Vaptio C-flat mini

Vaptio C-Flat Mini Pod Kit Review

Vaptio C-flat mini Is the day of the box mod truly over? You would be forgiven for thinking so, given the number of vape pod kits that seem to be saturating the market right now. If bulky devices with dials and gadgets aplenty turn you off, you’ll be in your element with the latest vape pod we’re testing, a Mini Pod Kit.

The C-Flat Mini comes from a company named Vaptio, which was established in Seattle in 2014. With founders from a Fortune 500 background, they’re all about cutting-edge technology, creative products and ultra-high quality vape gear.

The sleek C-Flat Mini is a (you guessed it) mini version of their C Flat, and promises epic flavour production and top of the range tech, all packed into a device that’s rather easy on the eyes.

Vaptio C-Flat Mini Pod Kit

C-Flat Mini Pod Kit Contents

  • 1x C-Flat Mini Mod
  • 1x C-Flat Mini Tank
  • Vaptio C Flat Mini User Manual
  • USB Cable

Vaptio C-Flat Mini Pod Kit Features

  • All-in-one kit
  • Built-in 260mAh Li-ion battery
  • Wattage range: 9 – 12W
  • Charging time: 1h
  • Resistance: 1.5 ohm
  • Capacity: 1.3ml
  • Aluminium matte finish

Mini Pod Kit Thoughts

Upon opening, it’s clear just how simple the Vaptio C Flat device is to use. With only a cartridge to fill up and place via a magnetic mechanism, as soon as you’re charged, you’re ready to go. What strikes us, first of all, is just how light the pod is – it feels only a fraction heavier than an actual cigarette.

The aluminium casing feels wonderful to the touch and the champagne colouring is rather fetching; if you’re looking for a device to turn heads and get people asking questions, this would definitely do it.

The cartridge has two holes to refill and comes with a small plastic pipette to help you refill your device without dripping liquid everywhere, and you’re given another rubber stopper for the top of the cartridge.


When we first got our hands on the C Flat Mini, we have to admit that the weight was a little off-putting, but those doubts didn’t last long. In fact, we found we couldn’t put it down. The sleek feel of the product would definitely please former-smokers who like to fidget with something and it’s so easy to carry around.

Despite putting it in a pocket or bag, we didn’t find any leakage, which is a real positive with this device – unless, of course, you overfill it.

The charge time on this device is minimal and it lasts for a good day and a half for a moderate vaper (obviously, results will vary based on your usage).

If you’re a former smoker or are looking to quit, this device would be well suited to you. The weight, feel, smooth design, heat, draw and amount of vapour are all very similar to that of a cigarette. Looking to quit? We’d recommend it.

What’s not to like about a well-priced product? We’ve spotted this for around the £15 mark, which makes it a brilliant starter device for those looking to quit or someone who wants a small secondary device to take out with them to the pub, or if you want to be able to stealth vape.


The first thing we spotted about this mini pod kit device that didn’t really make us jump for joy is how strong the magnet is that keeps the cartridge in place – i.e, not very. It feels a little flimsy and like it could drop off mid-vape. That being said, it didn’t pose as much of a problem as we first thought, and there were no unsolicited cartridge losses throughout the trial period.

Carrying the plastic pipette around with you to refill the cartridge is a bit of an annoyance. If you’re lucky enough to buy e-liquids with small nozzles, you should be fine.

The device can get a little hot around the mouthpiece if you’re a bit of a chain vaper, but it cools down pretty quickly so this isn’t a game-changer for us. You might need a higher nicotine e liquid if you are over using the device to get your nicotine hit.

Vaptio C-Flat Mini Pod Kit

C-Flat Mini Conclusion

If you’re looking for a device to help you quit smoking, or to keep you going on a night out, this is an excellent candidate. It’s lightweight, a satisfying vape and just great to have in your hands. The draw is similar to that of a cigarette, as well as the heat and nicotine hit.

The price point is fantastic if you’re looking to test the waters with a pod device or are looking for a secondary gadget or an alternative to Juul to add to your armoury, the C-Flat Mini is a great choice.

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