Vaper shopping for her next best vaping device

The Benefits of Buying a Pod Kit


Vaper shopping for her next best vaping deviceLike the vapour cloud, you make when you vape, the world of vaping continues to expand and evolve. The ever, continuing advancement in technology, together with an increasing population of vapers, means that devices of all shape, size and capability are forever being designed and made available. But what about the latest vaping craze of buying a Pod Kit? Need to know more about the benefits of having one at your disposal? Let’s find out more.

What is a Pod?

From e cigs and vape pens to mods and pods, if you vape, the likelihood is there will be plenty of options available to you depending on your needs and lifestyle. While e cigs make a great entry-level device for those new to vaping, devices like box mods cater to those keen on modifying the actual components of the vaporizer, allowing the control of power and temperature to manipulate the size of vapour cloud and overall experience.

But what about pods and what are they? Typically smaller and more discreet when compared to other vaporizer devices you may be familiar with, pod systems can be considered a cross between a vape pen and a Mod Box vaporizer. Rather than a re-fillable tank system that the e-cig, vape pen and mod box use, pods use, erm, a pod. Prefilled or refillable pods are simply pushed into position at the top of your device and pulled out depending on whether you need a refill or want to switch flavours.

Where mods may use a large battery, Pods use a smaller, relatively lower powered battery together with sub-ohm-coils. This combination produces a high resistance device that uses the sub-ohm technology of a mod in the convenient size of an e-cig.

Can I Use Regular E-Juice with a Pod?

Due to the low power of a pod vape, you should try and avoid using e-liquid that has a high VG content. While this kind of e juice is great for creating huge vapour clouds with a mod box, pods can easily get clogged up and become less effective at delivering your nicotine.

For those looking to produce a decent vapour cloud and get a substantial hit of nicotine at the same time, using nicotine salts in your pod is a recommended route to success. With a higher nicotine content than conventional e-liquids, nic salts give vapers the satisfying throat hit and experience similar to smoking, but without the harm of combustible cigarettes.

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 The Benefits of Buying a Pod Kit

More powerful than your conventional e cig and more portable than the clunky mod box, pods are, an affordable option for those looking for the quality of a mod and the fuss-free, on the go convenience of an e cig.

Affordability: One of the best things about buying a pod kit is their affordability. Costs can range from £14.99 for Vaptio’s C-Flat Mini Pod Kit to £21.95 for Innokin’s DV Pod Kit. Replacement pods can generally be purchased for under £5 and Prefilled pods for the Vaptio C-Flat Mini Pod cost as little as £9.99 for a pack of 4. Looking to refill pods yourself? A 10ml bottle of VSAVI’s 20mg nicsalts will cost you £5.99.

Size: Fed up of carting your clunky mod box around with you wherever you go? Available in traditional e-cig shapes as well as curved pebble-like devices ergonomically designed to fit into your hands, pods are small and most importantly portable.

Convenience: As easy as 1,2,3 – pod kits are easy to use and will use the traditional automatic or manual functionality to initiate vaping. Pods are easily removed and replaced for ease of vaping on the go.

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More Nicotine, Less Vaping

Ideally suited to the low power that a pod kit provides, nicotine salts are an alternative to the freebase, pure nicotine used in the majority of nicotine products. Due to their chemical composition, nic salts allow vapers to get a bigger dose of nicotine and a throat hit similar to smoking a cigarette. By vaping a larger dose of nicotine, thus curbing your craving to an effective and adequate degree, you may potentially vape less frequently. Being satisfied by your vaping experience will ensure that nicotine cravings are kept at bay and by reducing the number of times you vape, you may find the desire to vape becomes less and less.

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