Khan Dry Herb Vaporizer Guide


Khan build quality


Ease of use


Heat chamber size


Multiple heat settings


Value for money



  • Extremely prtable design
  • Bubbler for smooth draw
  • Large ceramic heat chamber
  • Excellent battery life
  • Best high temp setting


  • Can get a little warm on max.

The Mig Vapor Khan dry herb vaporizer has many similarities to the Mig Torpedo, which as we know is one of the most popular dry herb vaporizers for its price range. The Khan is sat at a higher price and aims to build on the Torpedo’s success, boasting a larger heating chamber, higher heating temperatures, simple to use and solid build quality. This review takes a closer look at the specifications and user experience you can expect, and we determine just how good the Khan is.

Khan specifications and Performance

  • Aerospace Aluminium bodyMig Khan dry herb vaporizer
  • LED SCREEN Temperature settings from 302-464 Degrees Fahrenheit
  • 1/2 gram chamber, biggest in the industry
  • Isolated air path, keeping cool air flowing in
  • Vibrates on full heat up
  • Thick Pyrex glass mouthpiece, Ceramic chamber
  • The snake on the red Khan, is gold plated nickel. (Snake was designed and moulded under expressed permission, for Mig Vapor by L. Gardini)
  • The snake on the black Khan is silver plated Built tough, this is a work horse.
  • Pyrex “Bubbler” built by Specifics Labs
  • 5 Year Limited warranty, factory limited warranty for factory defect – excluding battery abuse.

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Heating chamber

Many people buy vaporizers and are disappointed with the heating chamber size. A 0.3 g chamber is standard and does suffice for most individual use, however there are a lot of portable vaporizers that have even less chamber space which can lead to an ineffective, and ultimately disappointing user experience. The Mig Vapor Khan boasts a 0.5 g chamber which is huge compared to much of the competition, and like the previously mentioned Torpedo this makes it an extremely effective small vaporizer, so don’t be tricked by its size, it packs a heavy punch.

As well as size, the Khan also boasts a variable heating chamber with controls and a screen, the screen allows you to choose temperatures between 150° – 240°C (302°F-464°F) which is an excellent range for such a small device. The Pax 3 maxes out at 210°C! The higher temperatures ensure you can get the most out of your product, although due to the small form factor it can risk slightly warmer vapour and a hotter device in your hand when operated at the higher temperatures. The chamber can heat to higher temperatures than the Mighty and the PAX which are two staples of high end loose leaf vaping and this is extremely impressive for such a small unit.

Faulty Units

Often times people feel that they are gambling a little bit when buying a vaporizer, I think this is down to the band wagon vaporizer companies that have flooded the market with low quality products when vaping took off. However as we’ve seen in the past, Mig products are well built solid devices and Mig retailers replace any faulty units with no quibbles, they also have excellent customer service which is reassuring.

Battery Life

A key fact to consider when buying a vaporizer is battery size. The Khan utilises a huge 2200 mAh battery which allows for longer sessions and allows the vaporizer to be used in a group setting much more effectively. I have found that often when sharing a chamber, some vaporizers’ batteries can die before I’ve had the desired use out of it, but with the Khan this is unlikely. For such a small device to have such a large battery is impressive and when grouped with the chamber size and heating options it makes for an overall extremely effective vaporizer. This vaporizer doesn’t have pass through charging which is a little disappointing at this price range, but the micro USB charging port does allow for portability and on the go charging from laptops and other USB ports. From completely depleted to a full charge you can expect it to take around 2-3 hours which is not bad for such a large battery.

Khan Size and Ergonomics

The Khan is visually pleasing, the ornamental snake design which can be gold or silver plated gives it a quirky and expensive look and the various colours it comes in adds some nice but expected variation. The rounded body looks and feels great, it is also a good break from a lot of the blocky and angular vaporizers that saturate the market. One thing that is a little disappointing is that despite it meeting all the requirements to be a great portable vaporizer, its glass mouth piece which admittedly does help with vapour quality and temperature, prevents me from using it as a portable vape because I am afraid the mouth piece might break. Another slight design flaw is that there is only one button, I know it sounds strange to have one button and a glass display with variable temperature control but yes, somehow you are meant to both control the temperature and turn it on and off only using one button. This is relatively simple to do, but because of the nature of a loose leaf vaporizer, this can get confusing while half way through a session if you forget how the buttons work. Back to aesthetics, the body of this device is made from aluminium and comes in both Thunder Red or Onyx Black, this feels nice in the hand and gives a solidity to the vaporizer that screams build quality similar to the PAX.

The Khan Herb vape Kit. What’s inside?

Out of the box you can expect to have the vaporizer with a variety of accessories. The mouth piece is made from high quality Pyrex and allows for good vapour flavor and at higher temperatures the bubbler can effectively cool the vapour to make for an enjoyable session, even if the long bubbler mouthpiece does look a little goofy at times. You will also receive a cleaning brush, a pair of tweezers and one alcohol wipe, this means cleaning the mouthpiece is simple and easy although this is expected at this price range. A charging cable and manual are also included. Personally, I would have liked an additional plastic mouthpiece to be included, for those that enjoy lower temperature vaping on the go, because for me, the glass mouthpiece gives me portability concerns.

  • 1 x Mig Vapor Khan Dry Herb Vaporizer herb vaporizer attachment
  • 1 x glass mouthpiece
  • 1 x glass Bubbler/water filter
  • 1 x cleaning brush
  • 1 x pair of tweezers
  • 1 x USB charging cable
  • 1 x alcohol wipe
  • User manual

Khan dry herb vaporizer review - buy now


The Khan succeeds in a lot of areas, it’s easy to load the chamber, use it and then clean once you are done. It doesn’t stand out for any specific reason but does everything exceptionally well, the temperature control is a nice addition but preset temperatures often allow for more efficient use for someone that doesn’t know exactly what they are doing and would reduce the confusion of using one button for lots of functions. Removing the glass screen would, in my opinion, improve the overall aesthetic of the design. No vaporizer is perfect for everything, and the Khan is no exception, but I feel that the areas where the Khan succeeds (heating temperature, chamber size, visual appeal, build quality and vapour quality) far out way the areas that it is lacking (user interface, only being able to vaporise loose leaf products and having a delicate mouthpiece). At around £100 it’s definitely one I would recommend.

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Tracey Jackson

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