While the e-shisha market is currently not as large as that for e-cigarettes, its growing popularity means we expect the range of e-Shisha products to continue to increase. New products give more vaping options and allow us to do even more analysis to find you the best shisha pens and liquids. We have also completed our Beginners Guide to Shisha if you want to find out more.

Shisha pens

Shisha Pens. A full review of the best e-Shisha

Don’t be fooled by cheap shisha pen bling!

best shisha hookah penBy Tracey Jackson. Original Hookah shisha pipes got their name from the Persian word “shishe” meaning glass. The term shisha refers to the method of using a smoke and water vessel to inhale dark tobacco mixed with certain fruits to add flavour. E-cigarette technology now allows for safe shisha pen vaping with a huge range of shisha e liquid flavours. If you already own a vape pen or vape stick you will be familiar with the e-liquids you use in place of the normal tobacco found in traditional cigarettes. E-cigarettes are primarily designed to be an alternative to traditional cigarettes and help people give up cigarettes completely. You can also use your e-cig or your shisha stick to vape “e-shisha” using e-liquid designed for flavour rather than nicotine.

What is a shisha pen?

traditional hookah narguile

Traditional shisha narguile

Traditional shisha is usually associated with “smoking” a syrupy tobacco mix smoked through a water pipe or narguile. E-shisha, or hookah, is primarily associated with vaping 0% nicotine in a PG and/or VG flavoured liquid using an electronic shisha device. Electronic shisha is a great option for those wanting all the flavours of shisha because there is no nicotine and no combustion. Here we look at the best shisha pens available. For more information on Shisha vape juice see our Shisha Juice Guide here.

Are shisha pens bad for you?

The traditional method of using the shisha pipe was considered by many to be as dangerous as smoking because of the combustion process. E-shisha uses vaporization so, like vaping, it is considered to be safer (less harmfull).

E-shisha pens are mini-tank e-cigs which allow the use of any e-liquid flavour (including zero nicotine). Most are based on a larger type battery which can be a little cumbersome and less sleek than conventional e-cigarettes. Many sites including eBay now sell cheap shisha pen products which are not high quality, leading to concerns over safety. Most of these particular pens are imported from China and then re-branded for sale in the UK meaning the quality of the components is often unknown and the e-liquids may not use pharmaceutical grade ingredients or be fully tested. We encourage you to buy only good quality shisha devices from reputable manufacturers. It is important to ensure you use safe tested e liquids and shisha pen flavours (see our e-liquid guide here).

Take a look at our favourite Shisha vape flavours

shisha pen uk

Finding your ideal shisha vape

The e-shisha market is still developing and there are limited review sites focusing on shisha pens. We suggest looking at our reviews of the established quality e-cigarette brands and buying your shisha product from one of them.

best shisha pen uk reviews

Our favourite brand for electronic shisha:

V2 (known as V2 Cigs in the UK) who have over 2 million customers worldwide and have now developed an excellent shisha pen kit range. This uses their e-cigarette battery technology which is of the highest quality. You get a high quality dependable 4.2-volt battery, compared to most other batteries which are around 3.7 volts. The higher voltage gives more power, so you get more vapour/flavour and a longer period between recharging. It also adds to the life of the shisha battery.

V2 have a wide selection of e-liquids (including shisha non-nicotine) and offer a range of the best tasting e-liquids in the UK. Importantly they offer batch testing of their e-liquids using an independent laboratory. If you are looking to try different flavours, make sure you know all the e-liquid ingredients. Each V2 Cigs e-liquid bottle has a batch number, giving you peace of mind that you are vaping safely.

See the best Shisha Pen Range Here

V2 Slimline shisha pen

Vibrant shisha pen colours in all sizes

Vibrant e shisha pen colours in all sizes

Based on their excellent e-cigarettes it was no surprise that we found V2 Cigs to be the leading UK brand for shisha pens based on their high quality components and range of products. V2 have a full range of ‘slimline’ shisha pen batteries.

Many shisha pens comprise up to five separate parts, some parts simply push together rather than having a screw-thread. This means the shisha liquid can leak. The V2 shisha pen has 2 parts – a shisha 4.2 volt battery and a shisha-liquid container or cartridge that simply screw together.

  • Attractive slimline look.
  • V2 shisha pen battery lasts all day on one charge due to the powerful 4.2 volt battery.
  • Range of colours and sizes.
  • Only two parts means less risk of any liquid leaking than with pens with more parts.
  • Offer a sample of six of their most popular zero-nicotine fruity or tobacco flavours to find the right one for you. Even better – these can be used in either your e-shisha pen or classic V2 e-cigarette add link.
  • Mini-shisha pens now available with the same great quality but a much smaller battery. Ideal when out and about/on a night out.
  • The V2 range now offers 5 “Classic” battery colours and 5 “Ex-Series” shisha battery colours so you are spoilt for choice.

Visit V2-Shisha UK

Less shisha pen parts means less chance of leaking e-liquid and less things to replace.


Shisha pen size differences

The new Slimline shisha pen and “Mini-Shisha”

The new Pure-eLiquids mini-shisha Pen range is the same quality as the V2 Cigs slimline pen but the battery is almost half the size making it a great compact option. This is definitely the best device if you are looking for something small. This device can also be used to vape your favourite CBD e-Liquid.

Click the image below to visit the site for more details.

Best shisha pen and best hookah pen battery

See the Shisha Section


Or “e Shisha” the New V2 Ex Battery: The V2 You Know Multiplied by WOW

best shisha pen battery is V2 Carbon Fibre battery

Experience the coolest battery on the market – the V2 EX Battery. This shisha pen battery incorporates cutting edge design to provide you with new levels of customization and a range of new features. Select from five contemporary new patterns for the ultimate custom experience. Brushed Steel, Carbon Fibre, Scarlet Metallic and Bloom are available.  Get the full Ex-Series Shisha Pen Kit with e shisha sampler flavours
Ex-Series Full Shisha Pen Vape Kit with sampler shisha liquid
Visit the Shisha Pen store

Alternative e-shisha online sites

Other reputable companies selling e-shisha include Pure-eliquids who have a full range of shisha pens and organic VG shisha e-liquids and UK E-Cigarette Store.

Gourmet shisha e-Liquid

For the best vaping experience with your e shisha pen battery make sure you use proper tested gourmet e-liquid. In the United Kingdom many shisha liquids do not give full disclosure of their ingredients. Do spend a little time and view our full e-liquid review section to find safe e-liquids that are fully lab tested with detailed ingredients. Gourmet eJuice reviews here.

A beginner’s guide on how to use e-shisha with your vape pen

shisha pen with different eliquid re-fill bottles

What is e-Shisha

E-shisha is an electronic form of smoking nicotine free shisha liquids. Traditional shisha is a syrupy, tobacco mix that is smoked through a water pipe.

E-shisha is primarily 0% nicotine and can be smoked using a normal vape stick or shisha stick.

How does shisha liquid differ from e-liquid?

Normal e-liquids contain a certain amount of nicotine (measured in mg) whereas e-shisha does not contain nicotine and is usually sweeter and more flavoursome when vaped.

What equipment do you need?

A regular, refillable e-cigarette or vape pen is all you need to vape e-shisha. You can buy a pen device specifically for e-shisha but your usual high quality vape pen will do the same job. If you don’t want to commit to an e-cigarette or shisha pen for the long term there are many different flavoured e-shisha sticks that offer a limited amount of vapes before having to be disposed of. Less common are e-hookahs. You’ll find that the more popular e-cigarette brands will have e-shisha that can be used with their normal devices, so an e-hookah isn’t essential.

How do you use your e-shisha pen?

Vaping e-shisha is the same as using a normal e-cigarette. Before vaping, fill up your vape pen’s tank with the e-shisha liquid. Then switch on your device and inhale like you would with normal e-liquid.

What different types are there?

E-shisha predominantly comes in sweet flavours ranging from peach and strawberry to more adventurous flavours like pear drops or energy drink flavour. There is also tobacco flavoured e-shisha but these are more popular with people trying to quit smoking than regular shisha lovers. It is important to use pharma grade lab. tested liquid. Many e-shisha liquids may be made or mixed from a combination of concentrates and other unknown flavour ingredients in shops.  We strongly recommend buying from a reputable online company to ensure high grade, safe ingredients.

Where can you buy the best shisha pen?

Due to shisha pens not being hugely popular amongst vapers yet, the best place to purchase is directly from the manufacturers website. Some of the larger name e-cig brands like V2 and some online retailers like Pure-eLiquids and UK E-Cigarette Store stock e-shisha liquid in 10ml, 20ml and larger bottles and offer safer fully tested e-shisha liquid. Also check out our best e-shisha pen reviews.

View the full V2 Cigs Shisha Pen range
See the PEL Mini Shisha Pen Kit
Read about the Shisha e-liquid Range

Will the tobacco product directive affect my shisha vaping?

In theory, according to Metro, TPD regulations should not affect your shisha pen vaping providing you are using zero nicotine. This also applies to herbal vaping, again provided that no nicotine is involved. Zero nicotine e-liquid is currently (2023) not covered under the new TPD rules and regulations.

Take a look at our best vaporizer review here: The Pro Series 3. Or the S3’s bigger brother: The V2 Pro Series 7 Vaporizer review.

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