod - 86%
  • 86.8%
    Vapor2 V2 Trinity Box Mod - 86.8%
  • 86%
    Smok Alien Power-User Vape Mod - 86%
  • 97%
    Vaporesso Target PM80 - 97%

Updated 1 April 2021

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steve mills