Halo g6 kit USA

Halo G6 e-Cig – US Review

Halo is a US e cigarette company that has been about for a few years now. Their main focus has been the smaller cigarette-like e-cigarettes currently represented by their G6 Starter Kit. More recently they have brought out their open tank device the Halo Triton to compete in this market. I am not a great fan of the larger vapor devices as I believe that with the right choice, the smaller cigarette-like vape pens can deliver more than enough to satisfy smokers who want to quit.

At the beginning of the e cigarette boom quality was simply not there and larger devices were manufactured primarily to ensure a quality vape. This has changed and some vendors like Halo and V2 are able to produce an excellent quality vape experience from small devices that are more than capable of delivering what ex-smokers demand.

The Halo G6 received good reviews from four of the top review sites we reviewed (see the calculation tab for all results) being beaten by the V2 Ex-Series. Like V2 and unlike Green Smoke they also offer a mini-tank that is compatible with the G6 range. This can be used where you prefer to use your own e-Liquid rather than pre-filled cartridges. You do get a bit more vapor from the refillable tanks but it can get a little messy using e liquids. Both the miniature tank and cartridges produce more vapor than a standard cigarette, and nicotine concentration can be altered by using a higher or lower e liquid to suit your needs. 18mg/ml nicotine refills will suit smokers who used standard strength filter cigarettes.

Halo Vs tank devices

Too many US vape reviews focus on the bigger tank systems and how the smaller e cigs don’t match up to them. In reality it is the standard cigarette that should be the benchmark for comparison and not huge vape devices – these consume as much as 5 times the e liquid and so work out considerably more expensive in running costs.Vape USA - Halo G6 mini tank

Halo don’t offer a wide range of e liquid flavors – 10 in total so this is a little bit of a negative for those who want to experiment. However the e liquid is US made in proper labs. so of a good quality.

There is one kit available but it does come in nine variants depending on the battery color you desire. Battery options have two sizes and come in auto and manual – I prefer the auto. The small Halo G6 battery is slightly smaller than the Green Smoke battery, so it feels more cigarette-like but you won’t get the same vaping time from it. In the starter kit you will also get a USB charger, 5 refills, 2 batteries and a carry case. There is also a low resistance (LR) cartomizer option which will deliver more vaopour … at a price as they are $1.80 each!

Overall a good vape pen that won’t let you down but not quite as good as the best of the best. Rating: 70%USA Vape Reviews - Halo Rating


G6 e-Cig Review Overview:

  1. Basic Kit Price: $35.00 free shipping over $75.00 though
  2. Number of flavors: 10
  3. Battery Price: $9.99
  4. Battery Spec: 180-380 mAh
  5. Refill Price: $9.99 per 5 pack
  6. PCC option: No

Halo G6 is 3rd Overall in the US Vape Pen Reviews




Prices as at: 4 September 2017