Many people who are starting out and looking for a good e-cigarette or the best e-pen review have asked us at e-cig-reviews to give a comparison of relative sizes of the various vape pen devices. In this section we take a hands on approach and review the size of the devices that together form the main electronic cigarette category.lady-cigar2-c459

The difference between e cigarette sizes is very significant and can alter your experience and success rate in relation to transitioning from smoking to vaping. Some people starting out just would not succeed in quitting smoking if you gave them a good quality but large vape device. It would be to alien to them, too unlike what they are used to in what their smoking habit felt like – i.e. smoking a cigarette feels vastly different to vaping a big vape device.

Comfortable Vaping. Best Small E-Cigarette?

We need to make vaping simple. You need to find something that “fits”and doesn’t feel alien. Below we guide you through e cigarettes, vape pens, e-pens, ego’s, e-shisha pens and vaporizers. We look at the various e-cigarette sizes and the options available regarding what vape materials, e.g. tobacco loose leaf, e-liquid, dry herb etc. can be used with each vape device and link you to the appropriate e-cigarette review to help you find the best e cigarette option for your needs. Find a vape pen that you would feel comfortable using. This should help those new to vaping and guide them to buying the best e cigarette product,size-wise, and the best vaporizer or e pen for their specific needs. Hopefully by getting a vape pen that you feel comfortable with will significantly increase the chance of quitting nasty cigarettes.

e cigarette uk | the right size

Feeling Awkward?

A number of people have not realised just how big some e cigarettes are relative to what they are used to smoking. They may have ordered an e-cig product on-line to find that it was not suitable. So although they may have purchased a good e cig device, it was not what they were expecting. When you look at a particular vape pen, vaporizer, shisha pen or simple e-cig, it is not always clear exactly what size it is from the images shown at the e cig sellers site. It maybe that you are looking for the best cigarette size e-cig, the smallest sized  electronic cigarette or best mid-size e cig or perhaps a much larger vape pen or vaporizer to vape dry herbs or tobacco – either way this review guide should help.

Good E-Cigarette Batteries

At outset it is a good idea to get the best e-cigarette battery you can find, this gives the reliability needed when switching from smoking to vaping. In the past and in the earlier stages of the e-cigarette industry there were issues with e cigarette batteries not lasting as long as expected and not giving sufficient vapour production. This resulted in a poor user experience so people reverted back to smoking or went for much bigger options. Bigger and bigger batteries started to come on line. Larger batteries generally meant that the e cigarette would last longer and give more vapour than the smaller battery e cigarette. However with some companies employing newer technology their relatively smaller better e-cig batteries are more powerful and can outlast some of the larger batteries that may not contain modern technology. Also many individuals starting out vaping would prefer to have short e-cig battery – more cigarette size – just because they feel more comfortable.

Below is an e-cigarette size comparison table of various e-cig devices that gives an indication of relative size and the corresponding review-link so that you are guided to an e-cigarette that is fit for purpose and best suited to your needs. The e-cigarette and vaporizer images shown below are scaled 3/4 size to fit the page. For full size view click here.

 E-Cigarette Size Review: Comparison Chart.


cig-like e-cig, similar in size to standard king size cigarette

Cig Like e cig – ideal for starting eg. V2 Small, Vype – Review

Greensmoke standard e-cig, V2 large battery e-cigLarger – lasts longer but can be awkward to start out. – Review

great mini-shisha pen and mini tank

Mini Shisha, ePen, mini-tank for eliquid. – Review

very good shisha-pen, longer lasting e-cig battery


Shisha Pen for eliquid. – Review

Vaporizer pen, e-liquid vaping revolutionised


Vaporizer, eliquid +  herb option. – Review

Vype, very noisy light weight. See the Vype epen review



Ego type – eliquid eg. Vype ePen – closed system. – Review

best hi-tec Vaporizer, dry herb and loose-leaf, e liquid option



Personal Vaporizer for Dry Herb + loose leaf with eliquid option. – Review

older Ego-style-ecig, outdated e cigarette


Older style larger ego. Eliquid only. Too many parts, leaks etc. – Review

ego-brute, dinosaur vaping, superseded



Giant variable volt e-cig! Eliquid only, can combust with different cart option – not good. Lasts.- Review


E-Cigarette Options: Choosing The best E-Cig or best Vaporizer.

If you are new to vaping then the easiest and best approach would be to select your e-cigarette based on the size of what you are used to smoking – so a smaller e-cigarette as shown in the first image with pre-filled cartridge is the best move. This ensures that there are no issues of feeling awkward because of the size of the device when in use. Also this is the easier option to enter the vaping world as you do not have to mess around with liquid nicotine filling your own device – i.e. No DIY here – just straight forward vaping. It is important to get a quality vape device as poorer quality devices just cant give you sufficient nicotine “hit” and will leave you feeling like still wanting a cigarette to satisfy the crave! Some brands offer both tobacco and other flavour option refills like green tea, coffee or a range of fruit flavours that some may enjoy. Getting a simple e cig kit containing at least 2 batteries will keep you vaping all day, recharge overnight ready for day two!

A number of brands also offer the mini-cartridge (3rd image down – mini-tank e-cig) which are compatible with your e-cigarette battery so if you ever feel the need to try using e-liquid or different flavour e-liquids, brands like Vapour2 have all the options so that you don’t have to start again with a new kit. These are mini-tank e-cigs also called Shisha Pens.

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Quality Vaporizers.

Some vapers may wish to have the flexibility of a longer battery life or the ability to vape a different medium (eg. Lose leaf tobacco, dry herb, wax, different flavours of e-liquid etc) and are not concerned about using a rather larger device to facilitate this. In this case a personal vaporizer with e-liquid and dry herb functionality can be the answer. These have evolved and can be relatively sleek when using modern technology. The Pro Series 3 vape pen is an excellent example of this. (5th image from the top). Avoid the older type egos that require you to replace various parts of the cartomizer as this is frustrating, can add to costs and will also involve leakage as the seals don’t last for very long. In the past this was your only option but with newer technology this can all be avoided now.

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Health Warning: Vaping e-liquids that do not have proper testing and full details of ingredients could seriously harm you. See our sub-ohm box mod blog.

UK and EU TPD regulations have now taken the first steps legislating e cigarettes and e liquids

Health Warning. Vaping dry herbs or tobacco with some so called “vaporizers” could seriously harm you. Make sure your vaporizer does not use COMBUSTION to burn your vaping material – make sure it VAPORIZES it.

For additional information on size and evolution of the e cigarette see here.



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