The SMOK Alien 220W is a kit from Chinese manufacturer SMOK, or Smoktech. The SMOK Alien is a shining example of the technology and hardware that tech giants in China can produce. Whilst Smok has introduced new products like the Smok Rigel and Smok Mag, the Alien has now stood the test of time and has revealed itself to be an all time classic, one not to miss and the best vape mod to come out of the SmokTech factory.



Genuine Smok Alien, beware of clones

First, a word of warning. The success of the Alien has recently led to many Alien clones being sold. In fact you can simply search “Smok Alien clone” and see that Alibaba (which according to the BBCmay well be the biggest business you’ve never heard of“) and buy counterfeit Aliens and simply sell them cheap on ebay or Amazon.

Only buy from an established authorised Smok retailer.

Introducing the Best Hi-Tech Vape Mod

With uncompromising quality and innovative additions, the SMOK Alien kit is something that you simply cannot miss if you’re a fan of mod vaporizers. You will need to be a pretty advanced vaper to take advantage of what the Alien can offer, if you are not you would be better suited to one of the simpler vape devices we have reviewed here and save your money. These vape devices produce similar nicotine absorption potential but are easier to use day to day and don’t require the same level of knowledge.

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Smok Alien DesignSmok Alien Design

The SMOK Alien comes with the usual additions. It contains the Alien 220W box mod itself, a Baby Beast tank and two Baby beast Smok coils. There’s a spare glass tube for the tank (extras are always appreciated) and some o-rings for the tank. There’s a USB cable that can be used to update the mod’s firmware as well. Of course, there’s also a user manual which should be read if you want the best from your Alien kit.

The only downside to this rather generous box of goodies is that there is no screen protection for the OLED display. While it seems like something small to complain about, all it really needs is a small bit of film to protect it from scratches. As a company that produces such high-quality products, it’s strange to think that SMOK has neglected to include such a small detail that could have completed the whole un-boxing experience. The new Smok Mag, a “gun styled” 225 Watt mod appears to have overcome this issue and now includes the protective film!

In terms of design, the SMOK Alien 220W is a looker. Its sleek, compact and comes in three unique classy colours. For a unit that requires two 18650 batteries, it’s surprisingly small. It shares a lot of design choices from other popular vaporizers which is a nod to SMOK’s desire to appeal to wider audiences. The overall finish and feel of the product are that of something you’d expect in the higher-end of the price range for vaporizers. The matte black finish and zinc alloy case feel amazing and it’s a joy to have in your hands. However, SMOK isn’t just taking cues from other popular vaporizers.

The Smok ScreenSmok Alien User Interface

Something that sets the SMOK Alien 220W apart from the competition is the large OLED screen that shows everything from the selected vaping effect to the current wattage and temperature settings. You’ll want to try and keep this well-protected because it can easily scratch. Although it doesn’t necessarily affect the usability, it does make your unit look a little run-down if you don’t look after it. While having a screen to display information isn’t anything new, it’s certainly unique that the SMOK’s screen shows a wealth of information at the same time without having to press any buttons. The only drawback to this is that the SMOK’s screen may seem cluttered, but once you’ve used it for a while you can easily adapt to it and you’ll appreciate all of the information being on the screen at once.

A simple vape

I would point out here that generally speaking, devices like the Smok Alien and Cool Fire and other mod devices are aimed at the more avid vaper. My personal aim is to stay off cigarettes and I am not concerned with blowing out huge vapour clouds (which incidentally consumes a lot of e liquid so cost is a factor).

my simple vape pen device

After experimenting with all these mods with dial in user functionality and plumes of vapour, I have come full circle and use my simple Pro 3X vape pen as my regular vape. Using a quality simple device at higher nicotine concentrations will give similar nicotine hits as these big devices and consume significantly less e liquid. Not huge vapour clouds but much more than a normal cigarette. No TFT screens, no navigation, no TC or variable wattage or NI coils here, just my nicotine replacement in a simple cigarette like device to achieve my goal to quit smoking. (more on nicotine absorption by device type)

Alien Upgradability

Another unique feature of the SMOK is the ability to upgrade the firmware at a later date. For some people, this may seem like a strange addition. Many SMOK Alien owners are content with the performance of their device, so they aren’t likely to use the firmware-upgrading capabilities. This is especially true if you’re not using the temperature control mode. If you are an advanced user, and you should be if you are going to use this device, then you’ll be happy to know that upgrading the SMOK Alien’s firmware is relatively simple, but it does require a bit of knowledge with your computer. One downside of this is that you might break your SMOK Alien if you’re inexperienced with firmware upgrades, but if you’re an advanced user then there’s little chance of this happening.

Smok Alien Performance

Of course, all of these features and additions would be rather useless if the mod itself didn’t perform well. With its 220 watt maximum output, it should be more than enough for most users. It’s efficient on the battery too, so unless you’re an incredibly active user there’s only a small chance that you’ll burn through the entire battery in a day. As with most advanced mods, there’s a lot of customisation to tweak on the user’s side. If you want to change the temperature or wattage, then that’s something you can do. The flexibility of the SMOK Alien is really one of its biggest selling points. It’s versatile, flexible and no matter how experienced you are, there’s a setting suitable for you. However unless you want and need advanced functionality from your vape there maybe better and less pricey solutions. You can use it in so many different ways thanks to the options given to you, so don’t be afraid to experiment when you get your hands on one.

Alien Pros

Smok Prince Tank

The Rigel Comes with the TFV9 Tank

• Simple to set up and use
• Navigating the menus to switch modes is easy
• Refilling is easy
• No leaking or misfires
• Looks aesthetically pleasing, classy colours
• Comfortable mod vaporizer
• Small considering the power and features it offers
• 220 watts of power
• Software can be upgraded in the future
• Screen shows plenty of information
• Solid construction, feels like a premium product
• Still going strong after such a long time


• Battery door tends to swing open when no batteries are inside
• Finish isn’t the most durable and can wear off
• Information on the screen can be overwhelming to everyday vapers
• No included protection for the screen
• Battery door can snap if you don’t treat it carefully
• Upgradability is nice, but might not apply to everyday vapers

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So is the SMOK Alien 220W worth the price? Considering all the features, now at under £50 it’s very inexpensive and offers plenty of great features that will appeal to advanced users. The screen is arguably one of the most compelling features of the SMOK Alien because it just shows so much information in a single place. Of course, for beginners, a lot of this information is going to look confusing and cluttered, but it’s a great way to keep track of how your mod is doing.

The lightweight design and comfortable form factor make the SMOK Alien the perfect candidate for advance users looking for a more convenient box mod to handle. If you’re due for an upgrade, then the SMOK Alien is the best advanced vape mod available on the market. With so much customisation potential and upgradability, it’s also great value for money. There’s little at this price range that can offer such value, making it easily one of the best mods out there, period.

Smok Alien. UK Kit Content

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Greg Williams

Greg Williams

Greg Williams is an electrical engineer who enjoys tinkering with vapes to discover their inner workings. Greg’s informational articles clarify the complex aspects of vaping to help everyone have a better experience.

Smok Alien: Best Advanced Box Mod
  • 84%
    Smok Alien Quality - 84%
  • 70%
    Alien Ease Of Use - 70%
  • 98%
    Vapour Production - 98%
  • 94%
    Flexibility & Variety. Innovation - 94%
  • 90%
    Accessories - 90%
  • 80%
    Price - 80%


For advanced users only! The Smok Alien is what you want to be seen with!

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