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Best E Cig UK. E-Cigarette Reviews 2017

We evaluate the best e-cigarette review sites and their preferred top 10 electronic cigarettes then compare their best e-cig results and summarise our findings. This is not based on our subjective views nor is it biased through fees that are paid to e-cigarette review sites by e-cigarette companies. To find out how we calculate our findings, please click below.

This way, we can review up to 60 of the best electronic cigarettes, analyse the information to give the top 5 e-cigarettes 2017 you can buy in the UK - all on one page.

By Tracey Jackson, Best E-Cigarette UK

The best e cigarette UK spot for June is held by:

e-cig First Place

V2: Best E-Cigarette UK.

“V2 Cigs (Vapour2) is currently the brand that all the best e-cigarette review sites polled in 2017, show is far and away the best e-cigarette company, hands down. V2 Cigs is the best e-cig UK brand that you can buy at the moment - Proper Tested gourmet e-liquid too”

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e-cig Second Place

Jac Vapour V1 Reviews.

“Good vapour. Starter kit has a PCC, good option for a UK e-cig. Jac Vapour V1P+ Starter Kit is their best option but slightly more costly"

Limited flavours but refillable cartridges so a viable competitor in the competitive best UK electronic cigarettes market. Scored highly in three best electronic cigarette reviews UK. Mini tanks leak - needs V2 screw-cap type.
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e-cig Third Place

blu e-Cig Reviews.

“blu lands in the top five best e-cigarette UK for its price and simplicity. A good electronic vape pen. Top 5 UK E-Cigarette”

blu offer a limited range of e cigarettes and vape pens that are relatively simple, the blu PLUS and blu PRO. They have a small range of blu e liquid and are a good bet for light smokers. They also offer a PCC kit option for on the go charging. The Epuffer Magnum e-Cig is currently challenging blu for 3rd place.

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e-cig Fourth Place

Green Smoke Review UK .

“These e-cigarettes are a good price for a good basic product. Like Marmite - some reviews seem to like Green Smoke. Now no longer available in the UK!"

Green Smoke UK e-Cig kits are good quality but very basic. Green Smoke spent time making the design appealing to smokers who are looking for a quality alternative electronic cigarette. Now no Longer available in the UK. Limited product choice. No e-liquid or vape pen tank option.
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e-cig Fifth Place

Vapor Couture (Best E-Cigarette Reviews: Women)

“Distinctive, slim and elegant, editors fashion vape pen e-cig choice for women”

A bit more expensive than some of the best e-cigs, I love the designs. As a female smoker, I’m really glad to see a company stand up and brand a product exclusively for women. Love, love, love it! The best electronic cigarette for ladies out there.

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Why We Are Known As The Best E Cigarette UK Review Site

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We help you to understand and compare which vape products are the best value and which products are the best for throat hit, vapour production, flavour and nicotine retention. We cover a huge range of e cigarettes, shisha/vape pens and the best e liquids from all the well known e cigarette manufacturers like Vype e liquid, the Vype eTank ProVype ePen and the Vype eBox reviews to more specialised vape kits like the Kangertech Topbox Mini and V2 Pro Series 3 and 7 reviews. We also have our easy e-Cigarette selector page if you are short on time or just need quick and simple e cig comparisons to help you choose what vape is best suited to you. This is all aimed at helping you choose the best e cigarette for your needs.

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The industry is considered still to be very new. This is shown in the general public’s perception of electronic cigarettes which as it stands today, is still below the mark of where it should be. Everyone will know someone who has a suspicion of electronic cigarettes, regardless of the fact that the NHS and the Public Health Education (PHE) have both concluded that vaping is 95% healthier than smoking tobacco.

Despite the conclusive evidence backing e-cigarettes, our own research has shown that only 60.2% of the public think that smoking an electronic cigarette can help you to quit smoking. This is despite evidence from the NHS, the PHE and numerous other healthcare institutions all of which state that electronic cigarettes are effective in helping smokers stop.

The truth of the matter is that e-cigarettes and vaping is NOT as healthy as being a non smoker. It won’t help you lose weight and it won’t replace one of your 5 a day. But what is a fact is that electronic cigarettes are 95% LESS HARMFUL than tobacco. These statistics (backed by the NHS and the PHE) conclusively show that switching to an electronic cigarette will drastically reduce the risk and harm to your body. Furthermore the NHS has also stated that "Research has found that e-cigarettes can help you give up smoking.."

E Cigarette UK Comparisons

On choosing the right electronic cigarette for yourself, we must remember that everyone has different tastes and opinions. At The E Cig Review Site, we understand that different people want different things. That is why we have reviewed and compared the best quality e cigarette and vape products with the understanding that some of you may be new vapers or that some of you might be looking for something a bit different. This is why we will give you an honest assessment in our e-cigarette reviews at all times. Check out our top three electronic cigarettes reviews below for a quick look at our recommended electronic cigarette products or click the titles to view our comprehensive ejuice, e cigarette, vaporizer and shisha comparison guide.
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Best e Cigarette UK

V2 e-Cigs

Vapour/Throat Hit

The V2 provides a smooth yet strong throat hit which satisfies even the hardiest of vapours. As a consequence impressive vapour production sets this electronic cigarette out from the rest.


A full variety of enjoyable flavours and strengths will satisfy even the fussiest of vapours. The tobacco and menthol flavours are as close as you will get to the real thing, with significantly reduced health risks.

Nicotine Levels

The V2 offers four nicotine levels as well as a final level zero nicotine which is the industry standard for quality e liquids


Extremely competitive pricing for a quality e cig product adds to the fact that this is our number one electronic cigarette in the UK. With a total of six different kits available, there is something for every e-smoker with the V2

Overall Rating. 92.8%


Jac Vapour

Vapour/Throat Hit

Not as strong a hit as the V2 but still a decent strength. The Jac Vapour was one of the first electronic cigarette companies on the scene in 2010. On the power side the Jac doesn’t pack as a big a punch as the V2, but still gives off a surprising amount of vapour. 


Jac Vapour offers 8 different flavours all of which with the same high consistency and taste as we expect from such a well-rounded electronic cigarette. Our only issue with the flavours with the Jac is that once the liquid begins to run low you can begin to experience a decline in flavour.

Nicotine Levels

Similar to the V2, the Jac offers 4 nicotine levels as well as a nicotine free level.


The JacV provides a well-rounded price for an excellent bit of kit. With a range of 5 different kits to choose from, there is something for everyone.

Overall Rating. 72.5%



Vapour/Throat Hit

Due to their small, stylish size the Blu e-cigarette would be better suited to the casual or light smoker. Its size prevents any real power that can be expected from some of the better e cigarettes. For its size however it packs a strong punch and shouldn’t be totally disregarded by experienced vapers. 


They offer six different flavours, 3 tobacco and 3 menthol flavours in the starter pack. Refills include Cherry, Vanilla, NRG and Cinnamon. This isn’t a lot by industry standards as is a weak point for those users who like to experiment. The flavours they do offer taste great although are on the pricier side.

Nicotine Levels

The refills for the Blu e-cigarette only offer 6 12 and 18 mg nicotine strength which doesn’t help if you want to graduate down to nicotine free.


Blu e-cigarettes are a little more expensive than the others. The price, however, reflects the style and finish of this electronic cigarette which is more of a sleek accessory rather than an effective tool to quit smoking.

Overall Rating. 69.6%


Best E-Liquid UK Brand

Pure E-Liquids
Currently in the process of a re-brand to Vsavi E Juice, Best VG e liquidPure E-Liquids take the top spot in our recommendation as the best e-liquid brand on the UK market today. They guarantee quality and clean vaping, both of which they deliver time and time again. One thing that sets Pure E Liquids apart is their transparency with their customers to show them exactly what goes into their liquids. Being prepared in a Grade D GMP clean room intended for medicine shows the intentions of Pure e-Liquids as a brand. PEL also specialise in clean 100% VG e liquid for those with an intolerance to PG e liquid, or if you simply love huge clouds of vapour!

Best Vape Pens and Vaporizers

V2 Pro Series 3
A fantastic all-rounder the Pro Series 3 is looking to position itself as the jack of all trades. The design is sleek with a range of colours to choose from. As we have come to expect with V2 products, the price is one of the more reasonable on the market when you consider you can vape e liquid, loose leaf tobacco or dry herb and wax. One clever vaporizer so you don’t need to splash out for anything else.

As for its use, the V2 provides an easy snapping, magnetic attachment keeping the simplicity of the product a major importance. It can be used whilst charging and mimics the draw of a cigarette by providing a tighter draw. See our comprehensive V2 Pro 3 Series 3 review.

If you are looking for something straight forward with smaller scale that you can use for e liquid and/or wax then the Slim Vapour2 Vape Pen has a high spec 4.2 volt battery and is easy to use and is discrete. With the flexibility of the two different cartridges for wax and e liquid you will not find a better option in this size category.

Best Shisha Pen

best shisha pen: vibrant colours

Ex Series Shisha Pen
The Ex Series Shisha pen continues in the same vein as previous V2 products by excelling in the market and supplying a solid range of powerful electronic Shisha Pens.

The Shisha pen is no different with a full range of flavours to choose from and at a strength which emulates that of a Shisha pipe or a Hookah, the more experienced vapers will not be disappointed.




Updated. 12th May 2017


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