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We compare results from best e-Cigarette review sites & recommend the best e-cigs.

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We evaluate the best e-cigarette review sites and their preferred top 10 electronic cigarettes then compare their best e-cig results and summarise our findings. This is not based on our subjective views nor is it biased through fees that are paid to e-cigarette review sites by e-cigarette companies. To find out how we calculate our findings, please click below.

This way, we can review up to 60 of the best electronic cigarettes, analyse the information to give the top 5 e-cigarettes 2017 you can buy in the UK - all on one page.

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Best Vape Pen USA. Old glory

Best Vape Pen USA for 2017

Looking for your ideal vape pen? We do things a little differently here! Most US vape pen review sites give you their opinion of what is the best vaporizer or best e cig and why, and this opinion varies – widely! The vape reviews generally look at all aspects of the vape pen and the dollar cost or value for money and build this into their overall score. Reviews however can also vary from time to time depending on what incentives are offered by the e cig companies – it seems everyone likes an incentive. If you had the time you would look at all the e cigarette and vape pen review sites and find some likely candidates – but most of you simply don’t have the time.

Combining America’s Best Vape Pen Reviews onto One Page!

Good news! We do have the time because that’s what we do. We go through all the best e-cigarette and best vape pen review sites on your behalf and assess all the opinions of the top review sites and consumer ratings and aggregate the results – so to a certain extent we remove any bias that may exist. We compare the major review sites in America such as, and all the top Google sites to ensure you obtain an independent e-Cig review and end up with the best vape pen for your needs.

Best of The Best

Each review site we analyze, pick their own top vapes from 10 to 20 e cigs they review and create a “best 5 e-cigs” or “top 10 Vape Pen” list. This means that our summary review potentially consists of well over 100 vape pens that have been analyzed by the top review sites. We then consolidate this information 1980 u.s. vape pen?and bring you only the best of the very best vape pens out there.

With the right choice of Vape Pen you can still have a neat device that gives excellent vapor without having to carry around something the size of a 1980’s cell phone.

Best Vape Pen USA – A Guide to Finding the Best e-Cig on the US Market

Best Vape pen USA

Searching Google for vape pen reviews gives you around 1 million results. Searching for best e cigarette returns around 23 million searches. Of course many of the results are related in some way but there are far too many vape related choices in the United States and simply not enough time to get to the bottom of it all. We at E-Cig Reviews spend our time on product research and e-cig review analysis and coupled with our ratings formula, provide you with a simple process to make an informed decision when buying your vape pen product.

Regular Vape Pen Review Updates.

Every month we analyze both expert and hands-on user vape review data and then do the number crunching to give an up-to-date rating for each of the Vape Pen products available in the US. This ensures that new vaping products are constantly being reviewed and updated. See the “Calculations” tab below if you like math!

Now you can stop searching and hoping and buy with confidence

We review the U.S. vaping review sites and give you their consensus. The result, you get the best electronic cigarette reviews summarized in one place.


Best 3 Vape Pens 2017: June Review


First Place V2

Best e Cig 2015 U.S. - V2 Cigs Review

V2 are recognized as the major player in the Vaping category and their V2 Ex Series is recognized as the most advanced cigarette-sized vape pen on the market. V2 also offer a whole range of other vaping options including e-liquid tanks, vaporizers that can be used to vape dry herb, loose leaf tobacco and wax oil concentrates and of course their lab tested e liquids. Kits from $54.95 includes 10 quality refills. Our Rating: 92.8%

See the Review.  Visit the V2 Cigs Store


Second Place

Third best vape pen U.S.

The Halo G6 is a good quality product and like V2 their e liquids are tested properly. They offer 1 starter kit with 9 different battery colours and Halo also offer both pre-filled cartridges and DIY e liquid tanks. Kit is $44.99 includes only 5 refills. Our Rating: 70.0%

                                             See the Review.  Visit their Site



Third Place

Second best vaporizer U.S.Green Smoke do seem to do well on review site. They only offer the very basic style of e-Cigarette but by all accounts their vape pens, though not technically advanced are well made. Green Smoke have a straight forward range of 3 sizes of starter kits. Sadly they don’t offer any e liquid option & their refills are more costly than most. Kits from around $48.00 includes only 5 refills. Our Rating: 69.7%

See the Review.  Visit their Site




Here’s this month’s Best US Vape Pen calculations:

Summary – Monthly Reviews

The best Vape Pen shown by USA review sites are analyzed to establish the best electronic cigarettes and vape pens as reviewed by each site every month. For a review of vaporizers and larger devices see the Vaporizer Review section.

A score is given to each position so that 1st place scores 10 points, 2nd place scores 9 points .. with 5th place scoring 6 points. Therefore if a vape pen was in 1st place at all review sites it would score 6 X 10 = 60
Total scores are calculated for each vape pen giving a ranking to each. (>60 where equal positions are shown)

Results for Best Vape Pens from all USA E-Cig reviews

 V2 CigsHalo Green Smoke
Rank1st Place2nd3rd
Score out of 60543224


See the detailed Vaporizer reviews Here

Of interest.

“Vapor Couture” is the only slim e cig designed specifically for women and is up there with the best! .




Calculations. Best Vape Pen USA.

Score based on decreasing values from 10 downwards, best vape gets 10 points- 2nd best vape gets 9 points 3rd place gets 8 points and so on.

Position at review SiteScoreTotal Score across all sitese-Cig BrandNotes Review Site
56Apollo e Cigs
Read reviews for scores:
4713 Apollo
4=724Green Smoke
Inc User
38Halo e-Cigs
29Halo e-Cigs

Read reviews for scores.
VaporFi Pro
Inc User
4716Juul VapourRead reviews for scores:
388Magnum Epuffer
Top 3 Only. See review for full
3818Mig Vapor
Read reviews for scores. n/
5NoneTop 3
4NoneTop 3
2915South Beach
110V2 CigsInc User
110V2 CigsTop 3 Only. See review for full
110V2 CigsRead reviews for scores:
299Vaporfi ExpressSee review for full
4=7VaporFi ProInc User
11010Vaporfi Rocket Mod
388White Cloud
Inc Users

Note: Some vape review sites show a star rating system on the main review page which may not reflect the scoring system shown on the actual vape pen review page ie. you need to view their specific vape pen review page in order to see the full scores attributed to each Vape Pen.

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Updated June-12-2017