Vaper using e-cigarette on holiday

Best Places to Vape on Holiday


Vaper using e-cigarette on holidayReady for the summer sun? Whether you’ve been planning a trip of a lifetime all year or are leaving it late to head off on a last-minute break, your destination likely requires some boxes to be ticked to satisfy one’s search for the ideal holiday with the best place to vape on holiday. Swimming pool? Check. Ice Cream? Check. Restaurants and bars? Check. Vaping? Not sure? Let’s check out some of the best places to vape on holiday this summer and why it’s best to think before you vape.

Vaping in the UK

Worried about not getting much for your money at the bureau de change? Happy to stay put in the sunny UK? If you’re planning a summer staycation then there are not many places better to vape than in the UK. In 2015 Public Health England published evidence that concluded e-cigarettes to be up to 95% less harmful than smoking tobacco and that vaping even had the potential to help smokers become smoke-free.

The best place to vape on Holiday?

Proponents for a smoke-free society by way of vaping, while vaping typically fall into the same category as smoking, there are some savvy businesses out there who will provide designated vaping spaces separate to that of the dreaded ‘smokers corner’. The UK even has vaping shelters in selected hospitals and offer e-liquid on the premises, no wonder the UK is the best place to vape on holiday. But there are some alternatives if you don’t want to settle for the island.

Using E-Cigarettes in the E.U

Countries throughout the EU hold similar views to the UK when it comes to vaping with members adhering to regulations outlined by the Tobacco Products Directive. Similarly to the UK, e-cigs will generally fall under the same laws as tobacco products, which means vaping in public spaces and public transport will be a no-go. If you’re worried about running low on your supply of e-juice, have no fear for you’ll be able to purchase refills and vaporizers just as you would on home-soil.

Vaping in the U.S

Hopping across the pond this summer? While you’ll be able to vape throughout the country, the city of San Francisco was the first of many states to recently make the unprecedented move to ban the sale of e-cigarettes to curb the apparent rise in underage vaping.

Using Vape Devices in New Zealand

Going down under? New Zealand is amongst one of the best places to vape on holiday and has recently followed in the footsteps of the UK in recommending vaping to smokers as a way to help them become smoke-free. Additionally, the Ministry of Health in New Zealand has just launched an incredibly informative website to help smokers and those new to vaping further understand the benefits to lead healthier smoke-free lives.

Think Before You Vape

Due to the differing vaping laws that exist around the world, it’s of utmost importance that you think before you vape. While you may be vaping for the sake of your health, for those unfamiliar with e-cigarettes and e-liquid, the concept of vaping can be easily misconstrued as something even more sinister than smoking. If you’re ever in doubt about where and when you can vape, simply ask your hotel concierge about local etiquette.

Travelling with Your E-Cigarette

If your summer involves flying to your destination, then where and how you carry your e-cig equipment while in transit is important. E-cigarettes and vaporizers MUST be stored in your carry-on luggage as opposed to checked luggage. Similarly to smoking, vaping on a plane is a big fat no.

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