This is the Best Vaping Gift for Couples


Vapers surrounded by vapour by vaping in the forrestYou might be a vaper having the odd cigarette here and there. Or perhaps you’re already living a smoke-free life, but your spouse is still hooked on tobacco. Regardless of who it is, that’s still smoking, the chances are that if you’re reading this blog, you’re looking to introduce vaping into your relationship. The benefits of quitting smoking will affect you and your partner’s lives greatly.

We know how it is. Smoking is a highly addictive habit that hooks you in and leaves you wondering how you’ll ever escape. Like the very worst kind of relationship. You want to leave but something keeps you put, grounding your ability to get up and leave. The good news? Vaping provides smokers with the nicotine hit the body of a seasoned smoker craves. But at an immensely reduced rate of harm to one’s health, leaving cigarettes behind is a good start.

The Best Gift For Your Loved Ones

Struggling for gift ideas? In the event that one of half of your partnership smokes and the other half lives smoke-free, forget the roses, chocolates or aftershave. For the very best gift that you or they could be given, is the gift of both being smoke-free. Perhaps you or your other half may simply be putting up with smoking because it’s become the norm. But have you thought about what life might be like without tobacco? Time apart because somebody’s got to get their fix will no longer be. No more odour consuming your quarters. Doesn’t the sound of no more bad breath to contend with sounds good?

Buying a simple e-cigarette starter kit and a sampler of flavoured e–liquids will provide the perfect starting point in which to embark on a smoke-free adventure together as well as providing a little activity for your evening as you try out the different e liquids and work out what you like.

Support To Stop Smoking

With love being the name of the game, it’s important that whoever is relinquishing the tobacco, gets the right support they need, when they need it. While vaping simulates smoking and provides the equivalent nicotine and sugar levels that you one might be used, there’s no getting away from the fact that quitting smoking can be a testing time. Show love, show support and show that it’s possible to be smoke-free with the aide of vaping.

Vaping For Health And Happiness

There’s no getting away from the reality of the harm smoking has on lives. Responsible for 16% of all adult deaths in England, if you continue to smoke the future of you and your partner might be more finite than others.

If you think that vaping is as harmful as smoking then you can think again. In 2015, Public Health England published an expert independent review on e cigarettes announcing the devices to be up to 95% less harmful than that of traditional tobacco products, as well as providing the potential for smokers to become altogether smoke-free. Stop smoking and start your vaping journey to grow old together and live to love.

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