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Vype eTank Review

Vype eTank Review


Value for money


Build Quality


Vapour Production


Choice of Strengths





  • Vype's best vape option
  • Easy to use
  • Reasonable Price


  • Limited Tobacco Flavour & Strength
  • Generic style vape pen
  • Restricted to Vype e juice


Vype. Quick Start E-Cig Guide

Quick Start | Best E-Cig Reviews

Vype has now introduced the Vype eTank and launched the newer modular Vype e Tank Pro. Prior to this launch there were two Vype e cig products, the Vype e Stick and the Vype ePen – see the Vype ePen 3 Pro review. The ePen basic vaping products are aimed at the new-user e-cig market and are a closed system meaning that the e-liquid is contained within the e cig with no ability to choose an alternative e-liquid. The Vype ePod was also introduced in early 2019.

Is the eTank Pro Vype’s best e cigarette

If you have to have a Vype e cig then the eBox or eTank  are no doubt the best option from the Vype line-up – but as stated below there are much better vape pens out there so do invest some of your time and see the “Quick Start e-Cig Guide“. Both the eTank Pro and standard eTank are similar but the Pro has a larger battery, but at double the price is it worth buying?

Vype Competition

The Aspire K2 is a far more solid and almost identical product, smaller (84mm compared with 138mm!) similar design but with a longer lasting battery and capable of using any e liquid and it comes with 2 tank coils for the same price.

Aspire Versus Vype

The Vype e Tank reviewed here will supplement the existing Vype product range but will not compete with the modern vaporizer style vape pens often used by heavier smokers & more advanced e-cig users.

VYPE ePod £19.94: Save

Vype ePod Special Offer

Up to 25% Vype Discount Code

Vype discount codes are available and there are often on-site Vype sales. The odd Vype 10% discount pops up on-line from time to time. Best to sign up to their Vype newsletter and Vype discounts will be emailed to you almost weekly at the moment offering Vype discount codes.

Tip -The Vype official online distributor currently sells the eTank and eTank Pro cheaper than Vype does!

Vype eTank in detail

(updated June 2019)

New Vype eTank review image

The introduction of the Vype eTank is a late play for Vype as this style e cigs have moved on with the launch of new vaporizers and pod devices from a number of e cig companies. It will be interesting to see what new technology if any, is used in the new eTank Pro.

The eTank and eTank Pro are around the same size as the Vype ePen but cylinder-like rather than oval. The Pro 2 at £29.99 (from Vype direct, cheaper from official Vype distributors) looks reasonable, but replacement clearomisers are £11.99 each.

eTank Design

The e-Tank is designed to be used with the new Vype e-Liquid range which is limited to 6 tobacco flavours and around 20 flavoured e-liquids, many limited to 3, 6 and 12 mg strengths. Average to heavier smokers will find that where the Vype maximum strength is 12 mg nicotine it will probably not satisfy and they will then need to purchase a further e cigarette device that allows stronger strengths (up to 20 mg). On certain vape juice flavours Vype now offers 18 mg strength nicotine. The dimensions are approximately 14 mm x 138 mm.

Vype eTank kit content

  • Vype e Tank
  • 1000 mAh battery
  • USB charging cable
  • e Tank Pro User guide
  • Weight 45g. Size (14mm x 138mm) approx.

eTank versatility

The open tank system does not allow vapers to customise their vaping experience to meet their needs with respect to using any e liquid. The current Vype range restricts users to using Vype’s own e liquid. Vype specifically state in their FAQ section:

“It is important to emphasise that our e-Liquids should only be used with the Vype eTank”

In order to compete in the e cigarette market manufacturers have had to look to satisfy increasing demand for open system devices. Vype have not gone down this route – however  I am unclear what would happen if an alternative e-liquid was used with the eTank!!

For example VMR Products, the major US e cigarette manufacturer launched the V2 Pro range. The Pro range offers the most advanced open system vaporizer solution on the market and has the ability to be used with any e-liquid, loose leaf/tobacco dry herb, wax & essential oils. It will be interesting to see how the Vype eTank can compete with this level of versatility!

Vype eTank alternatives

Their new Vype e-Tank Pro is a more powerful version with a larger 1000 mAh battery and top-fill design but it is similar to many other generic vape pens, at around £25 you may well do better with the very similar XEO Void which offers a better quality vape device (German design!) and is compatible with other e liquids and offers sub ohm vaping. The eTank is aimed at light to moderate smokers with nicotine strengths of 18 mg or less. See the Vype Running costs versus top vaporizers. This is not the cheapest Vype e cig but it is their best product to date.

The Vype eTank is similar in size to the V2 Pro 3 so is more compact than many of the ego type vape pens out there. It comes as a 3 part device. mouthpiece, e-liquid container and battery. The e-liquid container has a graduated window as a convenient way to check your e-liquid levels.


In use the eTank is restricted to Vype e-liquid only and the battery lasted me less than a full day of vaping. That said the vape experience is certainly better than the Vype eStick or the noisy Vype ePen in my opinion. The draw is smoother and vapour production is reasonable however, overall the Vype eTank does not shine in any one particular area. There are better alternatives!

See the Vype epod here


Vype eTank Rating: 65%

The more advanced Pro 3 offers significantly more versatility and with its magnetic system is far easier to use. See the Vype Versus the Pro 3 here

best vape pen uk brand


 The Vype Range

Vype eTank, Vype e Pen, Vype eStick Maxx and ePen 3 e cig range

Go Buy Vype

Vype. Pile it High and sell it Cheap.

Tobacco companies in the e-cigarette space like Vype (a BAT subsidiary) will pile up product in the retail outlets and Vype stockists with cheaper offerings in an attempt to offer convenience. Consumers are realizing that in the long run choices are limited and price points are higher after first purchase. Once established, vapers will, I believe migrate to the better e cigarette choices available on-line.

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Updated June 13, 2019

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