How to Increase Your E-Cig Sales Immediately?


The purpose of any business is to bring in customers, and in today’s competitive e- cigarette market, getting results is what counts. In order to improve your sales, multiply profits and increase the odds of your success, we are at hand to offer you some actionable tactics that you can use for your campaigns to keep the momentum going.

First Impressions Count

Firstly, put yourself in your customer’s shoes. Look at your store as if it were the first time, then ask yourself some questions:

  • What condition is the shop in?
  • Does the paint look fresh?
  • Are the windows clean?
  • Are the displays showing my e-cig products clearly?

Then walk inside and do the same:

  • Does the display of e-cigarettes or liquids catch the attention of the customer?
  • Does the shop make me feel welcome?
  • Is the store clean and attractive?

After analysing your store, think about what you can do to change it. After all, it is human nature to judge a book by its cover.

Find a trustworthy wholesaler

When dealing with a supplier, you will need to know plenty of information to avoid making some easy mistakes

Here is what to look out for:

  • Make sure testing is independently carried out in the UK on products.
  • In house testing and control of liquid production.
  • Check if products are in compliance with EU legislation.
  • You need to make sure your supplier can keep up with your demands and get the goods to you.
  • Terms and conditions – Always read through your suppliers T&C’s
  • Use a trusted Supplier
  • ECITA membership – This is always the best indication of compliance.
  • Product Liability Insurance

Furthermore, when it comes to finding a trustworthy wholesaler it may be a good idea to negotiate prices. To be more competitive, seek out manufacturer discounts that allow you to purchase merchandise below wholesale price. By offering better values, you will be boosting the number of customers, therefore, maximising sales.

Know your customer

Giving your customer what they need is the most important thing for your business. Therefore, your products and services should reflect your customer’s needs.

Think in your customers’ terms; buy, sell and say things that they want. Remember, customers can buy e-cigs online, but what they can’t get online is your expertise and friendly advice. So give your customers that personal touch and try and get on first name terms, whilst offering supportive advice to ensure future business.


The great thing about e- cigarettes is that there are many opportunities to upsell. So having an intimate knowledge of the e-cig field will help you thrive.

“May I interest you in this new vapour mod?”

This is just an example of many questions you can ask your customer to help your sales soar.



The best marketing for your store is simple:

Great customer service.

However, there are many mores ways to spread the word about your store. Contacting your local media and placing a great ad can really make the difference.

Furthermore, make sure yourself and your company are on Facebook and Twitter. Getting your friends and family to share your posts and retweet your tweets.

Having an internet presence is extremely important to the successes of your store. From people finding your store on google maps to your website appearing on the first page of google. There are many ways of increasing the popularity of your e-cig store.

In a blog we will be posting shortly, we will give you actionable advice on how establish to your e-cig business online. We will be talking about SEO, engaging with your social media followers, and how to use Google AdWords to your advantage.