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Vype have vastly improved the range of Vype e liquid they offer and now include some 20 flavours for your vaping pleasure. Can Vype now be considered one of the best UK eliquids?

In the past Vype could have been criticised for a lack of e liquid options, this has now changed with Vype offering over 20 vape juice flavours, lets take a look at the Vype vape offerings. They also offer a handy e liquid mixers page, Flavour Lab where they give ideas on how to mix their e liquids for various combo e juice flavours like “Vanilla cherry and honeydew twist”

The full Vype juice range consists of the following ranges;

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Premium or Dessert Range £5.99

The Vype Premium range is a low PG high VG content e liquid so delivers more vapour with a slightly sweet aspect. The focus here is on “Dessert” flavour vape juice and includes the 5 flavours: Apple Custard, Berry Trifle, Crème Brulee, Coconut Panna and Caramel Marshmallow. Each flavour comes in three nicotine strengths 3,6 and 12 mg. There is no Shisha or zero mg option. Not available to ePen users.

Cool Collection £6.99

A high PG low, VG vape juice. This Vype range focuses on mint or menthol flavours combined with 3 fruity flavours. Green Snap is cool menthol blended with a fruity apple flavour; Indigo Dive combines a rich blackcurrant overtone within the minty vapour and their Vype Scarlet Kick, again with the menthol theme but this time with a blend of fruity mixed berries that offer a slightly sharper tasting vapour. This Cool Collection range can be used with the Vype ePen as it also comes with the ePen cartridges. There are three nicotine strengths 0, 6 and 12 mg.

Fruit Collection £4.99

The Fruit collection is simply a range of three vape flavours that includes Strawberry, Peach and “Honeydew Splash”. There are three nicotine strengths 0, 6 and 12 mg. This range also comes as an option with the ePen cartridges and is marked High PG, Low VG.

Smoothie Collection at £4.99

Similar to the Vype Fruit Collection but with three additional fruit flavours that includes Tropical Punch, a banana strawberry mix (“Banaberry”) and Berry Crush flavour. The tropical flavour is a creamy infusion of peach nad mango with a hint of caramel. This is limited to e liquid only, no ePen option and comes with only 6 and 12 mg nicotine strengths. Again there is no Shisha or zero mg option. This is a low PG and medium VG blend so does give reasonable vapour.

Tip: Some official Vype online distributors sell Vype e liquid and vape pens with a discount!

Vype PG & VG definitions

Vype e liquid formulations are marked as low, medium or high, this relates to the PG or VG content contained in each e juice formulation. Generally the higher the VG element the higher the vapour content. VG is slightly sweeter than PG so lends itself to sweeter mixes whilst PG tends to give more punch. This information helps vapers who want more vapour or stronger less sweet vape juice mixes.

  • “Low”: 1%-35%
  • “Medium”: 36%-59%
  • “High”: 60-90%

Vype vPure e Liquid

At the same time as the eTank launch, Vype also introduced a new eLiquid, Vpure which is pure e liquid with no added flavours. This provides vapers who do not want to inhale flavourings or other additives a clean vaping alternative. Vpure is a low PG medium VG vape juice mix but only comes in two nicotine strengths, 6 and 12 mg. Again only suitable for light to moderate smokers at best. Vype have moved from being a VG e liquid provider, this is a shame because their VG was not only fully tested as pure, it was extremely popular for those with a PG e-liquid sensitivity.

Their e-Liquid range is now a VG/PG based mix, Vype appear to have accepted that this is the way to go to “improve the vaping experience“. I assume that vPure and Vype e-liquid range has been launched so that their new e-Tank vape pen users have more of a choice of e-Liquid flavours. At £5.99-£4.99 for a 10 ml bottle, 10 mls will last you a few days, the cost will work out pretty high.

Vype Nicotine content

Vype have different minimum and maximum nicotine strengths dependant on which vape juice range you select. Some juice ranges don’t offer a zero mg option whilst some don’t offer an 18 mg option. Those smoking average or stronger cigarettes may struggle with the lower nicotine levels. Those wanting to reduce nicotine dependency by gradually getting to vape zero nicotine e juice are also limited.

Tip: The Vype ECOpure range, their old 100% VG e liquid, can now be replaced by a new organic 100% VG ECOvape e-liquid from the VSAVI eJuice Brand.

Vype e-Liquid ingredients

There are no full details on the Vype site regarding ingredients of their e-Liquids at this time. The site is clear but lacks any detailed descriptions of the product ingredients. On the e liquid pages Vype simply describe their e liquid as containing

“All Vype e liquids contain Propylene Glycol (PG), Glycerol (also known as Vegetable Glycerine or VG) and water”

Obviously this can not be a full disclosure of ingredients, some additive or artificial flavourings must be added in order to give the various flavours. A search on Google for “Vype e liquid ingredients” again doesnt make things clearer, no detail of what additives or “flavours” are added.

“Vype eLiquids are all made from almost exactly the same 5 ingredients: vegetable glycerine (VG), propylene glycol (PG), flavourings, nicotine and water. Different flavoured eLiquids contain different flavourings, of course, and some eLiquids are made without water or nicotine.”

The Vype new e liquid range is produced in Italy now and not the UK as it was previously – there are no ingredients listed anywhere on the packaging or on the e-liquid bottle and is for use with Vype products only.

The introduction of Vype Vpure & e liquid flavours will not allow Vype to compete against the V2 Platinum range of e liquid which we have reviewed and consider the best e-liquid from a safety perspective. Vype clearly state that their e liquid is designed for their product only and therefore should not be used with other vape products. As an alternative e liquid brand, Platinum e-liquid contains pharmaceutical grade ingredients and can be used with all product manufacturers, V2 also offers their clients detailed batch testing reports on every e liquid they sell and to our knowledge are the only totally transparent e-liquid provider out there.

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