How to Improve your E-Cigarette Shop Online


In our last blog post, we talked about ways to improve sales with your e-cigarette store. But if you were wondering if you can do more to attract customers and boost sales, you’re right. Therefore, we are on hand to break down how to get people to your website, and get on their radar.

PLEASE BE AWARE: With the new TPD regulation you need to double check what PR and marketing you can and cannot use.



Are you separating your products clearly or are you putting too many products on a page? Have you figured out the right balance between text and visuals? These are all things that you should consider. If you haven’t already, signup to a WordPress website.

Social media

If you use the right hashtags, appropriate filters, and post at the right times, then you’re well on your way to building a huge customer base. On your social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram; user-generated photos are a great way to generate social proof. Potential customers see that your products are regularly being purchased people just like them, and feel more comfortable doing something that others are doing. Make sure that your ‘follow’ buttons are prominent so people can keep up to date with your products.

Optimizing your on- site SEO


Most people launch their online stores with no additional content other than what’s written in their product or category descriptions. Creating a frequent blog based around your e- cigarette products will connect you better with customers and will rank you better for SEO. You will be able to present yourself as an industry leader and as someone who really know their product and target market.

Using Keywords to your advantage

Focus on creating rich product descriptions and powerful keywords. The best thing when starting is using the Google Adwords Keyword Tool. This will allow you to figure out what your e-cigarette customers are searching when they use google, meaning you have acquired valuable information about what keywords you should concentrate on, and your current competition.


People feel special when new messages are sent to their personal emails. Furthermore, email allows you the space to say things that just can’t fit into a social media post. There is potentially a huge amount of sales you could be missing out on, including:

  • New customers who might not be ready to buy yet
  • Existing customers who have purchased from your store
  • Lost customers who may have abandoned their shopping carts

Include Product Reviews

Adding product reviews can massively boost your conversion rate when selling online. Why? For two reasons:

  • Product Reviews are proof. They are testimonials from real customers from a product you are considering buying.
  • Having product reviews is also great for SEO purposes. Reviews increase the amount of content on a page and it also means you are likely to hit a few more keywords.