• Interesting design that combines both old and new aesthetics
  • Three power levels, two coil options and adjustable airflow should provide ample flexibility for most people
  • Pod fills from the top, which helps to reduce leaking compared to some other pod systems


  • Changing the power level is more complicated than it needs to be
As the vaping industry has evolved, the design language has never remained static for long. The best vapes of today look drastically different from the devices of the past, and there are some new products – like the new Innokin Z Pod Nano – that are particularly striking in their differences.

Some people, though, prefer a device that looks a bit more like a traditional vape – and that’s exactly what you’ll get with the Aspire Flexus AIO. This device looks very much like the small vape mods and all-in-one vapes of old, and you’ll feel right at home with it if you’ve been vaping for a while. You’ll love features like the coil selection and adjustable power and will probably be quite happy with the performance unless you’re a serious cloud chaser.

The Aspire Flexus AIO has an interesting design with a transparent cutaway that shows the device's chipset and indicator lights.

At the same time, the Flexus AIO is designed with new vapers in mind, and you should have no issue getting used to this device if you’re looking for something that’s not too complicated. If you started out with traditional e-cigarettes or disposables and want a new device with a bit more to offer, you’ll probably find plenty to like here.

Let’s dive into the review.

How Much Does the Aspire Flexus AIO Cost?

The Aspire Flexus AIO is available in seven colours at the time of writing.

The Aspire Flexus AIO kit costs £24.99 and includes the Flexus AIO device along with one Aspire Flexus AIO pod, two Aspire Flexus AF coils, a USB-C charging cable and an instruction manual. Although the kit includes everything that you need to get started, I suggest adding a box of Flexus AF coils to your order before checking out because you wouldn’t want to be caught off guard if your last coil suddenly burns out.

What Pods and Coils Work with the Aspire Flexus AIO?

The Aspire Flexus AIO is designed to work with Aspire Flexus AIO pods. It’s also compatible with the pod for the Aspire Flexus Stik, which has a slightly narrower mouthpiece.

The Flexus AIO works with Aspire Flexus AF coils, which are available in two resistances. Both coils are included with the kit, so you can try them and determine which one you prefer. They are:

  • 0.6-Ohm Coil: This coil produces larger, warmer clouds and draws a bit more power from the battery.
  • 1.0-Ohm Coil: This coil produces smaller, smoother clouds and allows the battery to last a little longer between charges.


Aspire Flexus AIO: Specifications and Features

The Aspire Flexus AIO has two buttons: one for firing the device and another for changing the power level.


  • Device Type: Refillable pod system
  • Battery Capacity: 2,000 mAh
  • Charging Port: USB-C, up to 2 amps; battery charges in approximately 2 hours
  • Power Range: Three selectable power levels (low, medium, high)
  • Pod Capacity: 2.0 ml
  • Coil Resistance: 0.6 or 1.0 ohm
  • Firing Style: Automatic puff-based or manual button-based firing


  • You’re likely to find the design of the Aspire Flexus AIO appealing if you’ve been vaping for a while and appreciate the styling of classic vape mods and all-in-one devices.
  • The design is nicely updated compared to the vape mods of the past, though, with a clear cutaway that shows the device’s main integrated circuit along with three status LEDs. Overall, it’s an interesting blend of old and new design trends.
  • It uses a single-button control scheme that that allows you to select between three different power settings.
  • In the event of an extremely long puff, the device locks automatically to prevent overheating. Clearing the lock is accomplished by removing and reinserting the pod or by turning the device off and back on.
  • The pod has a screw-off lid, which helps to minimise leaking and allows you to refill the pod without removing it from the device.
  • The airflow is adjustable, and changing the airflow is as simple as rotating the pod.

How to Use the Aspire Flexus AIO

As you’ve likely surmised from reading this review, the Aspire Flexus AIO is clearly designed to provide a good experience for new vapers whilst simultaneously pleasing those who need a bit more flexibility in terms of airflow, power level and vapour production. For the most part, I think the Flexus AIO is successful in those goals, although I do have one minor issue that I’ll describe below.

How to Charge

To charge the Flexus AIO, connect the device to your computer using the USB-C charging cable included with the kit. When the device is fully charged, the three indicator lights flash white 10 times. At that point, the device automatically stops charging.

How to Fill the Pod

The Aspire Flexus AIO has a top-filling pod.

To fill the Flexus AIO pod, grasp the black mouthpiece at the top of the pod and turn it counterclockwise to open the pod. Lift the lid away from the pod and add your e-liquid through the curved filling port. Replace the mouthpiece. Allow several minutes for the coil to saturate before you begin vaping. Note that you should only fill the pod when a coil is installed and should not remove the coil when the pod has e-liquid in it.

Vaping with the Flexus AIO

I love the fact that the Aspire Flexus AIO allows for both inhale-based and button-based firing, especially since it’s a device that’s clearly intended to be as user friendly as possible for inexperienced vapers. Inhale-based firing has a sense of verisimilitude that many people like. After all, a cigarette doesn’t have a fire button. On the other hand, there’s always a slight delay with puff-based firing because the device doesn’t begin producing vapour until the air passes the airflow sensor. Button-based firing doesn’t have that delay and allows the device to produce bigger clouds. There’s no way to tell which firing method you prefer until you’ve tried them both.

I do question, however, whether the Flexus AIO’s method for making power adjustments is really the best way of doing things. The mode button at the bottom of the device’s front panel is only there for power adjustments, so it would have been easy enough for each adjustment to require only a single button press. Instead, you need to press the button twice. The first press causes the device to enter the wattage adjustment mode. In that mode, the three indicator lights flash for three seconds in turn. You need to press the button a second time to confirm your desired power level.

The two-step adjustment method is most likely there to prevent accidental changes to the power level – when you’re carrying the device in your pocket, for instance. To me, though, it seems more complicated than it really needs to be.

How to Replace the Coil

The Aspire Flexus AIO uses a push-pull system for coil replacements.

To replace the Flexus AIO coil, wait until the pod is empty and pull it straight up to remove it from the device. Pull the old coil out of the bottom of the pod and push the new coil in.

Every time you remove the pod from the Flexus AIO, use a paper towel to dry any condensation inside the device and on the underside of the pod. Keeping your device dry can help to prevent problems from happening in the future.

How to Fix Problems with the Aspire Flexus AIO

Not Charging

When you connect the charging cable to the Flexus AIO, the device should flash white three times. If that doesn’t happen, follow these steps to troubleshoot the issue.

  • Replace the charging cable.
  • Try charging the Flexus AIO with a different power source, but don’t use the mains adapter for a smartphone or other quick-charging device.
  • Use a toothpick to remove dust and lint from the charging port.

Not Working

If both the puff-based and button-based firing options on your Flexus AIO aren’t working, follow these steps to troubleshoot the issue.

  • Charge the battery. If the Flexus AIO doesn’t flash white three times when you connect the cable, your device isn’t charging. Follow the steps above to troubleshoot that issue.
  • Make sure that the device is on. You can turn the Flexus AIO on and off by pressing the fire button five times.
  • Remove the pod and check for moisture under it. Dry the device and pod with a paper towel.
  • If the Flexus AIO still isn’t working, install a new coil.


It’s normal to see a little condensation under the pod when you remove it from your device. You can simply remove it with a paper towel. If your Flexus AIO is leaking badly, though, it could be indicative of a more serious problem. Make sure that you always use gentle air pressure when puffing on the device. If the issue continues, install a new coil.

Burnt Flavour

If your Flexus AIO tastes burnt, it’s most likely time to replace the coil. Aspire Flexus AF coils generally last several days each, but they may burn out more quickly if you use an e-liquid that’s heavily sweetened. If you’ve just replaced the coil, don’t forget that you should always wait several minutes before you begin vaping. You’ll experience a harsh “dry hit” if the coil isn’t completely saturated.

Firing with Button Only

The Flexus AIO has an automatic locking feature that prevents puff-based firing from working if the device’s built-in puff timer has been exceeded. This is to prevent the device from overheating if, for example, the puff sensor turns on inadvertently while you’re carrying the Flexus AIO in your pocket. If this happens, button-based firing continues to work, but puff-based firing doesn’t. You can clear this error by removing and re-inserting the pod. When you do this, the light inside the fire button will flash once, and puff-based firing will start working again. You can also turn the Flexus AIO off and back on to clear the error. To turn the Flexus AIO on or off, press the fire button five times.


The Flexus AIO has several error codes to indicate possible status issues with the device. If your Flexus AIO is blinking, here’s what the code means.

  • Flexus AIO blinks red and blue 10 times: This indicates that you’ve puffed on the device for longer than seven seconds. At this point, puff-based firing will stop working. Either remove and re-insert the pod or turn the device off and back on.
  • Flexus AIO blinks red and blue 3 times: This indicates a problem with the installed coil. Troubleshoot this issue by following the steps under “Not Working” above.
  • Flexus AIO blinks red 15 times: This indicates that the battery is dead. Charge the battery.
  • Flexus AIO displays a solid yellow light and shuts off: This indicates that the device has overheated. Move it to a cool location and don’t use the device again for a while.

Aspire Flexus AIO Review: Final Thoughts

All of the different Aspire Flexus AIO colours are displayed in a row.

In the end, I’m fairly impressed with the Aspire Flexus AIO and think that it’s especially likely to appeal to people who appreciate the design aesthetic of the single-button vape pens and all-in-one vape mods from the industry’s past. While the Flexus AIO looks like an older device, though, it certainly doesn’t work like one. Between the multiple coil options and the adjustable power level, the Flexus AIO strikes a good balance between the simplicity that new vapers need and the flexibility that more experienced vapers demand.

Tracey Jackson

Tracey Jackson

Tracey Jackson discovered the life-changing potential of vaping after making the switch from smoking several years ago. Tracey specialises in writing expert reviews and helping others find the best vapes on the market.