Lost Mary BM600S Review: Newest UK Disposable Vape From Elf Bar


Value for Money




Vapour Production


Flavour Selection


Ease of Use



  • Mesh coil improves flavour quality and vapour production
  • Compact, pocketable design
  • Eye-catching colour gradient helps with flavour identification


  • Small flavour selection at launch
  • May not be available in all vape shops

Without question, Lost Mary has been one of the hottest brands of disposable vapes in the UK in 2023. Lost Mary was developed by EB Design, the company behind the well-known Elf Bar disposable vape – and since the brand’s launch, the devices’ visual flair and tasty flavours have helped to make the products very successful within the UK vaping community. The newest device in the Lost Mary range is the new Lost Mary BM600S. It’s a revised version of the popular Lost Mary BM600, and it has an updated flavour selection along with a couple of new technical enhancements that promise to make your experience better than ever.

Lost Mary BM600S Review

So, does the Lost Mary BM600S measure up? We’ll take you through the specifics in this review. This guide also includes a full Lost Mary BM600S instruction manual, which you’ll find useful if you’re new to vaping or haven’t used a disposable vape before.

The Lost Mary BM600S is one of the best vapes in the UK! Click the link to see the full list.

Lost Mary BM600 vs. BM600S: What Are the Differences?

The major difference between the Lost Mary BM600S and BM600 is that the BM600S features a new mesh coil that dramatically increases the device’s vapour production and flavour quality. Traditional vape coils need a little time to warm up before they begin producing vapour, which creates a slight delay after you puff on the device. The mesh coil of the Lost Mary BM600S produces vapour almost instantly, which creates bigger clouds and helps to conserve the device’s battery.

To ensure that the increased vapour production of the Lost Mary BM600S won’t cause the wick to dry out, the device also has an improved wick that transports the e-liquid more efficiently and is more resistant to heat.

Compared to the Lost Mary BM600, the BM600S also has a slightly different flavour selection. We’ll discuss that in greater detail shortly.

The Lost Mary BM600 and BM600S are similar cosmetically, with both products having the same curved box shape that allows the devices to feel comfortable in the hand and to slip easily into any pocket.

Lost Mary BM600S Flavours: Which Ones Are the Best?

Lost Mary BM600S Reviews

The Lost Mary BM600S has a flavour selection differing from that of the BM600. At the time of writing, the flavour selection of the BM600S is also a bit smaller. It’s likely that the range of flavours will expand as the rollout of the BM600S continues and the devices gradually replace the BM600 units on store shelves.

The flavour selection of the Lost Mary BM600S includes the following:

  • Berry Combos: This one is a pure joy for fans of orchard flavour profiles. It blends notes of cranberry, grape, strawberry, blackberry and raspberry.
  • Lemon Lime: This is a classic flavour combination for citrus lovers. It uses lemon and lime in equal proportions to create an experience a bit like that of drinking a citrus soda.
  • Pina Kiwi Lemonade: Lemonade e-liquids are extremely popular in the vaping community, but you’ve never had one quite like this. A sweet-and-sour lemonade base pairs beautifully with notes of kiwi and pineapple.
  • Straw Golden Pina: Here’s one for the tropical e-liquid fans. It blends a base of pineapple and orange with a top note of juicy strawberry.

How Long Does the Lost Mary BM600S Last?

The Lost Mary BM600S lasts up to 600 puffs. It contains 2 ml of vape juice with a nicotine strength of 20 mg/ml for a total nicotine content of 40 mg. Most people will find that the Lost Mary BM600S lasts through about two days of full-time vaping, although how long the device will last for you will depend on your individual usage patterns. If you put the device down between sessions and only vape when you would have smoked a cigarette, you’ll probably have no trouble using the Lost Mary BM600s for two days.

When the Lost Mary BM600S runs out of e-liquid or battery power, it’s time to replace it. The battery is designed to last as long as is necessary to use the device’s full e-liquid supply, so the battery should die at about the same time that the device runs out of vape juice.

  • If the Lost Mary BM600S blinks every time you try to use it, the battery is dead.
  • If the Lost Mary BM600S lights up but produces no vapour – or it produces a harsh burnt flavour – every time you try to use it, the device is out of vape juice.

How to Unbox the Lost Mary BM600S

To prepare the Lost Mary BM600S for use, open the box and remove the device, which is sealed in a plastic pouch. Tear open the pouch and remove the device. Remove the silicone plug from the mouthpiece and peel off the sticker labelled “OPEN” at the bottom of the device. The Lost Mary BM600S is now ready to use. You can throw the sticker and silicone plug away.

How to Use the Lost Mary BM600S

To use the Lost Mary BM600S, draw air through the mouthpiece gently until the device’s light turns on. Inhale the vapour as if you were smoking a cigarette. After puffing on the device as many times as you’d puff on a cigarette – typically about 10-15 puffs – put the Lost Mary BM600S down for a while until your cravings return. To make the Lost Mary BM600S last as long as possible, pay attention to your usage patterns and try to use the device only when you would have smoked a cigarette.

How to Recharge the Lost Mary BM600S

The Lost Mary BM600S does not have a rechargeable battery. When the battery dies, you’ll need to dispose of the device and start using a new one. If you’re looking for a device that can last longer, consider buying a refillable vape kit instead.

Lost Mary BM600S Not Working? Here’s What to Do

Lost Mary BM600S Instruction Manual

If your Lost Mary BM600S doesn’t work and has never worked, the first thing you should do is check the bottom of the device to make sure that you’ve removed the “OPEN” sticker. The sticker is there to prevent the battery from activating while the device is still in the box. The Lost Mary BM600S won’t work until the sticker is removed because air can’t flow through the device.

If your device still isn’t working, try puffing harder. It’s possible that the device has a faulty airflow sensor that doesn’t have the correct sensitivity level. The device’s air path could also be clogged with e-liquid. If this doesn’t resolve the issue, you should return the device to the retailer.

Note that the Lost Mary BM600S has an expected lifespan of about two days. If the device begins blinking after working normally for a while, it means that the battery is dead. When the Lost Mary BM600S reaches the end of its life, you’ll need to replace it.

How to Spot a Fake Lost Mary BM600S

To confirm that a Lost Mary BM600S is authentic, look for a holographic sticker on the side of the box. At the bottom of the sticker, you’ll see a QR code partially obscured by a scratch-off coating. Remove the coating to see your device’s unique authenticity code. Either scan the QR code or visit lost-mary.com manually. If you use the QR code, make sure that the URL in your browser is definitely lost-mary.com and doesn’t have any of the letters or numbers changed. Enter your device’s authenticity code and click the “Verify” button to confirm that your device is authentic. If the device fails the authenticity check, return it to the seller.

Lost Mary BM600S Review: Final Thoughts

The Lost Mary BM600S represents an important evolution for the disposable segment of the vaping industry. It’s also particularly beneficial for UK vapers because the increased vapour production from the mesh coil creates a more satisfying experience. Some vapers enjoy the convenience of disposables but don’t find them sufficiently satisfying because disposable devices traditionally don’t offer great cloud production. If your previous experiences with disposables haven’t left you feeling entirely happy, you’ll probably love the Lost Mary BM600S.

Lost Mary BM600S: Pros

  • Mesh coil and improved wicking technology greatly improve the flavour quality and vapour production compared to the Lost Mary BM600
  • Compact box-shaped design is very popular within the UK vaping community
  • Eye-catching colour gradient helps you identify the flavour at a glance

Lost Mary BM600S: Cons

  • Small flavour selection at launch, but more flavours are likely to come soon
  • May not be easy to find in all vape shops

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Tracey Jackson

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