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Best Tobacco e-Liquid Flavour Reviews

In the e liquid review guide section of this e cig review site we stated that the the key to transitioning from cigarettes to e cigarettes successfully and quitting smoking is to get the best e-liquid brand that you can – the best tasting e liquid that is a similar flavour experience to your current tobacco smoking. If you currently smoke B&H tobacco cigarettes you want a B&H e liquid flavour to vape. So a big part of this process involves finding the best e-liquid that matches your cigarette brand ensuring that the e liquid flavour is similar to the flavour of the tobacco cigarettes that you smoke. If there is no similarity between the tobacco you smoke and the e-liquid flavour you are vaping it will make any transition more difficult. We review the best e liquid flavours and match these to popular tobacco cigarette brands to assist you in getting for example, a Lambert & Butler e-liquid flavour or a Marlboro Gold e liquid flavour – see full list below. Another piece of the jigsaw is your health, that is to make sure the e-liquid you are using is properly prepared in laboratories and includes only pharmaceutical grade tested ingredients.

e-Liquid Flavours

Lambert and Butler e liquid flavour, Marlboro e-liquid, best tobacco e liquidThis section provides a guide and information to users on e liquid flavours and similarities to cigarette flavours so that you are guided to the most likely e-liquid that matches your cigarette taste. We have reviewed the best e liquids in the e liquid review section and recommended the e-liquids that we believe are the cleanest safest e-liquids because of their full disclosure of ingredients and proper rigorous manufacturing process. Generally the V2 Platinum range of e-liquids is recommended, however for those allergic to PG based e liquids 100% VG e-liquid alternative from the vPure range of e liquids is recommended.

Lambert & Butler, Marlboro and other Popular Cigarettes

Here we will cover the most popular cigarette brands and match them to their corresponding e-liquid flavour eg. Lambert & Butler e-liquid flavour (L&B Silver), Marlboro Gold e-liquid, B&H Gold e liquid flavours, JPS Blue e liquid flavour. It must be pointed out there is a degree of subjectivity here and as already stated the best way for you to ensure you “get the right taste” is to purchase an e liquid sampler pack that gives you all the flavours so that you can ensure you find your personal favourite e-Liquid.

e Liquid Strength & Tobacco

The other issue that needs to be considered is the strength of your e-liquid, it needs to match as close as possible the strength of the tobacco cigarette (nicotine content) you are used to. Again this is slightly complicated by the fact that smokers inhale cigarettes in different ways so that the amount of nicotine ingested with a single puff differs between smokers of the same cigarette brand and strength. Someone wanting a Mayfair King Size e-liquid flavour equivalent may need to try both 1.2 % and 1.8 % nicotine strengths to get it right. Generally though if you smoke a typical medium strength cigarette like Mayfair Kings, Lambert and Butler King Size or Marlboro King Size then a 1.8 % strength PG e-liquid should give a similar experience to your smoking. However if you smoke a stronger cigarette or for example roll your own and want hand rolling e liquid tobacco or take bigger draws on your cigarette then you may need to consider a higher nicotine content e-liquid eg. 2.4 % strength. Conversely if you use a low nicotine content cigarette, a light or mild cigarette and want a Silk Cut Silver e-liquid or Silk Cut Blue e-liquid then you may need to consider 0.6 % e-liquid. (Congress 0.6 % nicotine e-liquid is a good match for Silk Cut Silver for example – Congress e-liquid is slightly smoother/milder than the Red e-liquid)

PG and VG e-Liquid – strength differences

Mayfair King Size e-liquid flavour and Sterling KS e liquidWhen comparing strengths it is not correct to assume a 1.8 % nicotine PG e-liquid will give the same effect as a 1.8 % VG e-liquid. The rate of nicotine absorption into the body is slower with VG e-liquid so a higher strength VG e-liquid will be needed to match the nicotine absorption of a PG based e-liquid.

e-Liquid Overview

Selecting your e-liquid is therefore a combination of using the safest e liquid you can buy combined with choosing the right strength and right flavour e liquid that matches your tobacco smoking habit. If this is done correctly then the transition from smoking tobacco to vaping an e-cigarette will be accomplished in a relatively straight forward way. Again it is strongly recommended that you try different flavours first and then select your strength, buying an e liquid sampler pack is the easiest and quickest way to accomplish this. The only other significant factor is whether to chooses VG e-liquid or PG eliquid. There are many more choices of flavours and strengths in the PG e liquid range – however if you find you have a bad reaction or allergy to PG e liquid then you will need to use a safe VG e-liquid alternative.

E-Liquid and Tobacco Cigarette Brand Comparison Chart


BRANDRED e-LiquidCongress e-LiquidSahara e-Liquid
Lambert & Butler Silver1.8%
Mayfair King Size1.2%-1.8%
Marlboro KS Gold1.2%1.2%-1.8%1.2%-1.8%
John Player Special Blue0.6%-1.2%1.2%-1.8%
Benson & Hedges KS Gold1.8%
Sterling Superkings1.2%-1.8%1.2%-1.8%
Mayfair KS Smooth1.2%-1.8%1.2%-1.8%
Richmond King Size1.2%-1.8%
Rollies/Hand Roll Tobacco1.8%-2.4%1.8%-2.4%
Sterling King Size1.2%-1.8%1.2%-1.8%


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