Samsung Lithium-ion Battery replacementThere’s no doubt about it – vaping has transformed the lives of smokers across the globe, with an estimated 3.2 million vapers enjoying the benefits in the UK alone. But what happens when the products you’re using don’t appear to be as safe as they once seemed? Let’s take a look at why you shouldn’t be using Samsung Lithium-ion batteries and why you should be switching to the Efest battery 

Samsung Lithium-ion Batteries are Bad News

If your preferred way to vape is by using a vape mod device, then you may well use re-chargeable batteries. While you could be forgiven that using any old rechargeable battery may do, if you’re keen of vaping safely and free from any potential dangers – then you may want to take a more considered approach to how you power your device.  

 Lithium-ion batteries produced by Samsung, notably 18650 batteries, are now listed on the Samsung website as “not-intended” for use with e-cigarette devices. Further caution follows, with Samsung suggesting that by using their batteries with e-cigarettes, there may be a risk of “fire or explosion” causing “serious injury or property damage”. Sold in error for almost two years since Samsung’s declaration, if you use this particular battery, the advice is to switch to a safer alternative promptly. 

If you’ve read some of the horror stories in the news about exploding e-cigs and the severe damage to both the person vaping and their surroundings, then you’ll know that replacing a bad Samsung battery is of the utmost importance.  If this sounds like you, refrain from vaping and dispose of the battery responsibly,

The Efest Battery for Vape Mods

While Samsung’s 18650 batteries may be unfit for your vaporizer, there are, of course, some much safer 18650 alternatives that exist. Bringing a high-performance aspect to your vaping experience, if you happen to find yourself in possession of the aforementioned Samsung equivalent, then this is the battery you need in your life – like right now.  

Available from Pure E-Liquids, the Efest IMR 18650 has a whopping 2600mAh capacity and is suited to a variety of vape mods. With this said, you should always check whether you’re current device is compatible and always read the safety guidelines – at least once. 

Staying Safe When You’re Vaping

Aiming to provide smokers with a significantly safer alternative to smoking cigarettes, Public Health England cites e-cigs to be up 95% less harmful than cigarettes. But like pretty much anything you buy, whether it’s a washing machine or car, products need an element of care and attention to keep them in their proper working order and ensuring that they are safe to use. From replacing coils to cleaning your e-cig accessories, your vaporizer is also one of those items that require your attention. One such element often overlooked is taking care of your battery.  

While it might not be high on your agenda of things to do, looking after lithium-ion batteries is something that you should probably move to the top of that list. They might seem fairly innocuous, but if mistreated, lithium-ion batteries have the potential to explode and cause some severe damage in the process. By following a few simple rules, you’ll radically minimize the risk of any such misdemeanours happening to you.

  •     Always read your vaporisers instruction manual, as well as any instructions that come with any external batteries. Keep this safe so that you can refer to any information in the future.
  •     Always use you’re a charger that is specifically designed for your device. 
  •     Make sure your batteries are inserted correctly and that your ‘+’s and ‘-‘ are correctly aligned.
  •     Never leave your battery charging unattended and stop charging as soon as the battery charge is complete. 
  •     When charging your batteries, make sure you do it indoors and at room temperature – don’t let them get too hot!
  •     Never cover a charging battery.
  •     Dispose of used batteries responsibly and according to your local authority.
  •     If you’re transporting your batteries from place-to-place, make sure they are stored safely and within a non-conductive container. 

Remember, if you’re using a Samsung 18650 battery in your vape mod, then make sure you switch to an Efest 18650 as soon as you possibly can. Stay safe, when you vape and look after those batteries!

Tracey Jackson

Tracey Jackson

Tracey Jackson discovered the life-changing potential of vaping after making the switch from smoking several years ago. Tracey specialises in writing expert reviews and helping others find the best vapes on the market.