The top 10 best rated UK e-cigarette reviews for 2020 has been put together for you and is designed to give you a straight-forward, comprehensive analysis. This summary “Top 10 e-cig UK” review table summarises our views and the views of other review sites and user ratings and includes a range of vape device types which may suit various needs.

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Best E-Cigarettes UK – Categorised

We’ve put together a summary review of the top brands to help you get started. For more detailed reviews, click the appropriate links in the table above or hit our home page summary. If you are looking for the best shisha pen then see that section of the reviews site. The best brands offer everything from starter kits, e-liquids, disposable e-cigarettes and vape pens in order to help you find the right set up.

It’s worth  noting that most brands will offer the option of both pre-filled and fill your own e-liquid options, and it will depend on your preference as to which one is right for you. If you are just starting out with vaping then the convenience of a smaller, lighter and easier to manage device is likely your best option. These devices are simple and require no real maintenance and don’t involve having to refill tanks or get involved with e-liquid.

Alternatively, check out our e-cigarette selector page that guides you through choosing the right vape pen, e cig, vaporizer or vape mod based on your preferences, from the simple e cigarette to the more complex sub ohm vaping devices.

Quick review of the best e-cigarettes

#1 V2: Rated 92.8%

The V2 brand is currently rated as the #1 brand with the best products on many vape review sites and by quite a wide margin. Unlike many brands, V2 has retained a cigarette look and feel vape device, this feature benefits those looking to quit smoking as it does not feel unfamiliar like many new vape devices do. No gimmicks here, just reliable, solid classic vape products that will help you make the transition from smoking to vaping without fuss. With e-liquids packed full of flavour and various new tech. vape starter kits, cartridge starter kits and a variety of accessories, V2 (now branded Vsavi in the UK) devices have pretty much everything you need. See Review here

#2a New Entry: The Ripstick from Riptide: Rated 91%

There is also no denying that vaping is increasing in popularity but there are also many people that cannot transition from smoking to vaping because the devices they try are simply are not effective enough. If you are looking for the best vape to try to increase your chances of quitting smoking for good, then the Ripstick is definitely a front runner that you need to consider. With next generation NicTech e liquid technology which translates to clean, pure tobacco free vaping and an intensely satisfying vape there is nothing like it. See the Ripstick here

#2b New Entry: iQ One Vape (Mod) Pod: Rated 87%

The iQ One is the best made pod we have ever reviewed. It has exceptional build quality. With leather-look and feel on stainless steel body it feels solid. It is well designed too. It is the next-gen in vape mods featuring sub ohm functionality, interchangeable coils and refillable liquid pod, your choices are endless. It is a vape mod that actually looks cool and functions properly.

#3 New Entry: Xeo Void Sub Ohm Vape Pen: Rated 86%

The new Xeo Void vape pen is a well designed German vape with sub ohm functionality. An extremely solid device that dispenses with the idea of having a separate tank. “Clear view” allows you to see exactly where your e liquid level is at and a child lock ensures no accidents.

#4 New Entry: Hangsen iQ Air Slim Pod: Rated 86%

The all new iQ Air is a real Juul beater. It is the slimmest pod we have seen which makes it the best pod if you want small and discreet. No buttons to press, simply vape. The full iQ Air kit comes with double the capacity of a Juul and is designed in a similar and extremely thin vape pod. With excellent vapour production comes great nicotine hit and a flavoursome vape, the iQ Air is one not to be missed.

#5 Jac Vapour: Rated 72.5%

Another brand rated highly on vape reviews. Jac Vapour offers excellent starter kits catering to different budgets and vaping preferences. As well as starter kits, they also offer various types of e-liquids and accessories for your vape pen.

#6 Blu Cigs: Rated 69.6%

An affordable e-cigarette that sticks to the basics, Blu cigs offer kits, cartridges, batteries, charges and cases. Their starter kits include everything you need to get you up and running and the cig-a-like style is sleek and classic.


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