Hangsen iQ Touch KitWhether you’re already a keen vaper or are a heavy smoker seeking a less harmful alternative to your current habit, the brand new iQ Touch Pod Kit is a must buy and this review blog is essential reading. One of the best vape kits we’ve come across in a long time, we’re here to tell you all about this fantastic vape pen as well as why a visit to your favourite vape shop should be something to start thinking about. 

Why the iQ Touch Pod Kit is a Must-Buy

This pod system vape starter kit manufactured by Hangsen is a must-have device for any vaper looking for a robust nicotine hit. Super easy-to-use and straightforward, the Hangsen iQ Touch Pod Kit is draw activated which means there’s no fussing around with buttons and settings when all you want to do is just vape. If you’re new to vape pods, then have no fear. While it might be classified as an advanced vape kit, the truth is that the iQ Touch Pod Kit is just as suitable for those at the beginning of their vaping journey too. 

Featuring a 9-puff warning light that will shut down the power of the iQ Touch, this smart device will let you know when you need to take a break from your vape to ensure that you don’t vape more than you need to. If you’re looking for an intelligent vape pen that has your health in its interest, then this Pod System Starter Vape Kit will not only help you potentially quit smoking but in a way can act as a supportive tool that’ll prevent you from getting into the habit of frequently vaping. 

 A Refillable Pod with Plenty of Power

A common query among vapers who use a vape starter kit is that the hit of nicotine you receive doesn’t necessarily satisfy the craving that your body has. This will typically be down to the device’s power capabilities, and it’s the ability to give you and your body the amount of nicotine you need. Specifically designed to be used with high nicotine e-liquids, the Hangsen iQ Touch 450mAh Pod will provide ample power that delivers a strong hit of nicotine as and when you need it.

Not only will your battery give your e-liquid the power it needs, but the 450mAh battery will also supply your device with enough power to see through the entire day. In the instance that you do run low on power, the iQ Touch can be charged to full capacity within a mere 40 minutes. But how do you know when your power is getting low and you need to re-charge we hear you ask. Rather than experiencing a powerless and lackluster vape, the simple touch button on the front of the device will let you check how much power your device has left. In addition, the same button will let you adjust the wattage between outputs of 2.8V, 3.0V and 3.3V depending on your vaping preferences.

If you’re looking for an e-liquid that’s as compatible as peas in a pod, then VSAVI’s Platinum E-Liquid will provide the perfect companion for your iQ Touch cartridge. Talking of cartridges, the iQ Touch Pod is fitted with a built-in 1.2ohm organic cotton coil that will not only provide you with a flavourful vape but will also produce substantial vapour clouds at the same time. With a capacity of 2ml, the pods have a top-fill system that allows you to top up your e-liquid when you need to quickly.

iQ Touch Competition

The iQ Touch is in a space where there is a lot of competition, vape pod devices are being introduced at a fast pace. However many devices are not well made and many just cant give a proper nicotine delivery to the user. Currently the only real competition lies with two top products.

  1. The Voom, lower battery spec but very attractive. Has a separate portable charge case.
  2.  The Ripstick, higher battery spec and very simple to use. Next-generation Tobacco free vape liquid.

All three pod devices are top of the range and choosing one is really a matter of personal taste. All three are ideal for new vapers and would also suit established vapers looking for something that works exceptionally well with respect to getting a proper nicotine hit while being simple to use and very portable.

One Starter Kit to Rule Them All

Costing just £19.99 from the excellent online vape shop Pure E-Liquids; even if you have a favourite vape pen that you swear by, purchasing the new Hangsen iQ Touch Pod System Kit might just be the best decision you ever make. Sleek, slender and sexy in design, this vape pen provides a powerful hit of nicotine that’ll leave your nicotine cravings feeling satisfied for longer than you might expect. Vaping is up to 95% less harmful than smoking cigarettes and can seriously improve your chances of quitting smoking in the long run. Providing you with a satisfying throat hit, and fuss-free experience, the iQ Touch Pod Kit provides both existing vapers and those who may have been heavy smokers in the past, a seriously viable route to becoming smoke-free and eventually nicotine-free too.