E-liquid UpdateWhether you’ve been vaping for a few months now and have been consistently using the same vape juice, or if you’ve just started on your vaping journey, it’s important to know why switching flavours from time to time may be a good idea. From keeping your senses in check and more importantly, ensuring you enjoy your vaping experience enough not to give in to any cravings for cigarettes – let’s find out if its time to try a new e-liquid. 

Is Your E-Juice Leaving a Nasty Aftertaste?

If you’re new to vaping, you may be opting to use an e-liquid that has been recommended to you by a friend. As the e-liquid market continues to grow, an assortment of colourfully named concoctions arrives, all vying for your undivided attention. While it can be tempting at first to try the latest craze in e-juice, you should beware of any cheap e-liquids that might sound like a ‘nice idea’.

Flavour is a hugely important element of vaping, which is why you should always endeavour to use an e-juice that uses the best ingredients. Cheap e-liquids are likely to leave a bad aftertaste in your mouth, which will only taint your experience of vaping and potentially tempt you to return to the substantially more harmful tobacco cigarettes.

Vapers Tongue

A key cog in our mechanics that help us to smell and taste are our olfactory sensors found in our nasal cavities. Our olfactory senses detect the sweet, sour, salty, savoury and bitter flavours that we experience. However, like anything in life, too much of one thing may well clog up the system altogether, leaving you feeling frazzled and fed up.

If you use the same flavour of e-juice continuously and have a penchant for vaping frequently, then it’s not uncommon, that over time your senses may dull, the mouth becomes dry and your satisfaction from vape-to-vape lessen. In extreme cases, you may find that you experience a complete shutdown in your sensors leaving you unable to smell or taste a thing. Add headaches and a sore throat into the equation and you’ve got yourself a case what the vaping community often refer to as, ‘vapers tongue’ or ‘flavour fatigue’.

Fear not, for there are some easy answers out there that’ll solve your problems. In the first instance, try refraining from vaping as much as you normally would and drink lots of water. Keep doing so until you begin to notice a change in your sense of taste and smell.

The next thing to do is to switch e-liquid flavours. Not sure which one to choose? Vapour2 produce a handy sampler pack from their premium range of e-juice, that includes 4 or 3 flavours packs, from their range of 14 e-liquids. Mixing up the flavours that you vape regularly will help prevent any flavour build up in your olfactory sensors and keep you free from the dreaded vaper’s tongue. From fruity options such as grape, cherry and vanilla; sweet sensations such as cola, coffee and chocolate to more traditional flavours such as menthol and tobacco – sample something new and find your new favourite e-juice. 

Cleaning Your E-Liquid Tank

To ensure that you get to experience the freshest of flavours, always make sure to use your e-juice in a clean tank, free from the residue of past e-juices that you may have been consuming. It’s good practice to clean your tank regularly to ensure that no residue builds up, which will inevitably taint the taste of your vape.

If you use disposable cartridges, you won’t need to worry about any cleaning, though you might like to think about making the switch to refilling your very own blank tanks with e-liquid refills, which will help reduce waste and reduce your carbon footprint.

Tracey Jackson

Tracey Jackson

Tracey Jackson discovered the life-changing potential of vaping after making the switch from smoking several years ago. Tracey specialises in writing expert reviews and helping others find the best vapes on the market.