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V2 Pro Vaporizer Review

V2 Pro 3 Update: The Pro 3 was introduced some time ago now. The Pro 3 Series were introduced at a time when it made sense to have a small scale 3-in-one device. Whilst they remain excellent products, technology has advanced so that having 2 dedicated devices gives a better user experience whilst still keeping cost down. But now The new Pro 3 is now out!

See the NEW Pro 3 reviewed here

The Vsave V2 Pro 7 still offers “best in class” e liquid and dry herb functionality in one device for those that require this.

Vsavi V2 have now replaced the Pro 3 with the following devices:

The New Pro 3 replacement for e liquids:

  1. The NEW 2021 Pro 3 – now a dedicated vape device.

Pro 3 replacement for dry herb and tobacco:

  1. The Khan – the powerhouse of herb vaporizers.
  2. The Mig Torpedo – Advanced herb tech on a budget.

We have full reviews on these devices, navigate using the above menu or use the search function.

Paul Hunt at Vapour2 Commented:

“The Pro Series 3, launched in 2015 has been one of the most popular vape devices in the history of V2/Vapour2. This in part was due to its ability to allow vapers a cost effective and reliable high-end single device solution in a portable form.

Whilst e cig technology advancements are steady, the popularity of herb vaping has increased exponentially and this has resulted in significant advancements in dry herb vape technology. Coupled with greater demand, prices for this technology have come down. At the same time, we also recognise that the vast majority of Pro 3 sales have shifted to the e liquid vape market, while those requiring dry herb functionality are using our dedicated devices. With the introduction of our dedicated hi-spec herb vaporizers like the Vie and the Khan (and the budget Torpedo), we now offer our customers a full range of vaporizers.

With these changes in the market it makes sense for the Pro 3 to move away from having a dry herb functionality and the company has ceased production of dry herb and wax cartridges. We have changed our pricing strategy to reflect these changes and to meet demand.

The Pro 7 continues to offer both e liquid and dry herb options.”

V2 has taken the UK vaporizer market by storm with the introduction of a totally new style of portable device. The first of a series of vape devices, the V2 Pro has been described as the best vaporizer around by Gizmodo and t3.

If you want to use a vape pen to stop smoking is the Pro 3 a viable and reliable tool to help you quit?

This review will look at this first-rate vaporizer in detail. For a start, it’s good to know that it can be used to vape e-liquid and yet it’s also the best portable dry herb vaporizer on the market.

One thing it certainly has going for it – it’s a personal, portable vaporizer in a sleek designer vape pen style. Capable of e liquid, dry herb and you can even vape tobacco. On vaporizer for all your needs.

Three additional advanced vaporizer pen devices have also made their way onto the market:

The V2 Pro Series 3X is like nothing else you have seen and “redefines the vaporizer category”. No doubt the best vaporizer UK brand for 2020.

With the introduction of the new ceramic sub ohm cartridge (OK – it is actually 1 Ohm resistance) you get extra flavour and more vapour for those who love bigger clouds.

Best UK Vaporizer: #1 V2 Pro SeriesTheir V2 classic range of e-cigarette has always been a front runner in the e-cig space and favoured as #1 by many vaping reviews in the UK. Their e-liquids are second to none and fully lab tested. V2 have introduced the Vertx Range of advanced modern e-cigarettes, and also the Slim Line Shisha Pen.

More recently they have introduced their new and unique Ex-Series-range – and now The V2 Pro. The best vape pen on the market.

Pro Series 3 Vaporizer: Design

The Series 3 is a sleek “3-in-1” pen style vaping kit that is set to make the Ego style devices a thing of the past. Its pen-like design makes it neat and very portable.

The Pro Vaporizer has magnetic cartridge and battery connections making it quick and simple – the parts gently snap together engaging the magneto-lock ready for use and then pull apart with a reassuring firmness disengaging the magneto-lock to charge or refill. No leaks here. There is also “intelligence” – the V2 Pro and the different cartomizer/refills “talk to each other.”The Pro 3 knows if you are vaping e-liquid, dry herb, tobacco or wax – and sets the temperature/vaping method accordingly. Without doubt, the V2 Pro delivers performance which is unmatched by any other small scale personal vaporizer on the market making it the best vape pen available. The V2 Pro Series 7 vaporizer, the S3’s bigger brother (designed for dry herb/loose leaf tobacco) is reviewed here.

At under £60 the Pro 3 may appear a little more costly than some vape pens, but it is a quality device and offers versatility options that are simply not available elsewhere.

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Convection VS. Combustion – What is Vaporizing?

Many devices are incorrectly marketed as personal “vaporizers” but they simply apply direct heat to your dry herb or loose leaf tobacco, for example, combustion occurs that burns the herb material to deliver “smoke”.

The V2 Vaporizer vaporises the material producing vapour so you “vape”no combustion! This is an important distinction as combustion produces the many toxic chemicals associated with smoking whereas vaping does not. From a health perspective, know the difference between vaping and burning your loose leaf or herb. See our good herb grinder reviews below.

3-in-1 Vape Pen, the Best Dry Herb Vaporizer, e-Liquid and Wax

The V2 Pro vaporizer pen is capable of heating up – effectively vaporising – materials such as tobacco, herbs (aromatherapy products), e-liquid or wax oils. V2 has designed 3 different “drop in” magnetic cartomizers/refills that are designed for the threev2 pro cartridge, High-tech vaporizer. different most popular type products that customers have an interest in vaping ie. e-liquid, wax/oils and dry herb or tobacco.

Each drop-in cartomizer is a “little oven” – the electronics of each one tells the V2 Pro which it is – this synchronises the Pro and the cart so that the battery knows what temperature to supply (in order to optimise the vaping experience for the given product).

Whilst charging you can also happily vape away. Intelligent vaping!

The S3 portable vape pen is ideal for e-liquids and can be used for discreet personal low intensity herb vaping when out and about – it certainly does the job!

The V2 Pro S 3 is optimised for e-liquid and is excellent with dry herbs. For a higher intensity experience the V2 Pro Series 7 is the standard. [If you want something even smaller or more discreet then take a look at the Slim-Line mini-ePen (e-liquid and wax options). For the best dedicated herb vaporizer (wax too) view the cool Prohibited herb vaporizer range from V2. According to V2 Cigs, tobacco leaves and herb can be used and consumers will be able to insert any kind of aromatherapy item they want including nicotine-free spices. The V2 Pro S3 vaporizer first came out with the e-liquid edition, later V2 added a dry herb loose leaf tobacco option and an additional wax and oil option is now available.

For 2019 V2 introduced the new TPD compliant sub ohm V2 Pro Series 3X.

Now available here U.K.

V2 Pro 3: UK Vape Ratings

As a versatile 3-in-1 compact vaporizer: Our favourite at 86%

As an e-liquid Vape Pen: 92%

Best Vape Pen 2020; dry herb use review

Your Pro 3 User Guide for the best dry herb vape pen

The above section reviews the essentials of our favourite small scale dry herb vape pen and shows that it is a bit of a Swiss army knife. One vape device for you e liquid, dry herb wax or tobacco which is very convenient, it also saves you buying more than one vape device.

What is the best method to vape dry herb?

When first using the V2 Pro Series 3 you need to be aware of a number of things in order to get the best from your device. It takes a little practice if you have not used a dry herb vaporizer before. So here are my top tips to guide you to getting it right.

  1. All dry herb products have varying characteristics including the amount of moisture content.
  2. When you use a vape pen to vape dry herb/loose leaf it generally will not result in significant amounts of vapour – the more that is visible when you breath out the less you are absorbing and the more waste there is!
  3. Be patient – if there are not huge vapour clouds it does not mean you are not experiencing the active ingredients. Most active ingredients give off a colourless gas when vaporized so will not be visible. Inhale, hold, repeat through the cycle and see!!
  4. (For the Pro 3X) Start at the lowest temperature and vape for one cycle -after that mix the dry herb with the metal pick from the Pro 3X kit. Then set to the next temperature and use again for another cycle – then if needed repeat for the highest temperature. At some temperature setting your product will work best for you and by using the above method you will determine which setting to use.
  5. Do not overfill the herb chamber – as a rule of thumb guide, fill it to half way. You will get much better results than trying to overfill. Be warned!
  6. Ensure the material is properly ground down using a quality herb grinder. See the best dry herb grinders lower down the page.

Note:  e liquid is deliberately formulated to give off vapour so vaping appears/feels as close to smoking as possible, this also makes the transition from cigarattes to vaping easier – there are some e liquids designed not to give off vapour and these e liquids still deliver the desired nicotine hit ie. vapour does not equal active ingredients.

What is the best vaporizing temperature for herb (PRO 3X)?

The temperature of the heating element is NOT the same as the vaporization temperature in the heat chamber where the herb sits. Therefore it does not follow that there is too much heat at the highest Pro 3X setting for dry herb. There may be a 5-20 degree difference between heating element and dry herb chamber.

There is much on-line about optimum temperature settings for dry herbs etc. Merck testing suggested 200°C and there are other suggestions. But by using the steps outlined at #1 to #7 above you will find your optimum temperature pretty quickly!

Warranty and after sales service

The Pro 3 vaporisers have a 6 month warranty, this reflects the confidence the manufacturer has in the product – if it only lasts 6 months the saving you have made will easily afford a new Pro 3. Most other vape pens have standard 30 day warranties. All V2 Cigs devices would be replaced under the companies no quibble guarantee should the products be defective. The company has an excellent help desk and customer service record.

Check your eGo

If you are using an old style eGo – what can we say, when it runs out don’t bother – get the V2 Pro and add in some V2 Red 18 mg/ml lab. tested eliquid. Get the best vaporizer with the best e-juice there is.

Top Vaporizer reviews

There are many vaporizer reviews on the web highlighting the V2 Pro Vaporizer as the leading product in small scale vape devices. Gizmodo, the popular design and tech. blog has this to say:

V2 Pro Vape Review

A Marvellous Magnetic Vape Pen
…unlike the leagues of other nondescript vape pens on the market today, the V2 Pro takes a unique approach to managing its electrical connections: Magnets. The build quality and performance of the V2 Pro Series 3, especially at a $60 price point, is unmatched. From the billowing banks of vapor it produces to the seemingly inexhaustible battery… for $60, that’s practically stealing! ……

..It’s a small detail, but it makes all the difference in the world. Gizmodo Review

Best Weed Vape Pen in the UK

See the blog on e-joints and best weed vaporizers. For a small scale vape device the Pax is the best dry herb vaporizer available in the UK at the moment.

Larger Scale Vaporizer Reviews

Whilst the V2 Pro Series 3 is a great vaporizer, if you fancy something with a bit more battery power and slightly larger scale that is optimised for dry herb vaping check out our dry herb vaporizer reviews.

V2 Pro Series 7 Review 3-in-1 | dry herb, e-Liquid and wax/oils
Paxvapor’s PAX 2 Review | dry herb only

V2 PRO Consumer Reviews

Brilliant Product! Brilliant Service "Superb portable Vape" - A 5 Star Review.

Posted by N CLARE on 5th April 2017

I love my v2pro series 7 for both e-liquid and dry herb! It’s easy to use can adjust it to my own personal preference for vaping. I’ve gone 9 days and counting… smoke free because of it thank you for an excellent product. And of you have any problems with anything the team on the phone, live chat and by email are brilliant so helpful and always get a good response. Thank you so much!!

Perfect replacement for smoking "Superb portable Vape" - A 5 Star Review.

Posted by PAUL BROWSE on 3rd Mar 2017

Having smoked for over 40 years I was, to my great surprise, able to give up using the V2 Series 7. Can’t say fairer than that. Starting with the highest voltage setting I refill with Eliquid (2.4% nicotine) every day and recharge battery every other day.

Room for improvement for long-term use:- the battery needs to be much more consistent, you can end up having to leave quite long pauses between puffs to get the full effect. Plus, given the cartridges last approximately 20 refills (only 20 days at this rate), they definitely need to be made longer-lasting (or much cheaper). Also, it’s going to be a jolt when I have to buy a whole new device in around 6 months time as the battery is non-replaceable.

TEAM V2 RESPONSE: This is really good news, quitting is what it is all about! We have not had any other reports on long pauses between puffs, please make sure the S7 is charged. On costs, we would point out that cigarettes will cost the average smoker around £65/week – over £1500 in a 6 month period! The Pro 7 is around the cost of 2 weeks worth of cigarettes. So after 6 – 12 months use (though the Pro 7 will last you longer than 6 months); pricing in the cost of cartridges & e liquids, the Pro 7 is a significantly better solution to both your health and wallet!

EXTREMELY PLEASED "Superb portable Vape" - A 5 Star Review.

Posted by MIKE


Superb do-it-all Portable Vape portable Vape. 5 Stars

Posted by Unknown

This is a great little vape for both e-liquids and dry herb. Extremely easy to use and the magnetic cartridge makes it simple and quick to swap between the two. Battery lasts for days…..really pleased to find such a high quality, portable vape! Highly recommended!

First Class Service Top Vape pen, UK Award.

Posted by Reno

This is my third time getting my supply from V2 UK, the most recent being the V2 Pro S3. They have the best customer service around, fast delivery and great products. Thanks Ruth.

Awesome Starter 5 Star Review. Top Vape Pen UK  

Posted by Luke

I’ve been using this cape for the past few months and, all in all, am quite pleased with most aspects of this model.

Battery life is the best of any vape I’ve used before, the tanks (though small) give a nice clarity to the taste of my chosen liquids and the design is rather snazzy and stealthy (I chose black, and the finish is awesome!)

The only con I can give is that the tanks are small, especially the loose leaf cartridge, but V2 have improved on this with their newer model – which I’m tempted to purchase, though the overall price is just outside of my range.

Well done, guys!

All the good reviews a true! Top product 5 Star Review. Review Position - #1

Posted by Mariano

Brilliant product. Love everything about it. Would definitely recommend to anyone. Two weeks of heavy use and my first cartridge is still performing beautifully. Just got my dry leaf cartridge delivered. If it works as well as the other one I’ll be sending a bunch of flowers to the head office!

V2 Pro Series 3 Rocks "This Vaporizer Rocks"

Posted by Mary

I tried a couple of other e-cigs and vaping pens only to find that they either lacked taste or were expensive to maintain (not to mention the initial investment).
Then I tried the V2 Pro Series 3. What a difference. Although it is not the cheapest on the market, it is certainly manageable as far as the initial cost, the replacement cartridges and e-liquid.
I had a small glitch with s replacement cartridge a few weeks ago, so I sent an email to the company. V2 did not reply to my email, but a customer representative actually called me the following day. After a two minute conversation, I was told that a new replacement cartridge would be posted to me at no charge. I recieved it a couple of days later. No muss, no fuss.
I cannot say enough about the V2 Pro Series 3. I have been using it exclusively for over a month and do not have any problem with staying away from the fags, even while out with friends who smoke. I do not have the annoying cough anymore, and the tobacco stains have disappeared from my fingers. V2, you have rocked my world.

Best Ever 5 Star Vape Review

Posted by MD Jahidur Rahman

I have been using V2 for last 1 years now. i just get a new Pro S3. its 100 times better than ex series. the quality of V2 pro is simply the best. deserve 5 star without question. hopping for long service. thanks to V2 for great product and customer service.

Perfect, well made Perfect well made

Posted by Wayne HIrst

Very impressed, as a heavy tobacco smoker for over 20 years I have not felt the need for a normal roll-up The e-liquid V2 Red is very good and the V2 pro 3 does hit the spot. Well recommended

Does what it says on the Tin! A vaporizer that does what it says on the tin

Posted by Ming Yeap

Very impressed with the quality of the V2 pro 3, vapour throat hit and I haven’t touch a cigarette for almost a month now! Even passed the alcohol infused outings no yearnings for them ! Top product and the V2 E liquid is of top quality, vapour and taste!

BUY ME NOW! Best UK Vapourizer - A 5 Star Review

Posted by Matthew Dunn

I thought I got robbed at the start but by day two I KNEW IT WAS THE ONE FOR ME I still haven’t had to charge the battery from two days ago But I’ve had to fill her up twice It lasts for yunkies I would def recommend it I just lit up a fag and now I feel sick as shit I NOW DON’T SMOKE and All it took was 24 hours of this baby

First & Last 5 Star Review

Posted by PauloW

This is the first Vaporizer I have tried and seems like it’s built to last. Plenty of vapor supplied by a long-lasting battery. Easy to charge and fill using the clever magnetic clip system for charger & tank. Would recommend without a doubt.

a work in progress! Rating 3 star review

Posted by Unknown

I’ve been a long term V2 user so when the series 3 arrived I embraced it and placed an order. Well I’m now on my 4th series 3 after a catalogue of issues with the device, from faulty cartridges to failing battery units, all of which have been replaced by the fabulous customer support at V2 here in the uk. This could be a great product but it’s been rushed into production and the user is the guinea pig i’m afraid. Many of the initial issues appear to have been sorted with the release of a new production run and I think the Americans have worked hard to solve the issues with the microprocessor built within the unit. Cartridges still fail for no apparent reason and yes they do leak from time to time.Do I still like V2? Yes, thier customer service in the UK is brilliant, they are swift, patient, courteous and very helpful. the e liquids are IMHO very good and the products, baring teathing issues improving fast

Quality product review Rating 4 star

Posted by Unknown

Great product I have tried many electronic cigarettes this is by far the best.

THE BEST I HAVE USED SO FAR 5 Star Review. Reviewed by experts.

Posted by Sue

Well after much research on all the different
brands out there, I finally decided to go for
the V2 PRO SERIES 3. Although I never expected
to be able to give up the REAL cigs straight away (but I did) and have not smoked a real cigarette since the V2 arrived over 6 weeks ago. Everyone keeps telling me how marvellous
I have done, yet I honestly do not miss the real cigs at all. It is very simple to operate/
refill etc no leakage. The only negative point that I can make is that the refillable cartridge
is supposed to be able to be refilled up to 20 times before the need for a new cartridge, but I replace mine sooner than that.

Battery life issues / vape strength review Rating 4 star

Posted by Unknown

I might be an unlucky one here, but I’ve not had great luck with the battery life (tops – 1/2 of the e-liquid cartridge, maybe 4 hours of medium usage). Good for the loose leaf, but again, it can only vape the cartridge 3-4 times before needing a charge again. E-liquid strength/hit quite lite – feels like I have to draw a lot, but it does create a lot of vapour. I’ve got 2 starter kits, and a replacement one – the first one pretty much died and holds practically no charge. I sent this one back. The 2nd one is ok, and the replacement seems to be surviving, although I’m reserving judgment.

e-liquid cartridge leaked! review Rating 4 star

Posted by martin seed

well designed product and would have been very happy with it but for the fact that when filling the cartridge for the second time I noticed that the silver ring at the base was damp so I gave it a wipe with kitchen towel on the third fill I noticed the same thing. last night I left the cartridge full and freely sanding on a flat surface and this morning I found it standing in a pool of e-liquid. I can not see anything wrong with the cartridge but it is obviously flawed. I do not want to put it back into the battery casing just in case it damages it. a shame really because I did not get a chance to try out all the v2 e-liquid flavours that I bought with the vaporizer last week.

Must buy!! 5 Star Review. Top Rated UK Vape Pen

Posted by Jono Mellor

Brought this after weeks of searching for the right e cig and I couldn’t be happier with it. It arrived 2 days after ordering, delivers a consistent throat hit every time, no leaks to speak of, masses of vapour and the build quality is second to none.
You won’t be disappointed.

Good product great service 5 Star Best Review

Posted by Alan

I used to smoke 5-10 Cafe creme a day for a long time and before that B&H. The Pro3 arrived mid November. I fired it up and have not had 1 single cigar since. The cartridge seems to last three weeks before tasting a little tired. After 3 months I have had a problem with the charger lead which could be my fault but customer services have promised to put another one in the post after a quick call. I have tried the unit with various refills expecting coffee and sarah to be the ones but am very surprised to find fruit to be good. So will have to try some more. Being the only smoker the family are also very pleased. This would make a great present and someone could be in your debt forever for.

Great Vape "A great Vaporizer" - 5 Star Review

Posted by Adrian

Nice design and feel to it, easy to fill cartridges and decent battery length.

Very easy to use and nice amount of smooth vape, no leaks, highly recommended.

Pure Quality 5 Star Review

Posted by Neil

Tried loads of other products and nothing compares to this. Great vape , easy to use , great battery and no leaks. Last ecig/vaporizer I’ll ever buy.

Amazing  5 Star Review

Posted by Unknown

This vaporizer is very well designed and looks good too.

The vape is very satisfying and battery life is good and charging easy with the magnetic USB connection. Re-filling cartridges is pretty straightforward. I fully recommend this product.

a work of art!! 5 Star Review

Posted by alex braddock

I’ve had several vaporizers but this is the last one I will ever buy! Others leak,crack and even snapped a couple in half! The way it uses magnets for the quick release cartridges and charger is pioneering stuff and helps make the overall design solid! You can just feel the quality straight away! The battery lasts for ages even with a heavy vapor like me and charges very rapidly when I does eventually run out! The cartridges are again a top design and thanks to the loose leaf cartridge, no more tobacco ever!! The liquids are of high quality, the only gripe I have with them is they need more flavours. Seriously worth every penny!!

brilliant portable vape! Rating5

Posted by Unknown

Lots of vapour, loose leaf cartridge works well, I don’t think you can find better for the money!


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