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best e cig selection processWe are the UK’s leading independent e-cigarette review and comparison site – covering the vast majority of the available e-cigarette brands to ensure you find the best e-cigarette in the UK.

Our review team looks at the many e-cigarette review sites and user testimonials, checking all the aspects that makes a top e-cigarette including:

  • E-cigarette battery quality
  • Best e-cigarette kit price
  • Ongoing vaping costs
  • E-cig accessories
  • Vapour production
  • Best throat hit
  • E-liquid purity and content

We are the only e-cigarette review site that specialises in getting you the best e-cigarette by comparing the top electronic cigarette review sites.

This ensures an independent assessment of what is available and what are the best e-cigarettes. To view our current best e-cig selection simply click on the “best e-cigarette Home” tab and for an in-depth review see our Quick Start Guide here. For advanced users check out the best vaporizer review here.

You can also view our e cig size chart and see all the types and sizes of e-cigarette devices so that you can get a feel for the type of device you are looking for here.Quick Start E-Cig Guide

The vape device you buy is the cornerstone of making the transition from smoking to vaping, to get the best e cigarette or vaporizer is not straight forward.

Depending on which e-cigarette you first try or how you actually vape it, your first vaping experience may be significantly different from the experience of others. This all depends on the quality of the e-cigarette you get and the technique you use when vaping. The electronic cigarettes you first consider can come from trawling the web and e-cigarette reviews, or you might simply buy one from a supermarket or local garage.

e cigarette uk | the right kit

The Right Kit?

However the electronic cigarette you buy may well be the most important part of your decision to quit (or reduce) smoking normal cigarettes.

A top quality product at outset is important. A good start is to take a look at e-cigarette review sites and we endeavour to offer you the best e-cigarette UK reviews available by trawling the on-line e-cigarette review sites and pulling this information together for you ensuring you get the right e-cig kit.

Quitting smoking is a serious process –  and if you are going to use an e-cigarette or vape pen to help you,  the e-cigarette you choose must be a priority in order to ensure a good quality product. There is a significant difference between poor quality imported electronic cigarettes and well-designed products so it is important that buyers understand the difference – success may well depend on this aspect alone. However getting the right one for you that works properly can present a problem.

Online UK e-cigarette reviews suggest they review the e-cigarettes they market and then sell their “best” product in return for commissions/affiliate fees from the e cigarette companies.

However it is clear that affiliate commissions may bias reviews in certain instances as different commission rates are paid to e-cigarette review sites from the e-cigarette sellers. Some of the better known e-cig companies in the UK can pay over 100% more commissions to e-cig review sites than some lesser known e-cigarette UK companies – so are they well known because they are better quality or is it all in the marketing?

Best Electronic Cigarette Review Guide UK

The issue of quality-related problems with electronic cigarettes was highlighted recently.

UK legislators pushed new legislation into force in 2016 in an attempt to make the UK e-cigarette be classed as a medicine. It appears the prime reason is ensuring a quality product.

Mr J Mean, head of  MHRA’s UK risk management said that the decision provides “a framework that will enable good quality products to be widely available. It’s not about banning products that some people find useful, it’s about making sure that smokers have an effective alternative that they can rely on to meet their needs.”

Whilst it would appear that MHRA is concerned with “quality” – which as stated above is critical, this legislation was enacted in 2017. Some e cigarette brands like Vype are keeping in mind future legislation when designing their current e-pen. Whilst e-cigarettes can not claim to help users stop smoking there is much evidence that many people who use e-cigarettes in the UK have been helped by them.

See links below and our selection of good vaporizers.

There is a significant amount of information available on the web regarding which e-cigarette may be best – with many e-cigarette review sites in the UK offering reviews to establish their range of best e-cigarette.

Finding out which e-cigs to consider must be an important part of  your decision when considering the switch  to e-cigarettes. To assist you we do things differently, we analyse the review sites (see “Calculations” tab here) then we aggregate all these results and give you, the reader, a straight forward analysis of these results. This reduces any bias and increases the chance of buyers getting quality e-cigarettes.

Helping you decide the e-cigarette to use also avoids the need for you to have to trawl all the electronic cigarette review sites to work out which e-cigarettes are worth considering. Choosing the right e-cigarette is essential as the quality ranges from the out and out cheap and nasty to proper quality devices that can be relied on.

The review links below give what we consider essential information on which e-cig to consider in the UK.

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