If you love sub-Ohm vaping and creating some serious vapour clouds, then we thought that you’d probably love to hear about two of the latest devices to hit the market.

With both devices manufactured by Innokin, and both featuring an abundance of features that are set to take your vaping experience to the next level, we thought we’d review and compare the two devices for you. Let’s take a look at the Kroma-R Zlide and how it fares against its cloud-bursting cousin, the Proton Mini Ajax.

Innokin Kroma-R Zlide

First up is Innokin’s Kroma-R Zlide. The newest addition to the Innokin Kroma range and the upgrade to the iTaste Kroma, this device features an ultra-fast 0.3-second response time, which means that there’ll be no unnecessary waiting around when the time comes for a quick hit of nicotine.

When it comes to design, the overall look of the Kroma-R Zlide is sleek and robust. Created from zinc alloy metals, the finish is fit for anybody that fancy’s a smart and stylish vaporizer that is designed to be discreet. An OLED screen displays the massive range of options available that will allow you to truly customise your vaping experience. Whether you’re adjusting the wattage output or choosing from three taste modes (soft, normal, boost), creating a bespoke vape experience genuinely tailored to your tastes has never been more enjoyable.

With the ability to choose from sub-Ohm vaping and MtL, you’ll find that the Innokin Kroma-R Zlide is a versatile device that’ll provide you with plenty of pleasure. Compatible with other coils from the Innokin Zenith Coil range, the Kroma-R Zlide kit comes with the Z-PLEX3D Mesh Coil (0.48 ohm) as well as the Innokin Kanthal Coil (1.6 ohm). The Z-PLEX3D Mesh Coil is perfect for cloud chasing and should be used together with an e-liquid that has a high VG content of 60% and above. The Innokin Kanthal Coil (1.6 ohm) is more suited to your MTL needs and is suited to an e-liquid that has PG content of 50% and more.

Innokin Kroma-R Zlide Features/Breakdown

  •     Adjustable dual airflow
  •     OLED screen
  •     Portable, pocket-friendly design
  •     Suitable for both sub-Ohm and MtL vaping
  •     Variable wattage 
  •     6-80 W output range
  •     Resistance range of 0.05-3.5 ohm
  •     Taste mode
  •     Bypass mode
  •     Large firing button
  •     Quick firing response time
  •     Coil resistance
  •     2 ml e-liquid capacity
  •     Sliding top re-fill cap
  •     Compatible with multiple coils
  •     Zinc alloy construction
  •     Ergonomic design with buttons and curves in all the right places

An advanced sub-Ohm device that produces both rich flavours and masses of vapour that is perfect cloud chasing, this device is suitable for both beginner and advanced vapers alike. For those who like to enjoy some variety with their vaping, choosing Innokin’s latest device might just be the best decision you make.

But where to buy the Kroma-R Zlide, we hear you ask? Available at Pure E-Liquids for just £47.99, you’ll also need to purchase some power in the form of a single 18650 battery, which you can conveniently add to your shopping basket at the same time.

Innokin Proton Mini Ajax

Next up, we have Innokin’s Proton Mini Ajax model. If you’re looking to introduce some playtime to your vape time, then Innokin’s Proton Mini Ajax will provide you with a plethora of options to ensure that you find a way to vape that is truly unique to you.

The Proton Ajax takes over from the original Innokin Proton which was one of the most popular mod devices in 2018/2019 – the 2020 Proton Ajax has almost identical features but this new Proton is now a far smaller and neater device.

Super stylish and ideal for vapers looking to personalise their device, this well-built device has substance and style in equal measures. Available in green, blue and black finishes, what makes the Proton Mini Ajax so personable is the ability to upload your own graphics or custom messages to the screensaver that is on display during dim-time, or if you prefer, a non-stop loop. From your favourite pics to funny captions, express yourself with a fresh-looking vape mod that is packed with features and modes to make your vape experience a personalised one.

Featuring the Proton’s classic joystick and firing button, the design of this device is cool and compact, which will allow you to easily transport your kit when you’re travelling around.

If you’re after a powerful device that packs a powerful punch, the Proton Mini has an output range of 6-120 W and a resistance range of 0.01-3.50 ohm. This means that whether you’re set on sub-Ohm vaping or want to switch it up to some mouth-to-lung vaping, you’ll be able to do so with blissful ease. A vape mod that appeals to both advanced vapers and beginners, this small and sturdy device allows you to customise your airflow and find a smooth hit that suits your preferences.

Accompanying the Proton Mini body is the Ajax tank. With a 2 ml e-liquid capacity, the Ajax tank uses Plex 3D Matrix coils, which are protons very own mesh coils. Producing powerful bursts of flavour and vapour, vaping just got incredibly tasty.

Innokin Proton Mini Ajax Features/Breakdown

  •     Adjustable dual slotted bottom airflow
  •     2ml e-liquid capacity
  •     Compatible with Plex 3D Ajax Matrix coils
  •     Ability to upload your own graphics and text to the screensaver
  •     Resistance range of 0.01-3.5 ohm
  •     3400 mAh built-in battery
  •     6-120 W output range
  •     Joystick feature

Available to buy online at Vapour2 for £59.99, you’ll also get the added benefit of receiving a free 40ml bottle of VSAVI’s Shortfill Zero Nicotine e-liquid. Can you say #winning?

The Verdict: Who Wins? You Decide!

With two really great vape mods at your disposal, reaching a verdict on which device is better is a tricky one to conclude. From an aesthetic point of you, where the Kroma-R Zlide is smart and stylish complete with a zinc alloy finish, the Proton Mini Ajax enables you to switch up your design to suit your mood with it’s personalised screensaver option.

Featuring a higher power output range, and a resistance range of 0.01-3.50 ohm, the Proton Mini Ajax is an excellent option for those keen on some cloud chasing. If finding a bespoke vaping experience unique to you is at the top of your list of requirements, the Kroma-R Zlide will give you the range of modes that’ll let you explore your options to your heart’s content.

Thankfully, both are ideal for any ‘level’ vaper to give a go. Perhaps we’re the winner in all of this. Now over to you! Which will you choose?