#1 Advanced Vape: Innokin Proton
  • 86%
    Proton Quality - 86%
  • 70%
    Proton Ease of Use - 70%
  • 98%
    Vapour Production - 98%
  • 96%
    Flexibility and Variety - Innovation - 96%
  • 90%
    Accessories - 90%
  • 82%
    Price - 82%

Proton Summary

This is one of the best vape devices we have tested, exceptional performance and advanced features. The Proton TFT screen and mouse like navigation differentiates this future classic. Combined with Plexus mesh coils in the Ajax tank the overall package is simply unbeatable.
If you are not a vape hobbyist though or for those not wanting a myriad of options the Innokin Cool Fire is still our favourite. Simple to use small but powerful.
For the avid Vaper you now have a real choice! The old Smok Alien or the new Innokin Proton

The new Innokin Proton Ajax has now replaced the Proton Plex UK vape mod for 2020. Same device, same DNA but with a 3400mAh battery AND now fitted into a more convenient smaller Proton. The wonders of technology!

The Innokin Proton Plex with Scion II tank was released in 2018 has now been updated to the Proton Ajax fpr 2020. The devices share identical DNA and apart from being a smaller, neater version, the “Mini” Ajax has more features and benefits so this review is applicable to both old and new Protons.

Looking back there have been a number of classic vape mods that have become some of the most popular mods available. The Smok Alien released in mid-2016 and the Innokin Cool Fire 4 70 W Apex kit launched late 2015 are two of the iconic devices and both these devices have become world beaters. It is with hindsight however that we observe just how successful these two vape mods have been. The new Proton Ajax by Innokin looks set to follow in the footsteps of these two classics.

Proton Ajax Vs Proton Plex

Innokin have learnt that by far the vast majority of vapers never use more than 100W so 235W is overkill.

Looking Forward! Is the Innokin Proton a world-beater?

We have been fortunate enough to receive a full 235-Watt Innokin Proton kit including the Scion 2 tank from Innokin. First impressions are that this device is indeed a mod to be reckoned with. It feels different. With its advanced features, TFT screen and easy navigation via a mini-joystick this is set to become one of those mods we will look back on and say that it is one of the best vape mods of the time. In an Innokin Proton Vs Smok Alien or Smok Rigel shoot-out it would be hard to choose as both do more than you expect, it will come down to personal preferences.

Proton Scion 2 Tank

Innokin Proton Plexus coils

At the heart of this beast is the Innokin Scion 2 tank which has already received rave reviews. The innovative Scion 2 Plexus coils are proving to have greater stability with a more constant resistance than earlier coils and give vapour and flavour unrivalled by predecessors. The resistance stability of mesh coils has proven to apply a more even current through the e liquid which Innokin boasts gives far less degradation of the unit. This results in greater longevity and a cleaner longer vape experience. The Proton Plex vape kit option uses the Plex vape tank which is a dedicate mesh/Plexus coil tank. Click the image for larger visual. The mouth piece just fits, the top fill is easier than the older gen Smok Alien, its a simple “push back” which give a lot easier access to the tank for your e liquid. Easy airflow control through 2 breather slots.Scion II, 3.5 ml original volume

TIP: The 3.5 ml Scion has been modified by Innokin to ensure it complies with the 2 ml volume limit imposed by the TPD. They have done this by adding the thick silicone washer to the top of the tank which displaces volume. I have (easily) removed the washer so that the Scion is the original volume.

Detailed Proton Plex review

The Proton kit features a new 235W chipset and a unique joystick navigation controller – this is very intuitive and quickly gives the menu and access to the controls you need to access the mods features.

The kit comes with all the accessories you need to start vaping right out of the box. This includes the Proton itself, the slide top-fill Scion 2 tank, new Plexus mesh coils, 0.15 and 0.36 ohm and a range of spare parts. I would say however it is designed for advanced vapers who really do like their clouds. For your average person trading in cigarettes for vaping there are a lot better, more convenient vape options. I have been using various devices over the years and when I fired this Innokin up and used the 0.36 Ohm coil at 80 watts, just too much nicotine hit for me. (I generally use 0.6 mg nicotine strength and 1.8 mg in my vape pen so quickly had to revert to 0.3 mg’s)

The overall design is very low key visually, not in your face like some! Innokin have kept with the cooler design which like the Coolfire 4 is not flashy but is classic and uniquely functional.

Innokin Proton Ajax. Winner: Best Advanced Vape Category

A simple vape

I would point out here that, devices like the Proton, Alien and Cool Fire, i.e. mod devices are aimed at the more avid vaper. My personal aim is to stay off cigarettes and I am not concerned with blowing out huge vapour clouds (which incidentally consumes a lot of e liquid, so cost is a factor).

simple vape pen devices

After experimenting with all these mods with dial in user functionality and plumes of vapour, I have come full circle and use my simple Pro 3X vape pen as my regular vape. Using a quality simple device at higher nicotine concentrations will give similar nicotine hits as these big devices and consume significantly less e liquid. Not huge vapour clouds but much more than a normal cigarette. No TFT screens, no navigation, no TC or variable wattage or NI coils here, just my nicotine replacement in a simple cigarette like device to achieve my goal to quit smoking. (more on nicotine absorption by device type)

Proton kit details

1 x Innokin Proton vape mod
1 x Scion II 2 ml tank
1 x 0.36 Ohm installed: 80-150 W
1 x Plexus coil 0.15 Ohm: 60-110 W
1 x Spare Larger Volume Glass Tube
1 x Extra Drip Tip
1 x USB Charging Cable
1 x User Packet (Warranty Card, Warning Booklet, QR Code, Quick Start Guide, Battery Warning Card, Stickers)
1 x Spare O-rings Set
1 x Vape Band


Proton Scion UK tank features

Notice, no silicon washer!

Proton Overview

  • Firmware Upgrade-able
  • Preheat Function
  • Dual Circuit Protection
  • Reverse Polarity Protection
  • Adjustable Memory TCR
  • Material and Mode Selection
  • Low resistance protection
  • Temperature Control Suite
  • Ni200 Nickel, Titanium and SS316L Support

Proton TFT Screen Features

  • 37 mm TFT Colour Screen Display
  • Joystick Selector ButtonThe Innokin Proton is sleek and powerful
  • Side-Panel Squeeze Fire Button
  • 6 Colour Display Themes
  • Individual Cell Battery Life Indicator
  • Stainless Steel 510 Threading
  • Dual 18650 Batteries

Innokin Proton technical details

  • Minimum / Maximum Wattage: 6.0 W–235 W
  • Minimum / Maximum Voltage: 0.0 V–9.0 V
  • Temperature Control range: 150℃–315℃
  • Maximum Output Current: 40 A
  • Maximum Charge Current: 2 A
  • Atomizer Resistance Range: 0.05 ohm – 3.5 ohm
  • Product Dimensions: 85 x 44.6 x 29.6 mm

Innokin Proton Ajax. #1 - Best Advanced Vape Mod Category

Innokin Proton Conclusion

It’s early days but this device has all the makings of an absolute classic! It is superbly powerful and relatively easy to use. The TFT screen and mini joy-stick are simply a joy to use!

The Plexus coils used in conjunction with the Scion tank just top and tail the genius of this device. Extreme vapour and excellent flavour make this the best vape mod for vaping enthusiasts and advanced vapers. Now at your online vape shop.

“If you are not a Vape hobbyist get the Innokin Cool Fire Plus 70 W kit with the Zenith D22 tank”


Three Months On, the Innokin Proton. Used

Has the joy-stick broken? Has the Scion e-liquid guzzling ruined the bank account? Are the Plexus coils burnt out? Would the above review unravel after 3 months of hard vaping? All these questions and more have been sitting under the surface during the past 3 months of using the Proton. So where is it headed?

It is 3 months since we first reviewed the Innokin Proton and it has been used exclusively since that time. As an update, it might be helpful to new viewers to get an updated road test.

First few days I was excited by all the functionality of the Proton and used both coils at all the different settings, constantly fiddling with my new toy, what is the “Curve”, what happens if I switch to TCR or Bypass settings. OK things have settled down now, after all it is a vape device and I do have other things going on.

Proton body work, wear and tear

After 3 month the mod still looks relatively clean with a clear screen with all things working. It is very resilient and bearing in mind the screen size I would have expected a few scratches here and there. I recall having a Kanger Topbox which is still one of my top 5 mods, it works exceptionally well and is very straight forward. However, after a few months of use the Kanger did lose a lot of its’ paint work. No such issues with the Proton. It has retained all its’ good looks, though I have dropped it a couple of times and often just throw it on to the car seat, a few scratches here and there but that’s me not the Proton. The battery access operates with a “push-n-slide” hinged cover, this is working 100% fine at the moment, but I do feel that this might be a weakness – let’s see what happens at the 12-month road test!

Proton Functionality

The device has functioned as expected, it is solid and very robust with absolutely zero problems. I found the quad 0.36 Ohm coils a bit much, masses of vapour but for me just too much. Initially it was set to around 120 W but soon found that setting it at the lower range around 85 W was not significantly different for my needs, I was getting the nicotine I needed and at the lower setting juice consumption was much better. However, I have settled for the Plexus coils, set at a lower rating at around the 65-70 W. (note, this setting will depend on your preferences and is also related to the juice you use). The Plexus coil wicks very quickly and I get the right blend of slightly warm vapour and nicotine hit that suits me, still a little too much vapour though. The Plexus coils do seem to last a lot longer too and I am getting at least a couple of weeks usage from each one. They are also are lot less expensive. See Pure-Eliquid.com for a genuine helpful service and around the best prices. Fuel consumption is a lot better than the Quads!

Three months on summary

So far, the Proton at under £60 has served me well. For my personal vaping style I have to admit that the smaller vape mods like the Cool Fire 4 70 W suit me better, less functionality but exceptionally usable and compact, I confess I do have small hands though. Overall the Proton does shine and has been bulletproof.

UPDATE: Thank you Innokin” They have now put the Proton into a smaller package, it now fits! See the new Proton Ajax here for great customer service and excellent prices.

Greg Williams

Greg Williams

Greg Williams is an electrical engineer who enjoys tinkering with vapes to discover their inner workings. Greg’s informational articles clarify the complex aspects of vaping to help everyone have a better experience.