wo popular vaping devices from Innokin – the Kroma-R Zlide Kit and the CoolFire Z50 Starter Kit side by side.

Innokin CoolFire Z50 vs Kroma-R Zlide


wo popular vaping devices from Innokin – the Kroma-R Zlide Kit and the CoolFire Z50 Starter Kit side by side.Whether you have just decided to give up smoking and turn to vaping, or simply looking for a new product, picking the right device is a challenge. With so many different variations of coils, mods and e-liquids, you have your work cut out. That’s where we come in. For today’s focus, we turn our attention to two ideal devices for beginner vapers – the Innokin Kroma-R Zlide and the Innokin CoolFire Z50 Starter Kit.

Our mission is to provide everything you need to know about two premium products from a top of the range brand like Innokin. First, you need to consider whether they are right for you. Understanding how to vape and key terminology is just the start. You also need to think about what kind of experience you want to get from vaping. Initially, beginners and especially ex-smokers will want to focus on Mouth to Lung (MTL) vaping. However, the Direct to Lung (DTL) technique is more popular with cloud chasers. Therefore, neither the Innokin Kroma-R Zlide or the Innokin CoolFire Z50 Starter Kit is a perfect match for DTL vapers, but definitely still possible from such a trustworthy and reputable name.

At Ecig-Reviews, we take some of the best brands and kits on the market – then compare and contrast in-depth, finally giving our verdict. Why do this? Because it’s how everybody shops online these days. We want to help you gather all the relevant facts before making an informed decision. Customer and expert reviews are the best and quickest way to get some added insight before choosing your vaping device. 

Why the Innokin CoolFire Z50 and Kroma-R Zlide Suit MTL Vapers

The Kroma-R Zlide and the Coolfire Z50 are brilliant examples of the modern vape. Both tick lots of boxes for anyone seeking a simple mod kit with a quick release of vapour. However, the bonus is each product also provides an opportunity to switch to DTL cloud chasing too. 

More often than not, people turn to vaping because they want to stop smoking cigarettes. It’s up to 95% safer to vape, studies suggest, and with the Coronavirus pandemic in 2020, that figure is only rising, as people decide to switch to improve their health. Nevertheless, smoking is an addiction and it’s even more difficult to go ‘cold turkey’. So that’s why many prefer to start off vaping, with MTL the preferred draw, as it’s the most similar technique to smoking cigarettes. In turn, making the transition easier and leading to a healthier life when you consider the number of harmful chemicals in cigarettes

One of the most important aspects of any device is the tank, and a common choice is the Innokin Zlide Tank. This is possibly the best MTL tank around and increasingly popular with beginner and experienced vapers alike. Its key features include: 

  • Sliding Top-Fill Design
  • 2ml Capacity
  • Pyrex Glass Tank (replaceable)
  • Easy to Replace Coil-Heads
  • Adjustable Air Flow
  • 22mm Diameter

The drip tip is a nice feature that compliments the tank perfectly and helps avoid any nasty spills too! What we also love about the tanks is a useful feature at the bottom. With the ability to uncap the bottom, remove your used coil and add a fresh one without needing to empty tank.

Because the Kroma-R Zlide and the CoolFire Z50 both accept any Zenith or Zlide coils, you can find the right taste that satisfies too.

Innokin CoolFire and Kroma-R Z50 Practical Features and Build

To begin with, it’s important to note with either product that neither the Innokin CoolFire Z50 or Kroma-R Zlide has temperature control features. While it doesn’t matter to all vapers, some like to have this choice so bear in mind. Practically, let’s start with the Kroma-R Zlide. With a 0.003 response time stated by Innokin, this provides quick vapour. Thanks to the 18650 battery (only one needed), you can pretty much vape for an entire day on one charge with MTL. All of the useful information is available together on the mod screen. Plus, you also get:

  • Integrated Zlide safety functions
  • 6 – 80W Output Range
  • Maximum Voltage of 7.5
  • Wattage and Child Lock Features
  • Advanced Custom Curve (Power/Time) Feature
  • 2A Micro-USB Quick Charge
  • Soft, Normal and Boost Vape Modes
  • Ergonomic Design and Textured Grip

On the other side of the coin, you have the CoolFire Z50. It has a large battery, lasting even longer for MTL vapers. But you have to consider the output range on the wattage is less (with alteration available). Both devices are easy enough to navigate with simple ergonomic designs and good sizes for portability. The sliding top-fill system creates safer access for your e-liquids in the 2ml tank.

  • Huge 2100mAh Battery
  • 6 – 50W Output Range
  • OLED 0.69inch Screen
  • Compatible With Other 22/24mm Tanks
  • Puff Counter – Great for Those Looking to Reduce Nicotine
  • On/Off Switch at the Bottom

Appearance and Design

Although both use the Zlide tanks, it’s the stylistic differences that separate the Kroma-R Zlide from the CoolFire Z50. Personal preference is the deciding factor with any vaper, but Innokin created two beautiful devices nonetheless. You have OLED screens on both devices. With the Kroma-R Zlide, the gloss comes from the paint job they’ve done. It’s got a grained appearance which stands out wherever you vape. You can choose between two appealing tones of black, a copper finish or in grey. 

The Innokin CoolFire Z50 equally impresses in comparison with the colour schemes alone. Take your pick from a sleek blue design with gold trimmings, in stainless steel, black with gold trimmings or in gunmetal which looks just as trendy.

What we like about the Kroma you don’t get from the CoolFire is the smooth handling of the device. The rubber texture on the back makes it more comfortable to hold. While it’s only a minor difference, it still acts as a plus point in our pros and cons list. In comparison, the CoolFire feels a little bit sharper around the edges, which could be uncomfortable to hold consistently for some vapers.

If you want to mix it up with different coils, the Kroma R and Innokin CoolFire Z50 are compatible with other examples such as the 0.5ohm Plexus Coils, or the Z-Plex 3D Coils. Also, you can use most 22mm and 24mm tanks, including the Zenith and Zenith Pro tanks.

Which Outranks in Performance?

Both are easy enough to use for beginners. With the Kroma-R Zlide, turn on the device by pressing the fire button three times. To enter the menu on the screen, hold the up and down buttons together. Alternatively, you can check the puff count by clicking the fire button in tandem with the up button. Likewise, you press the down arrow and the fire button simultaneously to lock the adjustment buttons.

The CoolFire operates on a different system. Here are some simple steps to follow:

  1. Three clicks of the fire button to turn on the device. 
  2. When you hold the up button, the numbers will flash. Proceed to change the wattage 0.5 at a time up to 50w, before setting back to 6w.
  3. Click up and down together to see your puff counter. 
  4. Next, you can hold the fire button and down button together to switch to voltage, which goes from 3V to 7.5V.

Once you have figured out your preferred settings, it’s about understanding what works for you as an MTL vaper. The battery life will help for longevity with the CoolFire, but if you choose a wattage above 40w, expect fewer vapes before needing to recharge. It also charges on a micro USB like the Kroma-R, so that’s something else to consider. For MTL, it’s good that you can switch between a tight airflow and a loose one, with the former technique ideal for switching from smoking without thousands of bad chemicals recognised in cigarettes. The airflow can be adjusted, which DTL vapers will appreciate. The CoolFire can facilitate DTL too, but with a limited capacity.

And The Winner Is……

For MTL vapers, everybody is a winner with these products. That’s because both have great features that will make the beginning of your journey or change of device seamless. There are noticeable differences in terms of how they look, but it comes down to taste. Do you like the ultra-cool blue matte finish of the CoolFire Z50? Or perhaps a slick design with a grained finish from the Kroma-R range is more to your liking? 

We can’t stress enough both devices are predominantly built for MTL vapers who want a sharper throat hit similar to smoking. It will make that transition much easier to prevent going back to cigarettes if you’re a beginner. You can still DTL vape with both devices, but losing the flavour as a compromise. The CoolFire is slightly more in price, but appearance-wise it stands out with the gold or silver finishes. While it has a bigger battery size with 2100mAh, the wattage is 20w less with a maximum of 60w.

Both impress in terms of design, on-screen features and flexibility with coils, so we salute the innovation and style of Innokin.

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