V2 cigs uk tobacco e-liquidE Liquid or e juice is an essential item when it comes to vaping and without it, we simply wouldn’t be able to vape as a way to stay smoke-free. Whether you’re a veteran vaper or are just starting to spread your vaping wings; when it comes to finding an e juice that is right for you, the choices you are presented with are seemingly unending. In the name of saving you some time whilst browsing the huge selection of e-liquids available to you, we’ve compiled a short guide to help you understand everything you need to know about e liquid for the best vaping experience.

What’s in E Liquid

E-liquid is typically made up of four separate components; water, nicotine, flavouring and a vaporizing agent or base liquid that the aforementioned items are blended with. The most common vaporizing agents used by e-liquid manufacturers are propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG). Both ingredients are used in many household products such as cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and foodstuffs, and are an essential component for producing your vapour, as well as enhancing both the flavour of your e liquid and the thickness of your vapour cloud.  

While many manufacturers will use an optimized blend that contains both liquids, it’s worth noting that PG will enhance the flavourings of your e-liquid as well as providing a satisfying throat hit. VG has a slightly thicker consistency and is particularly suited to sub-ohm style vaping because it’s great for creating an altogether thicker vapour cloud

Propylene Glycol is a synthetic liquid, which some vapers can be sensitive to, and in extreme cases may even have an allergic reaction to. If this is the case, then using a 100% VG e juice like VSAVI’s organic e-liquid will provide a suitable alternative that means you can keep on vaping, stay smoke-free and more importantly stay away from the cigarettes. 

How does e-liquid work?

 Base liquids such as PG and VG essentially act as transportation for the nicotine and flavourings in your e juice. When you use an e-cigarette or vape pen, the battery provides an electric current to the atomizer located within your device’s e-liquid tank. Once engaged, the atomizer heats your e liquid into a vaporized state and the resulting vapour is subsequently inhaled by you the vaper. 

Is E-Liquid Safe? 

The million-dollar question for many new vapers and potential vapers is whether or not e liquid is safe to consume? While the long-term health consequences are yet to be realised and recorded, the immediate information provided by health officials such as Public Health England is that vaping e-liquid is a staggering 95% less harmful than smoking tobacco. Aside from its liquid form, the key difference between smoking and vaping is that you are heating e-liquid at a relatively low temperature as opposed to burning and combusting tobacco.

The safety of e-cigs have been, and continue to be studied extensively to realize any untoward consequences and dangers that vaping may pose to human health. Initial findings show that vaping can significantly reduce the risk of cancers and illnesses traditionally associated with smoking. While e-cigarettes still contain some toxins, research shows that tobacco cigarettes contain up to 450 times more toxins than e-cigarettes and e-liquid.

The reality is, that compared with smoking, it is a far less harmful way to get a dose of nicotine capable of containing and curbing any cravings for cigarettes. If you’re a smoker, you should be switching to vaping, but if you’re a non-smoker, the advice is to avoid vaping.  

How Do You Use E-Liquid?

There are two main ways that you can use e-liquid with your vaporizer. For fuss-free vaping, many will choose a prefilled e-liquid cartridge, which is simply screwed onto the end of a basic e-cigarette. Once the cartridge is spent, vapers dispose of the used cartridge responsibly and replace with a new cartridge. Easy and convenient, the drawback of using disposable cartridges is the excess packaging created, which has an impact on the environment and your carbon footprint.  

A way to avoid the excess waste created by disposable cartridges is to re-fill your e-liquid tank with your choice of e-liquid. While tanks may come in a variety of shapes, the process of re-filling will often be the same, and there are sorts of tools and accessories available which will limit any spillages and unwanted waste. Cost-effective and environmentally friendly, by re-filling your very own e-liquid tanks you’ll be able to experiment with flavours and make your very own e-liquid concoctions.  

What do you mean by nicotine strength? 

Vaping is a great way to replace the nicotine that you would normally consume from a cigarette and provide a safer way to do so. 

To suit the nicotine preferences that individuals may have, e-liquids are available in 4 different strengths; 0%, 0.6%, 1.2% and 1.8%. This means that you can match the strength of your e-liquid to the strength of cigarettes that you may have been used to. Where a heavy smoker of strong tobacco products would be encouraged to choose the higher strength of 1.8% nicotine, someone used to smoking light cigarettes should opt for 1.2% or 0.6%. 

Because the aim of the game is to live a healthy lifestyle, vaping should be viewed as a short-term plan that enables you to become both smoke-free and nicotine-free. By being able to choose between strengths of nicotine concentration in your e-liquid, you can slowly reduce the amount of nicotine and enable your body to re-adjust slowly and accordingly. 

What are the flavour options?

The great thing about vaping is the range of flavour options that you can choose from. While you may like to stick to the traditional flavours of tobacco or menthol, you’ll find that e-liquid is available in a huge range of flavours. A little known fact about cigarettes is that they can contain up to half a teaspoon of sugar. This is why so many smokers who quit have a real craving for sweet treats. As well as providing an alternative vaping experience, flavoured e-liquids will go some way to abating those sweet cravings that you may come across from time-to-time. From grape and cherry to cola and vanilla, you’ll find a range of flavour options to suit your individual preferences.  

The satisfaction you experience from vaping will be a key measure of whether you can stay vaping and stay smoke-free. The likelihood is that if you try an e-liquid that leaves a bad aftertaste, you’re hardly going to feel enamoured to return to your vaporizer in a hurry. 

Flavour and the quality of flavour can be the difference between becoming smoke-free or returning to cigarettes, which is why it’s so important to choose an e-liquid that uses quality ingredients such as Vapour2’s premium e-liquid range. 

Tracey Jackson

Tracey Jackson

Tracey Jackson discovered the life-changing potential of vaping after making the switch from smoking several years ago. Tracey specialises in writing expert reviews and helping others find the best vapes on the market.