Voom Review


Value for money


Build Quality


Vapour production


Battery Life


Looks and Feel



  • Superb quality, premium look
  • Very effective
  • Cigarette length, not bulky
  • Prefilled and refillable pods
  • Portable charge case option


  • Few colours
  • Not for heavy smokers

Review: Voom Vape Pod Starter Kit

If simplicity, looks and feel were everything the Voom would be a top-notch vape pod product. But does it perform?

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Quick Look at the Voom Pod Starter KitVoom Pod vape starter kit

This sleek and super-light vape kit from Voom offers a luxurious yet discreet vaping experience, with a range of 1.2ml prefilled pods available in a variety of different flavours, as well as refillable pods to use with your favourite e-liquid. The pods are simple to swap using a combination of a magnetic lock and clamping connection.

Powered by an in-built 320mAh battery, the easy-to-use Voom pod mod is suitable for beginners and experienced vapers alike. The inhalation-activated firing system is intuitive to use and fits the discreet style of this ultra-modern device. An indicator light shows battery level.

What’s in the Voom Pod Starter Kit Box?

• Voom vape device
• Voom 1.2ml 20mg tobacco vape pod
• USB charging dock
• User manual

A Closer Look at the Voom Vape Kit:

  • Battery capacity: 320mAh
  • Battery type: integrated
  • Dimensions: 7.2mm x 85mm x 20mm
  • Weight: 16g
  • Colours: black, gold
  • Pod volume: 1.2ml (prefilled pods contain 20mg salt nicotine)

Every aspect of the Voom has been expertly done: it’s slim, seamless and unbelievable light at just 16g (around the same weight as an AA battery) without feeling flimsy. The matte sandblasting finish, bevelled edges and buttonless design give it a modern, premium look. The device has an aluminium alloy cover – the same material used for iPhone covers giving it a luxurious feel not normally associated with e-cigarettes. The Voom is enjoyable to hold; satisfyingly close to a cigarette and discreet to use with its draw-activated firing system offering MTL (Mouth to Lung) vaping.

It contains a high standard black micron ceramic coil for more efficient atomisation to bring out the flavour of the pod with no burnt taste. This also provides even heating for noticeably smooth and stable smoke.

Safety features:
• Overcharge protection
• Blowback protection
• Protection against short-circuiting
• Low voltage protection
• Overtime protection for smoking

Voom PowerVoom power features

The 320mAh battery of the Voom is ample and can’t be faulted for a device this light and slim, though it is less than is found in larger pod mods. It is also lower than the similar sized Ripstick which has a 500mAh.

The Voom will lasts for up to 2 days with light to moderate use or around a day of heavier use. The comparable Juul C1 offers a 280mAh battery while the slimmer iQ Air has 200mAh, both these are outperformed by the Voom here on capacity. Of the three, I prefer the Ripstick. However with the Voom you do have the option of the charge case which would be needed for heavy vaping. I easily got more than a day’s use out of a single charge (which it does in an impressive 45 minutes) but I am a light/moderate vaper. I also tried out the Voom portable charging case which is a great option when away from home or out and about if you’ve forgotten to charge your device before leaving the house.

Vaping with the Voom

The simplicity of the Voom is definitely a highlight – the pods slot in easily and the magnetic system gives a satisfying click as it locks in. Once inserted, the pods are securely attached and blend in smoothly with the rest of the device.

While other pod mods often use a complicated system of button pressing before you can start vaping, with the buttonless Voom pod mod you’re ready to go straight away, making it the ideal choice for beginners or those who don’t want to deal with the complexity of some of the other devices out there.

To take a draw you just need to inhale; this is detected by the responsive air drive for natural and authentic vaping. I really enjoyed this but it may be a downside for those that prefer a button function to control their vape. The mouthpiece is ergonomically designed for maximum comfort. Voom uses MTL (Mouth To Lung) drip which I find adds to the cigarette-style experience but again may be a disadvantage if you like DTL.

The vaping experience of the Voom pod mod was excellent, giving a smooth throat hit with a strong and robust flavour from the pods. The design gives a tight draw and there was a good amount of vapour. The micron ceramic coil in the device is excellent quality and provides finer smoke and a softer throat feeling in combination with a rich flavour.

I was particularly impressed given the size of the device – there’s no compromise on the vaping experience and it’s comparable to bulkier devices out there. The Voom is also discreet to use given its compact size.

Voom pod vape official retailer

Voom Vape Pods

The Voom Pod Starter Kit comes with a 1.2ml prefilled tobacco pod with high quality 20mg salt nicotine. You can then choose to use the Voom prefilled pods in a range of flavours or use refillable pods with your preferred e-liquid. This offers great flexibility: the pods are very compact so are easy to carry and slip into a pocket in case you need a new one away from home, while the option to use the refillable pods means the Voom is suitable for every taste.

The pods themselves are well designed and the body is made with metal with a gold-plated electrode, fitting the high-quality feel of the rest of the device. They are leak-proof and anti-tamper so no need to worry about any e-liquid spilling into your bag or pocket. The 1.2ml capacity is slightly less than is found on other pod mods but still gives around 250-300 puffs per pod which is good for something this size.

Prefilled pod flavours: tobacco, mint, ice grape, ice watermelon, ice strawberry, ice lemon, ice mango, roasted coffee, shisha, double apple. Voom Pod multipacks are available.

I tried a few of the prefilled pods but prefer tobacco and less fruity flavour so used my usual e-liquid in combination with a refillable pod. These were really easy to use and the flexibility this system offers can’t be faulted.

Voom Indicator Light

The Voom uses a subtle LED light to indicate battery level and any problems that might arise with the device. This is a useful yet tasteful addition and features a more extensive system than other pod mods.

Battery Light:
  • Red: battery <30%
  • Blue: battery 30-70%
  • White: battery >70%
  • Green: battery fully charged
  • Short circuit: light indicating current power flashes 3 times
  • Atomizer connection: current power light flashes twice
  • Smoking timeout: current power light flashes 5 times

How does the Voom Pod Starter Kit Compare?

While the battery capacity of the Voom is lower than some of the other pod mods out there, it doesn’t get much better for a device this light and I didn’t have any battery problems. The 1.2ml vape pod capacity is not as much as some other devices but these are generally also bulkier – my preference is still for the featherlight Voom. There is a wider variety of prefilled pod flavours on offer compared to most of its competitors, something many will appreciate. Unsurprisingly, it’s one of the most minimalist and lightweight pod mods out there.


• Design – superb quality and a premium look
• Simplicity – no buttons, just inhale. Ideal for beginners and those wanting an easy vaping experience
• Great vaping – inhalation-activated and a satisfying throat hit
• Pod options – the range of prefilled pod flavours and the option of using a refillable pod makes it suitable for everyone


• MTL only – no DTL option for those that prefer it
• No options for customising your vaping experience for manual draw etc.

Voom vape kit

Overall Experience of the Voom Pod Starter Kit

The Voom is pretty much as lightweight and sleek as pod mods come. The design is a highlight for me and its size means it slots easily into even small pockets. While other pod mods are bulky and sometimes awkward to hold, the Voom excels in its simplicity and straightforward use, and can’t be beaten on its premium feel. The vaping experience is intuitive, satisfying and stands up to its competitors well at a good price. Perhaps its main competitor would be the Ripstick, similar look, feel and size but a lot more battery power.

The Voom device withstood heavy use while I was testing it, and for those with any concerns about the (ample) battery capacity I would recommend the portable charging device. The choice of prefilled or refillable pods add to the many positives of the Voom, and I’d say it’s a very good choice both for beginners and more experienced vapers.

Voom design is excellent

Voom Accessory Range

Voom vape device, Pods and accessories

Tracey Jackson

Tracey Jackson

Tracey Jackson discovered the life-changing potential of vaping after making the switch from smoking several years ago. Tracey specialises in writing expert reviews and helping others find the best vapes on the market.