In this section we review the Vype ePen 3.

We also take a look at the ePen 2 and the Vype eStick Maxx. (See the Vype eStick Maxx Review below the Vype e Pen reviews.)

Vype have also introduced the Vype eTank – a modular “open tank” e cigarette which is Vype’s best offering to date (open meaning you can use your own e liquid to refill the device, a closed system uses pre-filled pods). The smaller Vype ePod with ePod cartridges has also just been releases.

VYPE ePod £19.94 Special: Save!See the Vype eTank, Vype £19.99 discount Special.



Vype ePen 3 Series range

Vype, like VIP e cigs have also entered the e cig pod space with the Vype ePen e-cigarette series. In principle a nicely designed closed system pod refill with a small 650 mAh battery enclosed in a black plastic holder. The Vype e Pen is considerably larger than your standard  cigarette. See Vype e-Pen head-to-head comparison below.

Vype ePen differences

Vype have a range of 3 ePens. The older Vype ePen and 2 newer versions. The newer versions are branded as the ePen 3 and Vype ePen 3 vPro. The difference between the ePen 3 and ePen 3 vPro is that the former uses Vype e liquid pods whilst the ePen vPro uses nic salts.

The Vype ePen 3 vPro is the one to buy. However, make sure you get the correct ePen 3 compatible refill vPro pods for the your specific device. The full review below applies to both new ePen 3’s with the difference being in the liquid you are vaping, traditional Vype e liquid or Vype nic salt.

Note: The new Vype eTank Pro was launched after the Vype ePen and is a better overall e-cigarette. The eTank Pro (1000 mAh) is better suited to moderate smokers while the ePen 3 (650 mAh) is better suited to light or social smokers since it is less powerful. The eTank is not the cheapest Vype but certainly Vype’s best effort so far. Check out any Vype discount codes here before buying.

Vype ePen 3 review Vype ePen 3 vPro Guide

The release of version 3 of the Vype ePen 3 vPro starter kit brings a similar device to the vape market. Slightly smaller and neater than its predecessor but still a little to chunky. Quieter too.

While its predecessor offered 400+ puffs per pod, according to Vype the ePen 3 only has up to 200 puffs. The ePen 3 is still limited to closed e liquid refills or “pods”. ie you are stuck with Vype e liquid. The e liquid pods are very small (</= 2ml) so probably wont last most ex-smokers a day and at £5.49 for two are excessive. The ePen kit is cheap to buy initially but has higher running costs.

ePen 3 battery

Vype boast “an exceedingly powerful vaping experience with a high performance battery, for all day use” but have decided not to share the Vype battery details with us on the Vype site. However after a bit of digging I note the Vype YouTube video states that the battery is 650 mAh. At £17.99, if you must have a Vype, stick with the Vype open system eBox starter kit that allows you a choice of e liquid brands and does have a superior battery at over double the capacity – 2000 mAh for a few pounds more.

Vype ePen 3 vPro kit content

  • Vype ePen 3
  • 650 mAh battery
  • 2 Vype ePen vPro Cartridge Pods. (Master Blend& Crushed Mint 12 mg
  • Micro USB Charger
  • ePen 3 User Guide

Vype ePen 3 comparison

Whereas VIP brand went for the standard run of the mill ego style, Vype have designed their own ePens. With the closed system ePen leaks will be minimised but you Vype ePen 3 predecessor kit revieware stuck with 13 Vype e-liquid tastes – only 2 tobacco, the remainder are fruit-type e liquids in only 3 nicotine strengths + nicotine free – you are also stuck with their highly priced ePen 3 refills- £5.99 for three vPro refills (Update: I note some are now £5.99 for 3. But now Vype offer a larger range of fruit/sweet e liquids too!!). The threading or connection is a “Vype only” fit. I found that each refill will last nearly a day for a 20 a day smoker.

Vype ePen - Shop



The ePen 3 contains 2 ml of vape juice whereas the ePen 2 has 1.63 ml. With the higher power of the new 3 version Vype say you get double the puffs from the older ePen 2! The ePen 2 refill is screwed onto the e-pen and a matching sleeve clicks in place over the refill. The ePen 3 slots into the e cig body. Both are a lot bigger than a cigarette – see image.

vype epen | Darth sound

Noisy EPens

The Vype ePen 2 was priced at £17.99, this is a relatively low price. There are 2 voltage settings – high and low (no technical details are given) which does not seem to make a significant difference from what I could tell. However there are two important issues. First, the oval e Pen device is acrylic/plastic and feels plastic, second it is the loudest vape pen I have ever used. It does sound like Darth Vader from Star Wars or if you do scuba diving the sound your regulator makes as you breath underwater – you need to move away slowly from anyone who is in close proximity before attempting to vape as the noise is distracting even annoying!

The ePen 3 is a much more refined experience!Vype e-pen and Vsavi Pod system comparison

With 4 or 5 hours between charges there will be the need for a second Vype ePen battery which will cost a further £10.00, that means escalating costs. ie. you are up to £30 for this Vype e Pen kit. Similarly the ePen 3 with two batteries will cost you over £34. However you end up with a relatively simple device that wont hurt new users. The vapour production of the ePen 2 is ok and the ePen 3 is better. I understand Vype e-liquid is of top quality VG/PG e liquid from the vPURE Vype e-Liquid range. However there are better solutions and it is simple and secure to buy on-line or call in your order over the phone – click the mini and ‘standard e-cig image for details.

Update September 2019: Vype have now withdrawn the ePen 2!

ePen 3 vs ePen 2 vs cigarette: Size

Now will either of the ePens’ feel familiar, i.e. help replace the tactile feel of a cigarette when held? The ePen 3 is 123.5 X 18 X 27 mm while the ePen 2 is 153 mm long and weighs in at Vype ePen 3 size comparison37.1g.  Vype don’t give the other dimensions that are missing above and the ePen2 used for the review is long gone! So the shortest of the two, the ePen 3 is still over 10 time the volume of a normal cigarette and almost 50% longer.

‘The ePen3 volume is approximated by the formula: Length X depth X width: 12.35X1.8X2.7= 60 cubic cm

An cigarette volume (cylindrical) is approximated by the formula: Length X Pi X Radius-Squared.

8.4 X 22/7 X (.45 x .45)= 5.41 cubic cm

60/5.41=11.1 times larger than a cigarette in terms of volume in your hand.’ 

About Vype ePens and E-Liquids

Vype is part of a group comprising Intellicig which produces the e-Liquids. Refills are all pre-filled so you are restricted as regards e-liquid choice. Vype e-liquid has a slightly sweet taste for my liking which does not get better with time. If you don’t like their 3 tobacco flavours you have wasted your money as they have no other tobacco flavoured e liquid to choose from. With BAT’s PR muscle the accessibility to the Vype ePen in pharmacies does mean less people will smoke, which is a good thing imo! With the introduction of their Vype eTank they are looking to broaden their customer base and expand into the ego open system e cig market.

Vype ePen TV ads -“Vaping made simple“- attempts to show how quick and easy it is to remove and replace the Vype e Pen refill and it is relatively easy. If they want to win that race they would need to look at the V2 Pro Vaporizer with its drop in magnetic refill – takes about 1 second to drop-in. With huge profits and corresponding huge PR spend ability, there will likely be substantial and slick marketing of the Vype e-cig and e-pen. We need to be aware that good marketing doesn’t always mean good product. In 1997 BAT spent around £30 million buying the Tyrrell F1 team -why? Purely for brand promotion! (see wiki). That’s £30 million nearly 20 years ago.

So is the Vype ePen 3 vPro or ePen 2 the best Vape Pen?

The main point that I see as a positive for the Vype ePen 3 range is that it is lighter than some of the competition. Stockists are on your high street too. This may be attractive to some vapers particularly in the early stages of transitioning from cigarettes to vapour cigarettes. This assumes they can put up with the noise it makes and eLiquid restriction and refill costs. It is a good e-pen for the reasons stated but does work out expensive when you start adding up the ePen refills used each day.

However the Vype ePen 3 is not in any e cig reviews top picks that we could find! For me it has to be the V2 Cigs vape pen range any day. You can simply and securely buy on-line better alternative e cigarettes. -Order over the phone or simply order on-line and get the product delivered.

The likes of Vype and other tobacco companies in the e-cigarette space will pile up product in the retail outlets with cheaper offerings in an attempt to offer convenience. Consumers are realising that in the long run choices are limited and price points are higher after first purchase. Rating: 5.5/10

Shop here for current Vuse and Vype vPure e-liquid discounts and sales.

Comments from Vype e-Pen reviews:

  • The real let down.. the life of the cartomisers and price of the refills. Not good value.
  • eStick small and cig sized.
  • Poor battery life.
  • Restricted to Vype e liquid only.
  • Very “plasticy” feel.
  • ePen too loud!

Bottom Line. If you want a proper quality small e-cig get the V2 Classic E-Cigarette Kit.

To get it right you need to spend a little of your time to find a proper suitable electronic cigarette – see our Quick Start Review Guide here or check out our Easy e-Cig Selector Page

If you want an e-pen of similar size to the Vype ePen go with the Pro Series 3 – it is sleeker and smaller than the Vype ePen though it is more expensive initially but cheaper to run daily. (see cost comparison below). The Pro vape pen is real quality – simple – solid and will last a lot longer. The Pro also offers freedom regarding e-liquid choice and when you compare the cost of smoking both the Vype and the Pro are very cheap.


Vape Pen – Head to Head | Vype ePen 3 vs. The Best

Pro Series 3

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Vype ePen

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Vype ePen Vs Pro 3 compared

Pro Series 3Vype ePen
Initial Cost inc P&P£64.99 for all day vaping£27.98 inc 2 batteries for all day vaping
*Refill Cost Per day£0.99/ refill£2.66/ refill)
Total Costs First month£94.69£107.78 (£27.98+ 30 days @2.66)
Total Cost 6 month£288£512
(£27.98 +182 days @ £2.66)
E LiquidPG and VG - any eLiquid you choose. 50 Flavours+Closed system own brand only. 11 Flavours - Only 3 tobacco flavours!
Size14.2cm X 1.6cm15.3cm X 2cm
Refill FixDrop in Magnetic 2 piece screw on
ConstructedMetal: quality 2 piece designPlastic: 3 piece design
Voltage 4.2 Volts optimised for e liquid. 650mAh2 settings - no information on voltage/mAh
OptionsVape any eLiquid and/or tobacco/dry herbsVype e-Liquid only

Overall Rating               V2       Best E cigarette. Vype                               Vype       Vype ePen 3 star Rating

Summary: Vype e Pen V’s Pro Series 3

The clear winner is the Pro S3. It is more versatile, smaller and has a better build quality. You also have freedom of choice to vape your favourite eLiquid. Apart from its rather off-putting noise the Vype e-Pen 3 is also restricted to Vype only eliquid which is a PG and VG mix. There are currently 3 tobacco flavours which you may not like! And if you don’t the Vype is wasted money. You can’t use any other e-liquid brand as the cartomizers are pre-filled and non-refillable. The V2 Pro 3 allows you to use any e-liquid you desire so you will always find one you like.

Personally I would start with the V2 Platinum Congress tobacco flavour which is mellow. For a more distinct taste V2 offer a Red and Sahara tobacco flavour too.

The e Pen and ePen 3 by Vype is cheaper to buy initially, but you will also need a second battery as one will not last you through a full day. Vype make their money on the refills which are significantly more expensive. Over a period of time you are paying significantly more because the refill costs are a lot higher than the Pro. Longer term the Pro 3 cost less too. A no-brainer then!

Vype e pen is ~55% more expensive over a 6 month period.

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Now in the UK

Gizmodo: V2 Pro Vaporizer Review: A Marvellous Magnetic Vape Pen

…unlike the leagues of other nondescript vape pens on the market today, the V2 Pro takes a unique approach to managing its electrical connections: Magnets. The build quality and performance of the V2 Pro Series 3, especially at a $60 price point, is unmatched. From the billowing banks of vapor it produces to the seemingly inexhaustible battery… for $60, that’s practically stealing!

It’s a small detail, but it makes all the difference in the world. Gizmodo Review

V2 is the leading e cigarette manufacturer – that’s what they do, Vype is owned by BAT a tobacco giant – there lies the difference perhaps.

See the eCigarette Rankings and Reviews for 2019 Here

Short on time:- see the Quick Start Review Guide, New users – eCig Selector here


Vype eStick Maxx Review

Two e cigs. Vype ePen and Vype Reload eStick

Vype Reload eStick

The Vype eStick Maxx indeed one of the smaller e cigs available. However the downside of this is that the Vype eStick battery life lasts only a few hours. (see comment on recent Vype advert below!) This is very frustrating. You then need to be near a usb outlet in order to re charge your Vype e cig. This will be a limiting factor to even moderate to light smokers. Two fully charged Vype batteries will get you through the morning – then what. So more batteries and at around £6 each costs are stacking up! Not a good start for a Vype review.

UPDATE: Vype have now removed their PCC which was designed to hold and charge the battery while not in use which was in our opinion a good idea – but still 1 battery in the Vype kit! So you need an additional Vype battery (now sold separately) to have a reserve battery which every smoker will need. So with RRP at £12.99 each plus a couple of extra batteries this will cost you best part of £25. Well I believe there are better vape solutions at around that price. Spend a little of your time and see the eCigarette Rankings and Reviews. Here

The Vype eStick advert “One Pack Charge Lasts up to 5 days” could be seen as a little misleading, clever yes. It asks “Does the charge on your e cigarette lasts as long as Vype” and then goes on to state that one charge of a Vype “eStick pack” lasts up to 5 days. Now you may be forgiven if you thought that this means the Vype battery was somehow superior than its competitors from this information.

However the 5 days does not relate to the eStick Maxx battery charge whatsoever (see above- the battery itself wont last more than an hour or two). The 5 days refers to the eStick pack which is the charging case that you use to charge the battery. It is the charge in the charging case, not the battery, that can last up to 5 days. Other e-cig brands also offer these charge packs or charging cases, alternatively you can charge batteries with a USB charger from your laptop or power socket. The power of PR!!

Buy Vype

See Vype Product Range

Vype eStick Tips. Refills

The Vype e-vapour flavour is good and for its size vapour production is good too. But Vype refills, Vype Tips, are about the most expensive out there – see our best e-liquid review.  In addition the Vype refill tips containing the Vype e liquid are a closed system which forces you to use the Vype e-liquid brand. This is a VG/PG mix e liquid with limited e liquid choices which simply limits its appeal. There is only one nicotine strength and at 11 mg may be too weak for many. – see comparison table of popular e cigarettes.

Looking at how the brand is portrayed Vype have spent a lot on marketing and PR and with BAT behind this brand they will forge ahead in the PR and marketing stakes. There are now many Vype stockists including some pharmacies so it is not difficult to pick one up on your high street with a good Vype discount or knock down sale price. Their packaging is very very nice! The PCC though is plasticy/acrylic and it feels a bit cheap but that’s why you are paying so little for the single kit. Bottom Line. If you want a proper quality smaller e-cigarette buy the V2 Classic eCigarette kit.

eStick Maxx summary:

  • Very small Battery; only lasts 2 or so hours
  • Cost with a couple of spare batteries: £25.00 (they do have offers from time to time)
  • Recent ad: “Lasts 5 days” Refers to charge-unit not battery
  • Vype Refills: Relatively Expensive
  • Restricted to Vype e-liquid – closed system
  • Limited e Liquid choice: PG/VG mix – Only 1 tobacco & 1 mint flavour in 1 low (11mg/ml) nicotine strength

Short on time:- see the Quick Start Review Guide, New users – eCig Selector here

Vype ePen consumer reviews.

From 28 User reviews Average Rating Was 4.6 out of 5 @ 03/09/2017

Sample of Vype e cig Reviews

Wendy. June 2017. 3/5 Stars

When you buy the fillers for the vype the lowest you can buy is 18mg, will you be doing any lower the 18 sometimes catches the back of you throat to strong. I have been smoking for 39 years. I have been using the vype for nearly 6 weeks and would like to continue to use it but at a lower strength.

Charles. April 2017. 5/5 Stars

brilliant! Fantastic! Better than any other e cigs I have used before. I haven’t yet broken one of these which in its own is a miracle. Battery is great and charges fast. I love the fact that I can go from one flavour to another with none of the mess. I will certainly continue using and recommending.

Simon fitzgerald April 2016. 2/5 Stars

Superb ecig helped me quit cartridge bit expensive but good selection. If problem it’s made of plastic so had it in my pocket while working now broken both top and bottom so got lots of cartridges but now no pen:( would be a lot better if it was metal

Anna. February 2016. 3/5 Stars

I love this e pen- BUT.. battery life is ridiculously short! If I don’t puff on it for a while it just dies. Hope they can sort this out.

Source: Vype E Cigarette Site 

News Update: According to an update on the Vype ePen is now available in Germany. In June 2016 Vype introduced the Vype eBox for more advanced vapers.

Nachdem die Vype in England, Polen, Italien und auch Frankreich bereits zum Kauf angeboten wird, kommt die Vype ab Ende Januar 2016 in den deutschen Tabak- und Einzelhandel. Wir haben uns den Vype ePen genauer angesehen. Erfahrungsberichte zur Vype ePen



*For calculation purposes: Equivalent to a 20/day cigarette smoker. Running cost of eliquid for the Pro is based on a 50ml refill costing £25 which is not an uncommon average price for e-Liquid and 5 additional refill carts for 6 months use. 2ml per day eliquid use. 30 days per month, 183 days = 6 months. Postage Royal Mail tracked service. Updated Price at September 2017. Both brands do have sales from time to time.

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