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If you vape more than one medium, CBD oil, e juice, wax, herb or tobacco there is nothing else like the Vie Vaporizer, it is simply the best dry herb weed vaporizer out there.

V2 have introduced the Pro Series 7 vaporizer which is the Swiss Army knife of vaping. The Pro 7 is a dry herb vaporizer but that is not all it does! Using interchangeable magnetic cartridges that synchronise with the vaporizers CPU. So you can now have one device that you can use for dry herb, tobacco, e liquid, CBD and wax. But how does it compare to the Pax which is recognised as one of the best dedicated dry herb vaporizers?

Best Dry Herb Vaporizer Review

V2 shocked the vaping world with their affordable e cig sized Pro Series 3 dry herb vaporizer pen (reviewed here), a new innovation in vaping capable of vaping tobacco, dry herb, wax and e liquid vaping in a very small form factor. Not only did this APV device look better than anything available it also punches much bigger than its weight with Gizmodo excitedly stating it was the best vape pen under £100. “The Marvellous Magnetic Vape Pen”

Best dry herb vape in the UK

Now its big brother, the V2 Pro Series 7 dry herb vaporizer has come out to play and can be ordered here in the UK. The new benchmark for dry herb APV’s (Advanced Personal Vaporizers) for both casual and medical cannabis users.

#1 Pro 7. Simply an excellent dry herb vaporizer

The main difference to the Series 3 vaporizer is that the Series 7 APV is larger – 3X larger capacity. The Pro 7 also has variable voltage (VV vaporizer). This all translates to more, more of everything! Not one for beginners or regular smokers switching to e cigarettes but with its larger oven for dry herb and tobacco loose leaf (1300 mm3) and significantly more powerful battery, it is a Heat not Burn class beater for those who demand the best of the best in tobacco and medical herb vaping. Offering 3-in-1 vaping like little brother you will now be able to vape tobacco and enjoy dry herb/loose leaf, wax and e-liquid – at your required temperature… and for longer, much longer!

This type of bespoke larger scale APV device is normally in the £200-£300+ range for the top range vapes, the Pro 7 personal vaporizer with its new technology is a world beater and is priced at under £70 mark. The Pro S 7 vaporizer is capable of outperforming portable vaporizers that are double the price.Best dry herb vaporizer, Electronic Tobacco Vape Kit . The V2 Pro S7

Dry Herb and e liquid vaping

Whereas the V2 Pro S3 was the e-Liquid Revolution – that did dry herb, the V2 Pro Series 7 is the Loose Leaf vaporizer of choice – that also vapes e-Liquid just as well! Vaping veterans only.

The V2 Pro Series 3 vaporizer still holds its place as the best vape pen vaporizer, it is small, neat discreet and very easy to use and relatively inexpensive. It is the only small scale vape pen in my opinion that you can properly vaporize herb and loose leaf effectively – despite  a number of other brands making such claims. Its size, ease of use and price is what makes it great.

It is worth pointing out that if you are after a dedicated dry herb vaporizer then the Mig Vapor Torpedo – review here – is the one to get if you are on a budget.

Dry Herb and wax concentrate vaping

Best herb vaporizer for medical cannabis

in The 5th Degree herb vaporizer

The Series 7 is more niche, larger and more aimed at the serious dry herb market and for those who want the ability to fine-tune the temperature settings – perhaps more serious dry herb/loose leaf and tobacco vapers who like e-liquid too rather than the casual herb vaper! However the Pro 7 also comes in a more focused edition under the brand Prohibited.

The UK’s Prohibited vape kits are dedicated herb and wax concentrate kits, tweaked for herb and wax and do not offer the e liquid option. For herb enthusiasts the “in the 5th Degree” herb vaporizer from Prohibited is the model to get, it is widely accepted as one of the best herb vaporizers out there by most knowledgeable herb vaporizer reviews including Forbes and High Times. For medical marijuana users there is no better herb vaporizer.

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Variable Voltage Dry Herb Vaping

There are 3 voltage settings and a “smart” setting. Customise your experience with variable temperature and voltage control alternatively allow the the smart technology of the Series 7 to warm your chosen cartridge automatically – its on-board chip detects the medium being vaped and sets the optimum temperature accordingly – with one of the fastest warm-up times for tobacco loose leaf/dry herb of any heat not burn vaporizer. The message here is simplicity, you don’t have to dial in voltage, wattage and you don’t have to work out optimums for sub-ohm vaping, the S7 herb vaporizer thinks for itself and does it all for you…. automatically.

#2 Vie Vaporizer Review – a great 3 in 1 dry herb, oil and wax vaporizer.

Whilst we favour the Pro 7 because it is one device that allows you to vape e liquids and dry herb, for many users the e liquid option is not a Vie Vaporizer with cleaning kitrequirement. This is where the Vie Vaporizer comes in. It is in my opinion every bit as good at doing the job as the higher priced Pax 3. The Vie is a perfect starter kit at a very competitive price of around £40. Its price falls well under the £200+ Pax.  It is less than a quarter of the price of the Pax! Vie Vaporizer

The Vie succeeds in a lot of areas, it’s easy to load the chamber, use it and then clean once you are done. It doesn’t stand out for any specific reason but does everything exceptionally well, the temperature control is a nice addition but preset temperatures often allow for more efficient use for someone that doesn’t know exactly what they are doing and would reduce the confusion of using one button for lots of functions.

It also reaches high temperatures which ensures you get the most out of your herb. No vaporizer is perfect for everything, and the Vie is no exception, but I feel that the areas where the Vie succeeds (heating temperature, chamber size, visual appeal, build quality and vapour quality) far out way the areas that it is lacking (user interface, only being able to vape loose leaf products and having a delicate mouthpiece). It’s definitely the one I would recommend if you want a dedicated herb vape.

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#3 PAX 3 dry herb vaporizer. Pro 7 V’s Pax.

With something like the older PAX vaporizer (4-5 cycles/charge) at around £100, there were the issues of scorching and also resin clogging up the vapour track and it is not easy to unclog. The PAX 3 (8-10 cycles/charge) came out to help sort these issues but at around RRP £200+ and being limited to dry herb/loose leaf only. With its “concentrate insert” at additional cost the Pax 3 can also be used with concentrates/oils and waxes but not e liquid! With no pass through feature you are limited to the battery life. Maximum temperature is 210 Celsius.

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The Pro 7 vaporizers (9-11 cycles/charge with loose leaf) 3-in-1 capability trumps the PAX offerings on price, (it is less than half the price!! at under £70), weight and versatility. With its pass-through vaping ability you can also use the S7 without relying on the battery so many more cycles can be achieved. Maximum temperature is also higher at 235 Celsius. Not to mention that you don’t need to pay out for another vaporizer to vape e-liquid so further savings are made here. Both the PAX and Pro 7 are excellent vaporizers, leaders of the pack but the Pro 3 does more for less!

best dry herb and tobacco vaporizer in the UK

Using the V2 Series 7 Vaporizer

1. For e-Liquid

Even at the lowest temperature the plumes of vapour were spectacular with my normal PG/Vg e-liquid, when used in conjunction with Vsavi’s pure 100% VG e-liquid it produces a ludicrous amount of vapour.  Now I understand that there are those who “chase these clouds” but for me it was a bit too much, very thick dense vapour everywhere! [I’m a vaper who vapes because I don’t want to smoke and my V2 Mini-Tank does just that for me].

The draw on the Series  7 vaporizer was nice and easy – though the idea is not so much filling your mouth as filling your lungs. Generally I use 1.8% nicotine e-liquid – but with the Series 7 vaporizer this was far too strong for me – I had to bring it down to 1.2% – and that was a little strong too. ie. the throat hit was too strong – ended up coughing due to the throat hit.

I need 0.6% nicotine with this beast – that said I smoked lite cigarettes so those who are used to stronger tobacco may need 1.2% nicotine. Flavour was certainly sharper perhaps more pronounced than my usual vape and without doubt I was impressed with what this vaporizer device is capable of – even if it is not my cup of tea. Like a super-car or Ferrari we may appreciate its looks and performance but we don’t all have one! (Ok – that may be a cost issue!)

2. For vaporizing Tobacco Loose Leaf

Like many vapers I use my e-cigarette to reduce the number of cigarettes I smoke. Over the last year or so I have cut down from 20+ per day to less than 5 per day. The recent ASH Vape Report shows that many vapers use e cigarettes in this way. For example I feel I must have my first cup of coffee in the morning with a nasty cigarette – please don’t ask me why.

This is where I feel the Series 7 can offer significant help.

Over the first few weeks of using this vaporizer – I used the Pro S7 as my first cigarette of the day instead of my normal nasty cigarette. I used the V2 Pro 7 to vape tobacco! I packed the dry herb cart with about a third of a cigarette worth of tobacco. (btw. Not necessary but I also drip 2-3 drops of 0% e-liquid onto the tobacco simply to raise the vapour output – vaporizing produces less “smoke” than burning/smoking does). I then vaped (the tobacco) and had my coffee! This really did the trick. I was left not wanting a cigarette. I then lit up a cigarette directly after vaping, not because I wanted one or even felt the need to have one, the S7 sorted my nicotine craving but because I wanted to see what it feels like relative to the vaping experience. Smoking feels very harsh, severe/acidic/bitter in direct comparison – you can almost feel the chemicals. With the Pro Series 7 vaping tobacco is far smoother and a cleaner tobacco experience – the overall taste and feel is mellow. I believe this superior substitute is what will ultimately lead me to quit smoking…totally!

3. For vaporizing dry herb

I pointed out above that vaping is a lot less severe or harsh and no doubt will also have a similar experience, it will be a far less harsh experience than smoking herb. Reading the many on-line reviews shows that the S7 vaporizer is very effective at delivery! (For a more practical guidelines on best practice for vaping herb see the sections below). Vaporizing herb using the Pro 7 will give a purer cleaner experience. In addition vaporizing herb is more efficient than burning so not only is it more effective. It will require less herb to do the same job so it saves money too! With a large 1300 mm3 oven and less than 30 second heat-up this device will suit the most avid users.

When vaping, ie vaporizing herb there will not be significant vapour clouds, the vapour given off from the active ingredients is colourless. The smoke you see when you “smoke” herb is the smoke from burning (= combustion) the product. This burning creates smoke and all the chemicals associated with smoke and also liberates the active ingredients too.

Combustion does not occur during vaporization which is why vaping is considered so much safer. You want the active ingredients of the herb, not the smoke element that, like smoking tobacco, is the most dangerous to our health.

Dry Herb vaping summary

If I can put it another way – if when I first smoked my first cigarette – I was forced into choosing between either smoking cigarettes or vaping with the Series 7 and I had to do one or the other. There is no doubt which I would choose , and I say this, even if the health risks and cost of smoking tobacco were the same as vaping. As an overall experience then, Vaping with the S7 is far more pleasurable than smoking. It is not a substitute. It is a better, cleaner, more advanced heat not burn delivery system!

Having said that, of course not smoking or vaping at all is the most pleasurable outcome in reality!

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Make sure you clean your carts properly, this will help extend their lifetime.

Best Vaporizer 2021; dry herb use review

Your User Guide for the best dry herb vaporizer

The above section reviews the essentials of our favourite dry herb vaporizer and shows that it is a bit of a Swiss army knife. One vape device for you e liquid, dry herb wax or tobacco which is very convenient, it also saves you buying more than one vape device. As suggested above, for dedicated herb or wax concentrate vaping,the Prohibited in The 5th Degree tweaked version of the Pro 7 is the one to go for.

A number of questions have been asked since doing this review regarding how to best use this vaporizer for loose leaf or dry herb so I wanted to clarify some points raised.

What is the best method to vaporize dry herb?

When first using the V2 Pro Series 7 you need to be aware of a number of things in order to get the best from your device. It takes a little practice if you have not used a dry herb vaporizer before. So here are my top tips to guide you to getting it right.

  1. All dry herb products have varying characteristics including the amount of moisture content.
  2. When you use a vaporizer to vape dry herb/loose leaf it generally will not result in significant amounts of vapour. The more that is visible when you breath out the less you are absorbing and the more waste there is!
  3. Establish the optimum temperature for your particular dry herb. See # 5 below.
  4. Be patient – if there are not huge vapour clouds it does not mean you are not experiencing the active ingredients. Most active ingredients give off a colourless gas when vaporized so will not be visible. Inhale, hold, repeat through the cycle and see!!
  5. Start at the lowest temperature and vape for one cycle -after that mix the dry herb with the metal pick from the S7 kit. Then set to the next temperature and use again for another cycle. Then, if needed, repeat for the highest temperature. At some temperature setting your product will work best for you. By using the above method you will determine which setting to use.
  6. Do not overfill the herb chamber – as a rule of thumb guide, fill it to half way. You will get much better results than trying to overfill. Be warned!
  7. Ensure the material is properly ground down using a quality herb grinder. See the best dry herb grinders here, lower down the Pro 3 review page.

Note:  E-liquid is deliberately formulated to give off vapour so vaping appears/feels as close to smoking as possible.  This also makes the transition from cigarattes to vaping easier. There are some e-liquids designed not to give off vapour. These e-liquids still deliver the desired nicotine hit i.e. vapour does not equal active ingredients.

What is the best vaporizing temperature for herb?

The temperature of the heating element is NOT the same as the vaporization temperature in the heat chamber where the herb sits. Therefore it does not follow that there is too much heat at the highest Pro 7 setting for dry herb (ie. the 225°C setting which is the core temperature). There may be a 5-20 degree difference between heating element and dry herb chamber.

There is much on-line about optimum temperature settings for dry herbs etc. Merck testing suggested 200°C and there are other suggestions. But by using the steps outlined at #1 to #7 above you will find your optimum temperature pretty quickly and help make the Pro 7 your best dry herb vaporizer of choice!

Warranty and after sales service

The Pro 7 has a 6 month warranty, this reflects the confidence the manufacturer has in the product. If it only lasts 6 months the saving you have made will easily afford a new Pro 7. Most other vape pens have standard 30 day warranties. All V2 devices would be replaced under the companies no quibble guarantee should the products be defective. The company has an excellent help desk and customer service record.


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