Vaping and Nicotine absorption

Vaping: A Culture Discussed


Vaping is constantly changing and improving so quickly that keeping up with the latest developments can be tricky. With new jargon, new devices and new subcultures always emerging; vapers from all over are connecting with other vapers via forums for the opportunity to ask questions, compare experiences, and generally talk about vaping. With pods and mods, sub ohms and vaporizers should we all just stop for a minute and review what it is we are trying to do ie. quit smoking the easiest way possible!

Vaping Forums

The equipment that first came on the market back in 2008 and 2009 was not high quality, and nobody really had a clue what these things were that were being important in by China. These forums and communities that developed on the internet meant people were able to discuss products, e- liquids, health concerns and what worked and what didn’t.

Since then, vape shops and online vape stores have appeared across the country, and globally, showing concrete proof that the vaping community is one that is constantly growing, with even going as far as vaping conventions and competitions.

In the same way as people can talk forever about Game of Thrones, sports or cars; vaping is also a hot topic, and many fight hard to eradicate the negative connotations that are attached with vaping and vapers.

These vaping cultures and communicates all stemmed from people made up from all walks of life who have all learned about vaping together, with no real plan except to stop smoking cigarettes.

e Cig Creativity

An electronic cigarette has five basic parts; the housing, the tip which is smoked, the battery that runs the device, an atomizer that heats up the liquid and vaporizes it and a tank that holds the e-juice and the atomizer called a cartomizer or clearomizer.

Vaping has now become a hot trend, with users from all ages experimenting with every type of device and modification out there, and the opening of specialty shops that allows
vapers to customise these components.

Vaping Subcultures

One of the subcultures associated with vaping comes in the form of “cloud chasing” or extreme vaping. This is the act of blowing large clouds of vapour using electronic cigarettes. Many cloud chasers call themselves professional vapers and participate in competitions which attract an audience known as “cloud gazers”

Many of the vapers who have been part of the community for a while believe that “cloud chasers” are making the industry image look bad by blowing out large clouds of smoke in public and that they are responsible for some of the negative media attention. With the USA version JUUL packing three times as much nicotine (59 mg/ml) into its pod vape system compared to the average UK e cigarette, where will it all end? (The JUUL UK version has been dumbed down to only 20mg/ml)

Final Thought

The culture that is developing from the e-cigarette world is an indication of how big an impact e-cigarettes are having on current times. As many people embrace the new phenomenon, we as a society should encourage these cultural formations due to its ability to encourage tobacco smokers to quit. Society as whole suffers from tobacco smokers, even if they themselves do not smoke. The strain on the health service being one example. Therefore, the culture that has arisen from vaping can only continue to positively influence our society and existence.