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Vapers of Instagram


There are key influences in any community, and this is the same in the wonderful world of vaping. Knowing who to look to for advice, industry news and honest reviews is one of the biggest challenges for beginners getting into e-cigs due to the amount of misleading information out there.

Here are some of our favourite vapers in the world of Instagram who post all things vape and makes it look stunning at the same time:

1. @media.kraken

Incredible photography, top notch mods and premium juices, this account is popular with over 30,000 followers and for good reason. Based in New York, this account will give you plenty of food for thought.



Based in sunny Manchester, this self-confessed cloudchaser and gamer frames his insta photos from all sorts of angles and cool locations. Be sure to check out his rigs and mods.



Moving away from these extravagant photos, vapingguru like to create comical memes that highlight the positive effects of vaping. His most recent one “PokemonGo has now injured and killed more people than vaping” raked in heaps of likes from the vaping community.


4. @vapingoutlaws

The vaping outlaws take the vaping movement very seriously, even showcasing their own brand of clothes in moody black and white style.


5. @mimushkin

Fashion, food and vaping. This lady makes the cloud chasing sexy and stylish, Mimi’s lifestyle makes thousands of people addicted to following her.


6. @Erotikpanda

Mimi’s other half is also a social media maestro who takes beautiful lifestyle shots that go far above and beyond the majority of other vaping advocates.


7. @m.terk

m.terk is coil wizard Whether you’ve just started building or if you’re a master at wrapping coils, this account will either have you inspired or completely envious with the macro shots.

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  1. 8. @nowshevapes

Majorly stylish vaping. Zoë’s got style, sunglasses and an amazing a gorgeous little French Bulldog


  1. 9. @vapetraveling

It’s all in the name. Just #vapetraveling and they repost the most covetable shots of vaping while traveling. Get ready to feel the wanderlust.