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  • The iQ Air kit is our #1 Pod device
  • Two devices all day vaping
  • Two USB chargers home and office/car
  • 5 Pods, a weeks vape
  • Under £45!

Here we looks at a number of pod vape systems including Juul and iQ Air reviews. Vape devices have evolved hugely, and much of this evolution has been driven by the manufacturers rather than us, the customers. Manufacturers like JUUL, Hangsen, Smok are all vying for market share and part of this means developing new vape devices to attract our attention. Most do not offer anything more from a smoker’s point of view, they tend to be a triumph of style over substance.

Best Slim Vape Pod Devices

Whilst different designs have emerged over the past 10 years or so since e cigarettes were first seen in shops, in an effort to attract us to buy their vape product one particular design has started to gain traction. This is primarily because it is functional, feels and looks good – it’s a simple well-conceived vape design, the flat pod vape device.

Update: Check out our Ripstick Review – Next Next Generation “Tobacco Free Nicotine” vaping – it is extremely interesting!

However, buyers beware; the market has recently become swamped with small “Pod Mods” and many of them simply won’t cut it. Due to the small scale of devices like the Ripstick, iQ Air and the Juul, they generally do not offer those serious about stopping smoking a viable alternative. The small scale often means a poor battery life of only 1-2 hours, and even poorer vapour production so there is very little nicotine absorption. We take a look at the new Hangsen iQ Air review (also named the Hangsen iQ Level) and two other top picks.

To transition from smoking to vaping, the vape device you use will seriously impact your success. It is vital to have a high quality device that works effectively to offer all day vaping. Any delay in being able to use your vape device because it’s on charge, can turn the whole experience into a stressful and ultimately unsuccessful one.

Pod Vape Device Issues

The vast majority of pod devices, like their e cigarette counterparts, are not particularly well made and, as a consequence give disappointing results. Moreover, because of their small scale the vast majority will only last a few hours before requiring charging, this wont help if you are dying for a cigarette! Here we look the top 3 vape pod devices that DO work, and work well.

Our Best Three Vape Pods

#1 iQ Air Kit Review – The Art of Thin

Of all the devices, the Full Full iQ Air Kit is the only one that comes in kit form with all you need so that you have a solution to all day vaping. (there is also a budget iQ Air kit with a single device – reviewed here).

The full iQ Air kit contains 2 USB chargers for home, office or car so that you can charge wherever you are. In addition, Vsavi have recognised that having one small Pod device simply cannot offer the moderate or even heavier smoker a vaping solution. The Vsavi kit contains two iQ pod devices, so that a spare can be charged. The full iQ Air vape kit offers a complete 24 hour vape solution.

#1 - iQ Air slim vape kit

iQ Air Features and Benefits

This is the third version of the iQ Air and offers an improvement on previous models. With the earlier versions the pod would work loose from time to time affecting connectivity. The new-generation iQ Air or iQ Level is one of the lightest and thinnest pod systems on the market. Constructed of an aluminium alloy with a sleek ergonomic surface, its ultra-thin and beautifully designed. It benefits from a new temperature control technology with an integrated 200mAH battery that will last most of the day. With Hangsen’s “quick charge” technology it only takes 45 minutes to recharge. Each e liquid pod is equivalent to 15-25* cigarettes, around a pack of cigarettes and, depending on how you vape will last all day.

The full kit includes 5 iQ Air pods that will last most smokers a full week and at under £45 for the whole kit, including the two iQ vape devices that are designed to last 6 months or more, works out considerably less than your equivalent weekly cigarette bill. Each iQ Air refill pod has 0.9 ml of the best tasting nic salts we have tasted, their Tobacco mix is awesome! Simply buy additional packs of refill pods when you run out. The simplicity of the design means all you have to do is pop in your nicotine pod and inhale, the iQ Air is activated by simply “smoking” it, no setting up, no buttons, no switches.

iQ Air Safety

While the Air is simple to use it uses relatively complex circuitry to ensure user safety including:

  • Smart voltage control technology for the best flavour performance
  • Over use protection
  • Low voltage protection
  • Short circuit protection
  • Low resistance protection

These functions ensure the iQ Air is a safe vape for people on the move.

best Juul style pod

iQ Air Specification#1 - best slim pod vape kit. iQ Air

  • Simple to use and maintain
  • Resistance – 1.8ohm
  • Voltage – 3.7V
  • Battery – 200mAh quick charge
  • USB Pass-through ability
  • Colour – Black
  • Size – 16.5mm*6.5mm*110mm
  • Charging – 5V

Our Top Pick, iQ Air Full Kit

  • 2 x Air iQ pods
  • 2 x USB magnetic cables for home and office/car
  • 5 x 20mg/ml nicotine salt iQ Air Pod 0.9ml. 1 pod = 20 cigarettes*
  • Instruction manual

best juul flat style pod reviews

#2 Hangsen iQ One

Best vape pod category winner: iQ One Pod

The IQ One is a little different to the other two vape pods devices here. Whilst both the Juul and Air iQ offer extremely slim prefilled pod vape devices, the IQ One not only looks different it is also the only one in the line up that offers the user freedom to choose what e liquid they use. Some vapers may see this as an advantage, others may feel the convenience of prefilled pods is a better solution. Both the iQ Air and Ripstick Tobacco e liquids taste like the “real thing” and their fruit and sweet flavours are exceptional so the need to use your own liquid may not be a concern. For those who want to use their own e liquid and want the convenience of a small-scale discrete pod device the IQ One is the one to get.

Hangsen are a brand best known for their e-liquid which is known globally amongst vapers as one of the best vape brands available. Hangsen have put their vape technology and know-how together to bring the iQ One to market and it is this pedigree that sets the IQ One apart. It is a solid well-made device that gives plumes of vapour which combines to bring an excellent flavour to your e liquid. The sub ohm device comes with an 0.6ohm and 0.8ohm coil, so you can switch up as per your preferences for PG or VG e-liquids or Nic Salts.

iQ One SpecificationBest vape pod: iQ One Pod

  • Battery – 1100mAh Fast Charge
  • USB Pass-through ability
  • LED display
  • 2ml cartridge
  • Exceptional quality leather outer feel
  • Simple to use and maintain
  • Micro USB charging

With its unique leather-look design, solid build quality and ease of use it fits perfectly in your palm. Combined with its relatively high battery capacity the iQ One is a must have for those wanting a reliable refillable pod device.

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Hangsen iQ One

#3 The Juul

The Juul e cigarette and Juul Pod kit is now available in the UK but is a much-dumbed down version of the USA Juul e cig which has an extreme nicotine content (300% more than allowed by UK regulation). The high nicotine levels have driven high sales in the USA particularly to the younger generation along with inevitable FDA investigations into problems of addiction. I don’t know if the extreme nicotine feature was a deliberate marketing ploy by Juul but regulations mean that the UK version has a much lower nicotine level.

The new Voom pod device is the same size yet with 50% more power and pod volume so is far better buy – in a Juul Vs Voom shootout there is only one winner.Juul Review summary


Is the Juul suitable as a stop smoking aid?

With its small 200 mAh battery and tiny 0.7ml e liquid pod the UK version of the Juul is only suitable for casual or social smokers. The device will last a few hours before requiring recharging while the 0.7ml e liquid tank will not last the majority of smokers a full day. It is simply insufficient to help your average smoker to transition from smoking to vaping.

However, because it is well made, small and simple to use it deserves a position here in our top three vape pods but as stated it is only suitable for the lightest of smokers. There are similar devices from e cigarette brands who have jumped on the Juul band wagon but the Juul does stand out.

The Juul design is slim and uses an aerosol system to minimise combustion in the device. Like the iQ Air, the Juul is light and comfortable to hold and can be carried easily…..

iQ Air V's Juul

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Updated: 2021-04-04

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