young handsome hipster man with beard sitting in cafe with a cup of coffee vaping and releases a cloud of vapor Working at laptop and having a little break

Shopping for E-Cigarettes: Online vs Vape Shops


young handsome hipster man with beard sitting in cafe with a cup of coffee vaping and releases a cloud of vapor Working at laptop and having a little breakOne of the fastest growing retail sectors in recent times, the e cigarette and vaporizer industry continues to boom with an estimated 3.2 million vapers now consuming products, provided for by some 2,000 UK vaping outlets. Whether online, on the high street or at your local petrol station, how do you decide where to buy your e liquids and e cigarettes. Presented with an inordinate choice of e liquids and zany flavour combinations, as well as devices produced by countless brands, all offering you a more powerful vaping experience, it can be a tall order knowing what to buy, let alone where to buy your e cigarettes and e liquids.

The days of smoking were relatively straightforward when it came to where to buy your favoured brand of cigarette, sourced from a finite offering down at your local shop. The immediate and disposable nature of cigarettes was well suited to the retail store environment. But in the age of the internet and the pressure from salespeople at vape stores, should we change the way we think about how we buy our e cigarettes?

Availability of E Cigarettes

Akin to the rise of the coffee shop, the sight of multiple vape shops on the High Street is a frequent one. Widely available at petrol stations and convenience stores alike, it’s never been easier to get access to e cigarettes. But what happens when you run out of e liquid and your nearest e cigarette stop doesn’t have your normal brand or flavour? Should you buy something similar and get your fix of flavour and nicotine or do you hold out in the hope that the next store will have what you want?

A hugely important part of using e cigarettes to stay smoke-free is the experience of your vape. A nasty aftertaste from an unknown brand of e liquid can be all it takes for you to ditch the e cigarettes and make the fateful switch back to the toxic burn of tobacco.

Vape Shop Pressure

The great thing about vape shops is that they will often entice you to try various flavours in store. Great if you want to get a feel for vaping and taste the array of flavours available to you, but the premise of this try before you buy, is, of course, to make you ‘buy’, and this kind of pressure selling so often leads to a niggly feeling of resentment felt by the coerced customer in question.

With the substantial increase in the number of vape shops, comes the natural increase in competition between the aforementioned vape shops. A resulting consequence of competition is the pressure for members of staff to ‘sell, sell, sell’, which is a pressure subsequently felt by you the customer.

Buy E Liquid Online

Buying your e liquid and e cigarettes online is a great way to keep your vaping experience consistent, which will ultimately keep you happy and potentially smoke-free.

Starter kits and sample packs are an affordable way to try multiple flavours at the same time and to help you discover what your preferred choice of e liquid will be moving forward. Once you’ve decided on the e liquid for you, you’ll then be able to bulk buy your e liquid, saving you money and saving you the stress of running out on the road and having to buy an e-liquid that you really don’t like.

Browse and buy in the comfort of your own home and if you have any questions, simply call on the online customer service team to help you out. Quick, convenient, and consistent, buying e cigarettes online has never been so easy.