• It has a modernised feature set that makes it an easy “must buy” for owners of older XROS devices. 
  • The 1,000 mAh battery charges in just 30 minutes.
  • It’s compatible with every Vaporesso XROS pod.


  • It would be nice if the screen showed you the device’s actual wattage. Instead, it simply shows whether the device is currently in the Low, Medium or High vaping mode.

Since pod systems became the most popular types of refillable vaping devices in the late 2010s, the Vaporesso XROS series has duked it out with the Uwell Caliburn series for the title of the most popular device in that segment of the market. In the past, although it was fair to say that devices like the Uwell Caliburn Explorer were probably more visually attractive, many people would have made the argument that the Vaporesso XROS series actually offered better performance.

With the release of the Vaporesso XROS 4, though, the XROS series has finally begun to buck that trend. Finally, Vaporesso has released an XROS device with style befitting its performance.

The Vaporesso XROS 4 uses a single-button control scheme for all functions.

Throughout its history, the Vaporesso XROS series has been known for its tiny size, excellent flavour quality and utilitarian design — but the design isn’t quite so utilitarian anymore. In this review, I’ll explain why the XROS 4 deserves your serious consideration if you’re in the market for a new vape.

How Much Does the Vaporesso XROS 4 Cost?

The Vaporesso XROS 4 kit costs £24.99 and includes the XROS 4 device along with two pods, a charging cable and an instruction manual. It’s available in several colours, and I think that the champagne gold colour in particular is extremely attractive. Since the kit only comes with two pods, I recommend adding a pack of replacement XROS pods to your cart before checking out.

The XROS 4 kit includes pods with resistances of 0.4 and 0.8 ohm, but all XROS devices and pods are interchangeable. If you have an older XROS device and want to continue using your favourite pod with the XROS 4, it’ll work. If you’re new to vaping and aren’t sure which pod to buy, think of the resistance as a general indicator of the pod’s vapour production. A pod with a lower resistance will produce bigger and more intense clouds, whereas a pod with a higher resistance will produce smaller and cooler clouds.

Vaporesso XROS 4: Specifications and Features


The light on the front of the XROS 4 changes colour to indicate the battery's current charge.

  • Device Type: Refillable Pod System
  • Battery Capacity: 1,000 mAh
  • Charging Port: USB-C; battery charges in about 30 minutes
  • Power Range: Offers three selectable power levels
  • Pod Capacity: 2.0 ml
  • Coil Resistance: 0.4-1.2 ohm
  • Firing Style: Button-based and puff-based firing


Vaporesso XROS 4 Features

  • Although it’s compatible with all XROS pods, the XROS 4 has a redesigned pod featuring Vaporesso’s new COREX 2.0 technology. According to Vaporesso’s internal testing, the new pod increases vapour production by 15 percent and flavour quality by 30 percent. The new pod also lasts 30 percent longer.
  • The XROS 4 offers three selectable power levels and has adjustable airflow. Between the adjustable settings and the wide selection of pods, the XROS 4 offers a wider range of customisation options than any other small vaping device.
  • The classy front display shows you the device’s current vaping mode and remaining battery life at a glance.
  • The 1,000 mAh battery offers ample capacity for all-day vaping and charges fully in just 30 minutes.
  • The XROS 4 has a unibody aluminium outer shell that’s both stylish and very durable.

How do the XROS 4 and XROS 4 Mini Compare?

The XROS 4 Mini doesn't have adjustable power and doesn't support button-based firing.

The XROS 4 Mini is slightly smaller than the full-sized XROS 4, and it also has a reduced feature set. These are the features of the XROS 4 that the XROS 4 Mini doesn’t have.

  • The XROS 4 Mini doesn’t support button-based firing; it supports puff-based firing only.
  • It doesn’t offer multiple power settings.
  • It doesn’t have a digital display.
  • It doesn’t have fast battery charging. The XROS 4 charges at a rate of 2 amps, and the XROS 4 Mini has a charging speed of 1 amp.

Is There an XROS 4 Nano?

If Vaporesso Makes an XROS 4 Nano, it'll probably look something like this.

There is no Vaporesso XROS 4 Nano at the time of writing. If Vaporesso does end up making an XROS 4 Nano, it’ll probably be similar to previous devices in the series. In the past, XROS Nano devices have had adjustable airflow but have not offered support for button-based firing. The primary appeal of the XROS Nano devices has always been their unique style. The devices in the XROS Nano series use a mini-box shape rather than the stick shape of the other XROS vapes.

How to Use the Vaporesso XROS 4

A diagram showing the components and functions of the Vaporesso XROS 4.

Charging the Device

To charge the Vaporesso XROS 4, connect one end of the included USB-C cable to the port on the side of the device and connect the other end to your computer. You should see the device’s battery meter light up. When the meter is solid green, the XROS 4 is fully charged.

Filling the Pod

Vaporesso XROS 4 How to Fill

To fill the XROS 4, lift the mouthpiece off of the pod and add your e-liquid through the filling hole. The hole is offset from the pod’s central chimney. Don’t put vape juice in the chimney. If you’re using a new pod and are filling it for the first time, don’t vape right away; the coil needs several minutes to absorb the e-liquid before it’ll be ready to use.

Vaping with the XROS 4

To vape with the XROS 4, you can hold the fire button or simply puff on the device’s mouthpiece. Inhale the vapour in the same way that you’d inhale cigarette smoke.

Changing the Settings

  • Changing the power level: Click the fire button three times.
  • Locking and unlocking the device: Click the fire button four times.
  • Turning the device on and off: Click the fire button five times.
  • Adjusting the airflow: Move the airflow slider on the side of the device until you’re happy with the airflow characteristics.

Fixing Problems with the Vaporesso XROS 4

Having trouble with your Vaporesso XROS 4? Never fear. In this section of the review, I’ll walk you through some quick troubleshooting steps that can fix most issues.

  • XROS 4 isn’t charging? Try a different charging cable and connect the XROS 4 to a different power source. If you’re trying to charge the device with your computer, try a wall adapter (but not a quick-charge adapter for a mobile phone). Make sure that the charging port is clean.
  • XROS 4 isn’t hitting? In this case, the device’s screen will usually flash five times. This often means that the pod has leaked. Remove the pod and dry it and the device completely with a paper towel. Try vaping again. If the XROS 4 still isn’t hitting, try using a different pod. If your XROS 4 isn’t hitting and isn’t blinking, charge the battery.
  • XROS 4 blinks three times? This means that the battery is dead. Recharge the battery.
  • XROS 4 tastes burnt? Look at the pod and confirm that it’s not empty. If the pod is empty, refill it. If the pod isn’t empty – and you’ve been using it for a while – the burnt taste most likely indicates that it’s time to replace the pod. XROS 4 pods typically last several days, but the lifespan of the pod will be reduced if you use heavily sweetened e-liquid.

Vaporesso XROS 4 Review: The Bottom Line

It’s hard to believe that the relatively new Vaporesso XROS series already has four different models from which to choose, along with a variety of Mini and Nano variants. In that short time, the XROS range has evolved quickly – and I think it’s safe to say that the XROS 4 is objectively the best of the bunch. The XROS series has needed adjustable power for a while, because that’s a feature other small pod systems are already offering – and although the XROS 4 now has that long-requested feature, it’s accomplished in a simple way that won’t put new vapers off.

Likewise, the fact that every XROS device is compatible with the full range of XROS pods is a very newbie-friendly feature. When other companies like Uwell and SMOK update their pods, it usually means that you need to buy an entirely new device – and understanding which pods are compatible with which devices is a challenge that can discourage new vapers. With the XROS 4, you’re never left to wonder because if the pods say “XROS” on the box, they’ll work with your device.

Despite the technological improvements, the XROS 4 remains as small as ever. Don’t let the fact that it doesn’t have “Mini” in the name fool you; the XROS 4 is extremely sleek and feels virtually weightless in your pocket.

Between the small size, simple operation and long feature list, the Vaporesso XROS 4 is a pod system that’s going to be absolutely perfect for many vapers. It’s easy to recommend this device to beginners and experts alike.

Tracey Jackson

Tracey Jackson

Tracey Jackson discovered the life-changing potential of vaping after making the switch from smoking several years ago. Tracey specialises in writing expert reviews and helping others find the best vapes on the market.