The World Health Organisation (ii) “does not discount the possibility that electronic cigarettes could be useful as a smoking cessation aid. The only way to know is to test”

Public Health England a government agency who look at the nations health and how we can improve it completed a report review on e cigarettes and one of it major findings was that vaping is 95% less harmful than smoking conventional cigarettes. See more detail on our “healthy vaping” blog.

It is common knowledge how cigarettes can cause significant damage to a humans health and that it is not nicotine that is the main culprit here. Cigarettes are said to contain over 2000 chemicals that when inhaled simply do not do smokers any good. The problems with smoking are associated with, amongst other things, tar and also inhaling carbon monoxide. There is believed to be no tar or carbon monoxide in medical grade nicotine sold by the better manufacturers of e-cigs so is there a link between e cigs and health? It is always good to check to see if it is medical grade nicotine that you are vaping. It is the vape juice that is more likely to harm than the vapour cigarette!

However that is not the only difference between the two stimulants, as WKI (iii) researchers observed. “In the e-cigarette, vaporized substances create an aerosol of ultra-fine particles which become even finer when inhaled into the lungs. These tiny nano-droplets disperse over time. In contrast, the combustion process discharges solid particles that can remain in the surrounding air for a considerable time,” says Dr. Tobias Schripp, scientist at Fraunhofer WKI and co-author of the study. Furthermore there were no formaldehyde emissions detected with the electronic cigarettes whilst normal cigarettes exceeded the guideline values of 0.1 ppm for indoor air quality…

The medical profession and scientists generally agree that e-cigarettes, if they do pose any dangers to health, are much less harmful than tobacco smoking” (iv) . The electronic cigarette reviews should help you choose the best electronic cigarette for you.

From a smokers perspective there are additional benefits to using electronic cigarettes – they can be used almost anywhere without bothering non-smokers. There is no second-hand smoke from e-liquid or vape juice, no ashes, no smell and no cigarette ends. You probably won’t be stuck outside your house or office or a pub huddled in the cold either. There maybe less likelihood of affecting children or individuals with allergies or a sensitivity to smoke. You certainly can’t smoke while enjoying a drink these days – most places though shouldn’t have any objection to your e-cigarette.

From a financial perspective there is no comparison – with cigarettes running not far short of GBP10.00 per pack of 20, estimates from many e-cig suppliers suggest that savings well over 60% are viable with the equivalent of 20 cigarettes in e-cig form costing less than GBP3.00-4.00. There are other cost benefits as well – if you just want a couple of quick drags you either have to waste an entire cigarette or put up with the nasty taste when you relight it later. With e-cigs you can easily just take the number of puffs you want and then put the device back in your pocket or purse without wasting cigarettes or money. Buying the cheapest e-cig is not the answer. The cheaper e-cigs are not that much cheaper than the best e-cigs and bearing in mind what you save over normal cigarettes make sure you buy the best electronic cigarette. Ensure you then only use proper tested e juice that tests the e-liquids at least monthly.

There is a great mass of anecdotal evidence available on the web from e-cig users suggesting that they feel significant health benefits when using e-cigs as compared to cigarettes – things like smoker-cough and wheezing seem to disappear and general fitness increases significantly. There are also many posts claiming that e-cigs have been used as substitutes for real cigarettes and that some users have stopped smoking altogether.

Make sure you buy the best electronic cigarette out there!

A number of additional studies can be found here

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