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ECR have just got back from Vaper Expo, and what an event! With the upcoming FDA regulations fast coming into place, this type of events could be, shall we say, “more challenging to organise”, and it feels like we are just getting going! Big thank you to all vendors & customers who came to the event!


This year’s Vape Expo was absolutely massive. Last year, the expo had around 40,000 sq ft of space, with around 80 exhibitors & 7000 visitors over 2 days. Vape Expo this year had over 200 exhibitors and 110,000 sq ft and it had more than 15,000 visitors. It’s good to see how rapidly the industry is growing, despite upcoming regulations.

This year featured some really amazing stands, vape crews & some of the best E Juice around. They even had a “build area” where you could rebuild your vape & get help from some industry experts.


Exhibitors Favourite Mods & Tanks Key Takeways

Vapouround Magazine Award Results

Best Exhibition Stand – The Captain’s Reserve

Orlando Vapor Show Co-Founder – Showing Up In Style

OFE & Islander – The Hawaiian Experience

Dinner Lady


Element E-Liquids

Chefs Vapour

Liquid State

Other Awesome Exhibition Stands & Brands We Met

Exhibitors Favourite Mods & Tanks Key Takeaways

While there we asked the exhibitors what their favourite tank or mod was, and the resounding result was the Aspire Cleito  due to the excellent flavour it delivers , low cost and ease of use. The Kangertech Subox Mini mod (upgraded to Kanger Topbox Nano) was also highly recommended.

FYI – Aspire have now also launched the Cleito Pro Mesh tank.

Building up to the event Vapouround Magazine hosted a fantastic “awards evening” on the 4th of May.  

Vaper Expo 2016 from Ecig Reviews on Vimeo.

Vapouround Magazine Awards results:

Award for Best Mod goes to: VapeAmp

Award for Best Cereal Juice goes to: Diamond Vapor – Nora’s Dream

Award for Best Dessert goes to: Villain Vapors, Dillinger

Award for Best Juice Of The Year goes to: Diamond Vapor – Nora’s Dream

Award for Best Vape Trade Show goes to: Vape Expo UK

Award for Innovation goes to: Vape & Volts

Award for Vaper Of The Year Goes to: Keith Fairman, Diamond Vapor – Nora’s Dream

Diamond Vapor were pretty prominent in the results, and for good reason. Nora’s Dream, was created to help their best friend’s baby “Nora” who was born with Cystic Fibrosis. All proceeds from Nora’s e-liquid go directly to helping her.

Best Exhibition Stand – The Captain’s Reserve


Massive shoutout to The Captain’s Reserve, this was our favourite stall by far in terms of branding. A fantastic “ship” style stand with a wooden bar for trying out their juice, barrels for authenticity and caribbean style plants to finish it off. If that wasn’t cool enough, their bigger e liquid comes in skull shaped bottles!

They also state on their website that they are 100% FDA ready.

Orlando Vapor Show Co-Founder – Showing up in style


Mark from Orlando Vapor Show and was there in style promoting the “vape poker” e-liquid. Even in the UK, vaping in casinos while playing poker seems pretty commonplace. I mean, it makes sense, every cigarette break = 3-5 missed hands & increased loss from blinds. (If you don’t know how to play poker, real cigarettes = bad for your poker game!) – Mark (above)  is also the co-founder of the Orlando Vapor Show.

Their E Juice: “Clubs” I really liked this juice,  it’s a really sweet tasting one. They describe it as:

“Natural glazed Strawberries inside a Creamy Cheesecake bite, topped with a Golden Graham crunch”  

But to be fair, what the hell is a “Natural glazed strawberry?” Either way, it’s super tasty, and it is definitely sweet, creamy with a Golden Graham-mey taste/aroma. Definitely one of the best e juices I tried this expo.

OFE & Islander – The Hawaiian Experience


OFE Stands for “Old Fashioned Elixir”. Their e-liquid is really good quality, in particular the tobacco flavoured ones. They stock 4 tobacco variants, Bold, Turkish, Menthol & Light, and they are all really distinctive.

Their website states that they spent extra care on the tobacco flavoured range because they want to help smokers transition to vaping as easy as possible, and tobacco is commonly a flavour which smokers do use to quit vaping.

The good:

  • Premium tasting high VG Juice
  • Awesome Hawaiian style stand


Dinner Lady

Dinner Lady

Dinner Lady, based in Burnley UK, had an absolutely awesome stand and fantastic brand advocates offering samples of their dessert style e liquid.

They also won “The best stand” officially from NEC Birmingham – and we can’t disagree it was definitely creative. If you’re into really sweet flavours, they are definitely worth checking out.



Unette were one of the few vendors there that were not promoting an e-liquid, instead they were showcasing their unique packaging solution for e-lIquids.

They have been a family business for over 40 years, and until now specialised in nutrition packaging. They have taken what they know, and applied it directly to e-liquids.

“I vape myself and I hate having to carry the bottle around on a night out and it is expensive if you leave it somewhere, which I have done myself on a few occasions. So now, you can just take out a Vapette with a 0.2 to 5 ml dose of your favourite juice and it’s enough to keep you topped up. We also found vendors giving out small sample bottles could benefit greatly from this product, as they could give smaller, easier to use samples out in a cost efficient but impressive manner” – George Hudson, Unette

Element e-Liquids


Elements e-liquids had an excellent crew and loads of e-liquids available to try.  Their USA made e-liquid comes in glass bottles and is all pre-steeped when you order it.

Chefs Vapour


Chefs Vapour come from Cardiff, UK and it is ran by two professional chefs (I see what you did there with the name) – which is extremely cool. If these guys don’t know what tastes good, who does?

Liquid State


Liquid state had a huge presence at this expo. With a large bold stand and unique flavours such as “Coney Cake” Described as : “Our Brooklyn boardwalk favourite is topped with powdered sugar and a rich vanilla bean ice cream.

We finish it off with scoops of sweet berry compote made from fresh strawberries and ripe summer blueberries.” Their e-liquids are named after states in America (to reflect the local tastes at that locations maybe… ?  


Other Awesome Exhibition Stands & Brands We Met

The Ace Of Vapes


Big Slims Vapour


Vapours R Us



Third Eye Drip Tips

third eye





Attitude Vape


Celtic Vapours


Charlie’s Chalk Dust


Cheap Thrills E Liquid


Chubby Vapes


City Vape


Cool Breeze Vapour


Cosmic Fog Vapours




Devils Liquid


Electro Vape




Fogging Empire


Fuzion Vapes




Grey Haze


Hell’s Kitchen






Jam Blaq


Juice Republik


Little Head Vapor




Pastry Boy


Pin Up Vapors


Premium Labs




Shijin Vapor




Tesla E Cigs


The Vapour Room


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