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The E-cigarette UK business is in the early stages of a boom, and is set to become one of the fastest growing in the UK.

As smokers seek out the best electronic cigarette as an alternative to smoking, they will look for the best e-cigarette UK products. It will become apparent that many retailers of e-cigarettes have jumped on the bandwagon and resolved to saturate the market with poor quality Chinese imports (that have simply been re-branded in an attempt to make money quickly).

Switching to vaping is a serious process, a process that will involve getting the best quality e-cigarette UK available. There is a world of difference between the poor quality products on the market and the well-designed UK e-cigarette. The difference in price of each starter kits is negligible. See the savings calculator below.

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The focus should be on quality e-cigs and quality vaping kits and not discounts or half price sales that many e-cigarette companies and e-cigarette reviews offer.

When one compares the overall savings of using the e-cigarette over normal cigarettes, any initial discount or “save 50%” deals pale into insignificance and must be looked upon with a certain amount of skepticism – see the calculations below.

An initial look at e-cigarette UK websites might give you the impression that vaping is more costly than smoking  cigarettes. This is due to the comparative cost of a pack of cigarettes compared to the initial setup cost of an e-cigarette starter kit.

We need to quantify the actual cost of e-cigarette use over time and we will look at a 12-month comparative period. There is a lot of information on the web that expresses the view that vaping is considerably better than smoking from the health perspective – but this aspect of cost is not factored in here, although you need to factor in the cost of your health; there’s a huge difference between smoking and vaping.

Buying a Quality E-Cigarette/Best Vape Kit

The electronic cigarette you choose is the foundation of a successful transition from smoking to vaping.

Depending on which e-cigarette UK you first try, your experience into vaping may well be significantly different from the experience of others.

This will depend on the quality of the product you purchase. A good quality kit is important, and generally there is not a significant cost difference between good or best quality e-cigarettes and poor quality e-cigs.

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A quality e-cigarette kit wont break the bank

The cost of vaping will depend on which electronic starter kit you decide on – consideration must be given to a number of factors such as the ongoing costs of the refills and whether you are able to use e-liquids in conjunction with the refills of the specific e-cig kit you purchase.

Many of the e-cigarette reviews take this sort of factor into account when reviewing the e-cigarette, and as this site condenses all the opinions of many best reviews, much of this will be factored into the selection process.

For example, the results of the top 5 e cigs UK on this site will reflect the cost and flexibility options.

Another issue that needs a mention is that of an alternative type of e-cigarette ie. mods and the ego. These were introduced primarily because e-cigarettes were, at that time, less effective then they are now.

Low vapour production, poor quality battery life and badly designed cartomizers/refills forced some manufacturers into making a much larger alternative in order to accommodate more “power”. This gave better e-vapour production.

In many ways, these are cumbersome and unsightly, and many can be rather indiscreet. Switching from the smaller normal cigarette to this large alternative can, for some, cause problems, which can be avoided.

With the advancement in the technology of the smaller e-cigarette we now have the ability to buy a quality product with extremely high vapour production, excellent battery life and well-made cartomizers all in a small “cigarette sized” package. However just a word of warning – many e-cigarettes are still of pretty bad quality so choosing which e-cigarette is still your first major decision.

For a successful transition it is imperative that you have the right equipment so that you set yourself up to succeed – as an ex-full time smoker I fully appreciate how insidious this habit is and how easy it is for us to make any excuse to return to the nasty cigs.

“Cant find a battery”, “it’s not fully charged”, or “it’s running out” and many other excuses may get in the way – however a carefully planned entry can and will increase the chances of success.

The E-Cigarette and saving you money.

My suggestion would be to have a good quality starter kit, get the best e-cigarette kit you can find – add to this so that you have at least 3 batteries, the ability to charge the batteries via the mains and via a USB. Then it is very import to add to your basic kit and get a Portable Charging Case (PCC). This PCC is a bit of a saviour because it means that irrespective of where you are you can charge your e-cigarette without having to plug it in to the mains – this will avoid many excuses!

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Get the right Kit

    • For the purpose of costing out the use of the e-cigarette, the following basic kit from a best e-cigarette UK product supplier will be used:  
    • 1. Basic e-cigarette UK starter kit with two standard batteries, usb charger, wall adapter, 10 cartomizers. 
    • 2. Additional long battery for those days you just don’t have time to stop and recharge. 
    • 3. An e-cigarette that has continuous power supply via a usb point – laptop/pc etc – for when you are at home or in the office and just want it there. These are known as a “Pass Thru” or “Power cig”. 
    • 4. Your ongoing daily supply of nicotine from new cartomizers (refills or carts) – generally e-cigarette companies declare that the cart is approximately 20-30 normal cigarettes; in my experience they are more like 15-18 normal cigarettes. 
    • 5. Over the year say four new batteries are bought to replace the original batteries – rechargeable batteries will run out of steam just like on a laptop or electric toothbrush. Look for a voltage of 4-4.5 volts as these are sturdier and will last longer. Also you may need 1 new USB charger in case you break the original. 


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Running Costs of your E-Cigarette UK E-Vape kit and accessories.

Assumes a 20 per day smoker: 365 packets of 20 cigarettes.

    • 1. Starter Kit                           £60.00 (equivalent to around 8 packs of 20 cigs inc. 2 batteries)  
    • 2. Additional long battery       £15.00 
    • 3. Pass Thru E-cigarette         £20.00 
    • 4. Supply of carts                  £540.00 (1 cart=16 cigs, buying 12 packs of 40 ) = 365 packs of 20  
    • 5. Four batteries/1 usb charger £70.00 replacements over the year 

Years Total Cost              £705.00.

The cost of a packet of 20 cigs is around £9.00/day, with 365 days the total cost is over £3000 per year.

SAVING you around £2300 per year.

This means that it only takes a couple of weeks before your initial cost of the above kit plus additions (£95.00) will become cheaper than buying normal cigarettes. (14 days x £8=£112). After that you start saving real money. You will also need to work out what to do with the savings you made of some £2300!

The Portable e-cigarette Charging Case – a must have option.

Review: Quality PCC and starter kits

Buy a PCC

As pointed out above. A good idea would also be to use some of your savings to invest in a portable charging case (PCC). This can be used to recharge 2-4 e-cigarette batteries individually whilst on the move and when away from a power socket or USB connection. The PCC needs to be charged up first – say overnight. These are a must in my opinion. Cost around £25-£50 depending on battery size.

E liquids – can be used with cartridges to supplement your ongoing daily supply of nicotine – here you use the e liquid to refill empty cartridges or use specifically designed empty cartridges – this works out slightly cheaper than using cartridges and is something you could try because of the cost and also because of the various flavours available.

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By Tracey Jackson, Best E-cigarette UK