Presentation of the Smok Rigel, highlighting buttons, shape, screen and design.

Smok Rigel Vape Mod Review


So you want to take the next step in your vaping quest and try something new? While many start off with simplistic pod devices, slowly that urge kicks in to explore further. To seek a better piece of equipment that stands out and provides a different way of vaping. With the Smok Rigel vape mod, it certainly ticks the right boxes. We find out why with an in-depth review, understanding how it differs from other popular mods on the market.

From the first impression, it looks like a fine piece of hardware. With Smok devices, there is a pod or mod to suit every taste and requirements. It’s all about trial and error to find the right model that works best for you. It’s important to weigh up everything that’s going to make you happy vaping; such as how it looks and performs, the weight of the device, what kind of vaper you want to be and so much more.

In 2020, Smok has shown once again they mean business with the creation of a practical mod with an edge. The Rigel follows on neatly from some innovative mod designs of like-minded products. If you want a device that piques your interest as a beginner vaper, it’s a definite upgrade from a pod.

Practical Features of Smok Rigel Vape Mod

For all the sub-ohm vapers out there, this device is right up your street. Even though it’s a relatively small device, as they say, looks can be deceiving. Nevertheless, it still packs a punch because the Smok Rigel vape mod boasts several key features. A common requirement these days for modern vaping devices is including the option of a type-c USB port and the Rigel does not disappoint.

Plus, you get the TFV9 Tank with the device, featuring a 2ml capacity. In terms of filling the device, the central airflow tube and larger than normal slide to fill slot is a welcome addition to the overall design. It adds an extra layer of security when topping up the mod so that there’s no drama. On this open-fill mod system, you also have a child-lock feature which you never know when it will come in handy! That’s without highlighting these key areas which improve the practicality:

  • 230w Output
  • Works With Different Mesh Coils (V9 0.15 Installed and Extra Spare)
  • Puff Counter System Featured on Past Smok Devices Including Pods
  • Short-Circuit Prevention
  • Overheating Protection
  • 0.001 Fire Up Speed
  • Turns Off if No Contact in Eight Seconds
  • Low Battery Alert
  • Only Weighs 103.5g, Not Bad For a 2×18650 Dual Battery Mod!

Because of the ergonomic design, it’s sleek, fits in the pocket and makes minimal noise, even with two batteries inside. On the screen, it tells you the battery usage as a percentage individually, so you never run out. As far as vape mods go, it impresses more with each use. Factor in the variable wattage and sub-ohmers will be on cloud nine – literally!

Smok Rigel Vape Mod Design Overview

Sometimes less is more and that’s what they’ve decided with the Smok Rigel, which is not necessarily a bad thing. Available in black, blue and grey around the edges of the screen and on the tank, the Rigel’s colour scheme doesn’t look as bold as the Innokin Cool Fire IV. However, the beautifully designed 0.96 inch TFT colour display more than makes up for lack of creative design. You can even change the colour of the text on the screen, which is a nice extra. If compact vaping that fits in your pocket is what you’re after, the Rigel is awesome.

The device material is nice and smooth too, with a honeycomb pattern to grip on to, as well as a stylish rubber finish. Made from stainless steel and carbon fibre, the simplistic design marries up perfectly with its key features to improve usability for all levels of vapers. Here are some of the key dimensions:

  • Mod Size: 44 x 28.8 x 88 mm
  • Tank Size: 25.5 x 50 mm

How to Turn On and Use the Rigel  


A graphic demonstrating different settings on Smok Rigel screen, including ohms, puff counter and timer.So you’ve ordered the product and want to fire up this bad boy? The navigation and practicality of the device covered above make your life easy when using the Smok Rigel. First of all, before even thinking of playing around with the wattage, you need some batteries in (sold separately). Click the groove on the side of the device to pop open the back and add your two 18650 batteries. Then follow these steps next to try the different settings:

  1. To turn on your Rigel, hit the fire up button five times in a row, which is positioned above the TFT screen.
  2. If you want to lock everything, click the fire button three times, or another five to turn off.
  3. Press and hold down the right button underneath the screen to go up and down in wattage (max of 230w and goes back to 1w after).
  4. Change the colours on the screen by pressing the fire button and right button together.
  5. Alternatively, hold the left and fire button simultaneously to clear the puff counter.
  6. Click left and right together to lock your wattage.



Is it the Best Vape Mod on the Market?

What’s great about the vaping industry is the innovation that continues to flood the market. That means quality devices, tons of upgrades and plenty of choices. All of this varies based on the type of vaper you are or plan to be. You could be a beginner just trying it out after seeing the latest health advice.

Or a casual vaper who doesn’t mind about the small details but loves the look of those large clouds as you walk down the street. Other tech-focused vapers with more years under their belt potentially want to take the Smok Rigel vape pod apart, re-build and fine-tune the key features.

As a brand Smok really stands out for their creativity, often pushing the boundaries of vaping to make each experience unique. What we like about the Smok Rigel is the compact size that still offers so much. For sub-ohm vapers, you can switch the coils around, trying different Ohm strengths and materials such as mesh to find that ideal taste.

In comparison to other mods on the market, the Rigel offers similar vapour production to bigger tank mods such as the GeekVape Aegis X, but at around half the size.

How it Differs From Previous Smok Devices

The design and usability of the Smok Rigel are in keeping with previous popular products released by this expert vaping brand. Comparing the Rigel and the highly sought-after Smok Alien with the TFV8 Baby Beast Tank, the major difference from the latter is the numerous temperature controls available. Plus because of the dimensions, the Alien mod is much bigger than the Rigel, and yet has a maximum power of 220w compared to 230w from the Rigel.

Factor in similar mods like the Smok Morph 219 kit and the Smok Mag 225w to get an understanding of why their devices gain so much attention.

Smok has produced some fantastic pods in the past too. The likes of the Smok Nord Pod Vape Kit (versions one and two) equally impress with their compact nature, style and useful features for beginners, such as the refillable pods and adjustable wattage on the Nord mark two.

Verdict On the Smok Rigel Vape Mod

For a good price, this sub-ohm mod already looks like a contender for one of the best mods available. The Smok Rigel is compact enough that you can take it anywhere with ease. Also, the power range with adjustable wattage is a definite bonus considering the dimensions. The battery life goes a long way and easy to navigate too. 

One consideration to remember that’s worth noting is, unfortunately, no temperature control with this device. For some cloud chasers or mod builders, that’s an important factor. As we know already from Smok devices, they always look at bringing out new updates and hardware additions that can help to produce bigger clouds. 

So we can’t wait for what Smok has in store with the Rigel vape mod.

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