Smok Nord 4 Vs Nord 2 Vs Nord X

There have been 3 additional variants of the Smok Nord since the original launch, the Smok Nord 2, Nord X and now the Smok Nord 4. Whilst the original Nord was a great device there have been meaningful upgrades in the later versions with most occurring with the Nord 2 and later versions. The later devices have been upgraded in a less significant way and they have pros and cons.

The main advantages and upgrades to the Nord 4 when compared to the Nord 2 or Nord X is the battery power and the inclusion of the airflow adjustments.

Size Comparison. Nord 4 vs Nord X vs Nord 2

Some difference!

The upgrade takes the 1500mAh of earlier versions to 2000mAh which also allows for an increase in power from 60 to 80W. Then you have the additional flexibility in that you can fine tune your vaping by adjusting airflow, which for a few will make a difference.

The downside to that is the Nord 4 is a larger device and a few £ more. For the vast majority of vapers 2000mAh battery is not required, unless you are an extreme vaper. 1500mAh will last all day and then some. In addition the coils used in all the devices mentioned have recommended specifications published by Smoktech, the recommendations all fall below 50 Watts ( 10-25W on average so offering greater than 50 Watts is generally unnecessary.)

Having said that there is a degree of comfort to know that your Nord 4 battery will not need charging even if you are out all night and all day without the ability to charge. The Nord 4 is also the most up-to-date version and that often gives a perceived advantage. For avid vapers and cloud chasers perhaps >50W is a must have, but very, very few vapers actually use >50W

What is the difference between the Nord-4, Nord-X and Nord-2?

Size (mm) Volume size (cm^3) Battery (mAh) Airflow Power (W)
Smok Nord 2 95 x 30.5 x 20 58 1500 No 1-40W
Smok Nord X 100 x 31 x 23 71.3 1500 No 5-60W
Smok Nord 4 104.9 x 33.7 x 24.4 86.3 2000 Yes 5-80W

The Nord 4 is over 45% bigger than the Nord 2 by volume. This sounds a lot and certainly the Nord 4 does not feel uncomfortable, in fact it fits snug in the hand. But the Nord 2 is even more snug. I have slightly larger than average hands and prefer “new models” so I opt for the newer more powerful device, if the vape is a bit to “airy” or to tight I can make a small adjustment too. But there is a strong case for your average smoker, or if you have smaller hands or a small purse that the Nord 2 is the one to get.

As a final point, if you do want to take your Nord swimming, the Nord X spec states it is waterproof!

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